May 10th, 2007

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I have developed a case of FLEAS in my apartment. My roommate tried using a combination of the flea shampoo and fog stuff but it didn't work to remove any of them. Any flea-exterminating tips from you fine fellers? We have one outdoors cat and our apartment is extremely messy, if that helps at all.


Hey - anyone need flyers/posters made for any shows or events? I want to do them. I know every goof around here is an aspiring graphic designer, but I just like drawing stuff and I'd pretty much do it for free, or maybe in exchange for getting into whatever event it is. Especially more "DIY"/"punk rock" kind of things.

My style more hand-drawn and kind of "cartoony" but I'm also teaching myself photoshop and illustrator and getting a little better all the time. So, yeah. Let me know if you want to check out some crap I've done; I don't have much scanned right now though. It's not guaranteed to be amazing but I'm not really charging anything.

Also, I work at a copy shop and sort of have the hookup on free/cheap copies. So I have that going for me.
Rio Dayglo Drinks

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Meeting fellow damnportlanders in person and having a wonderful time spending an entire afternoon in their company.

2. Receiving an impromptu tour of the Living Room Theaters and being wowed by their posh atmosphere (incidentally, their spring special runs until end of the month, and consists of all shows and tickets on Mondays and Tuesdays being just $4.50 per admission).

3. Warm winds in my face as I ride my bicycle home in the evening.

4. The juicy and succulent strawberries (from Junction City) at the Park Blocks Farmers Market! (*drinks*)

5. Portland Vegfest 2007 event this weekend at Benson High School--thanks to solteronita for bringing this to my attention awhile ago! (*drinks*)

6. Kristin Hersh (formerly of Throwing Muses, and now a Portland resident!) performance at the Aladdin Theater next Tuesday!

7. Mother's Day Specials at the Grand Central Bakery, featuring special items such as rhubarb pull-a-tarts, Mother's Day flowers, coconut cake, and lemon brioche! (*drinks*)

8. Embarking on a quirky Mio-and-Mio outing with friends this evening--we're going to Mio Sushi for dinner, and Mio Gelato afterwards for dessert. (*drinks*)

9. Going on a 6-on-4 pub crawl with friends this Saturday (visiting six brewpubs which are along the Tri-Met Bus Line #4--Fessenden and Division)! (lots of *drinks*)
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someday b/w


Where is the most centrally located place in Sherwood for me to get off the bus and have my mother (who hates driving in unfamiliar places) to pick me up.

I know there is a Safeway there but I'm not sure if it's on the #12 line.



So. Woodburn. Anything positive/negative to say about living there? (yes I know strip malls and outlets, aside from that.)

We're looking for houses, and this is right in the area we need to be for a shared commute in opposite directions.

DP, I trust your judgement! Gimme the dirt!

Thanks =)
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Check to U.S. State Department

I recently applied for my first passport, and the check for the U.S. State Department has not cleared - it's been a month. Anyone have experience with this kind of thing? How long does it take our wonderful Federal Government to process a personal check? When a citizen *fails* to make a payment or file a return, etc, they move as fast as chicken on corn. Be nice if it went both ways. *sigh*


Hey guys!

I was just wondering if there's anything fun happening tonight. Music, art exhibits... uh, anything cool I guess. My good friend and I just finished one hell of a term and we want to celebrate before she goes home. 21+ is fine, but not necessary i.e. we don't *need* to drink :)

Thanks in advance!

To-Do list for the summer

Well, listen up people.
It is another gorgeous day. And we will probably have quite a bit of those for the next couple months. But if you are anything like me, you have already probably forgotten the four to six months of depressing winter that you pay for these long hot dry days, and are becoming sedentary again.
But! What I need, and what many of you probably also need, is a summer checklist. Like most Portlanders, I have become somewhat accustomed to living in such a beautiful, fascinating city. But lets think of all the things we haven't done. I want responses to indicate the best "must-do","must-see" Portland experiences.
A while ago, I asked about the most overrated Portland experiences. This is kind of the opposite question, what things should I do that are less well known? Or things that are well known, but that I keep on missing?
my feet in the sand <3


Sooo. Kind of a random questions, but I'm looking to buy some roller blades/inline skates to start getting active again. I'm not super comfortable on a bike and I used to be an avid and active rollerblader when I was a few years younger. Where would I find a good selection of skates? I'm already going to looking at G.I. Joes Joes Sports and Outdoors, but other than that I'm not sure where to look. Are there any specialty shops that would have a good selection, especially for women with larger feet (I wear size 11 shoes)?
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OHSU bus riders

Has this been posted before? I didn't see it.

Having worked at OHSU for 4 years, and taken the bus there almost ever day, I thought this was kinda funny. I'm sorry if you're all too high and mighty to step back and enjoy amusement for a second, before you go back to your sad and mopey lives. It was posted on Craigslist a few weeks ago here.

I didn't write this.

Also, if you want something lj-cut because someone likely just forgot, don't be an asshole about it. Just ask nicely.

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Okay guys, so I decided on going to a McMenamin's pub, but I can't figure out which one. I wanted to go based on the music, so what do you recommend out of this list?

Stevi Marie and Jackson Road
Sonny Hess
Mark Alan
Old Yellers
Jack Straw
Jimmy Bivens
Scraff Orser
DJ Ted Striker

I don't really like country. But, if you don't either and thought that a particular country group/artist on the list was good, let me know! Thanks for all of your suggestions. I'd love to do the rollerskating, but I broke my toe on Sunday...
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Well, since there's been no OMG SNOW, we did our first BBQ of the season. Turned out pretty well.

Portland-related because this BBQ is NOT VEGAN.

5-10-07 BBQ 5-10-07 BBQ
Grilled chicken in balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard marinade, sauteed mustard greens.

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Starving indie boys

I am incapable of making a decision.

I was originally all set to go to Portland State BUT then my acceptance letter from Humboldt State (hella northern California) came and I just got back from visiting the Humboldt campus. I am in LOVE with the school itself, but the town it's in is... a shithole, to be succinct, blunt and epithetic. So what's my point? I've more or less decided to go to Portland, even though Humboldt is a (slightly) superior school, because of location. I grew up in the bay area, where three different major cities are all half an hour away, so I have a slight fear of living so far from "civilization." Suburbaphobia, you might call it.

So here is where I ask for a favor: Help me to not overthink my decision and tell me all the excellent things about PSU! And... GO!


doctor question

Hi, I don't have medical insurance but I am hoping someone on here has some advice/direction to shoot me toward. I am employeed full time however I can not afford medical insurance and with all the bills every month I just cant swing a regular doctors visit and some workups/medications that I should probably be on...I am wondering if anyone knows of an affordable reputable doctor in the portland area? I unfortunatly make too much money according to the sliding scale to really qualify for any discounts and I am not a minority. I am looking for somewhere that I can get a check up and some bloodwork ran as well as a possible prescription but within a reasonable price. Also if anyone knows of reduced or free mental health care that would be much appreciated as well. Thank you for any help/direction:)