May 9th, 2007


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For those seasoned travelers among you, if I wanted to, say, drive up to British Columbia over Memorial Day weekend, would this be: No Big Deal, A Bad Idea, or The Most Horrendous Ordeal Imaginable? I normally make a point of not traveling on holidays, so I don't know. But I'm figuring that someone's made this trip, from DP.

Pirates! Pirates in Portland!


Last year, ye scallywags got together over 120 Pirates fer the 163rd Annual Plunderathon, and the 164th is rapidly approaching. Get yer Piratey clothing together, hit the bank fer some doubloons and call yer lawyer ta let 'em know ta expect a keelhaulin', and be at Saturday Market/Skidmore Fountain, 3pm on June 16th (Saturday) fer 10 hours of drinkin', carousin', games, public weirdness and all manner o' mayhem.

Fer info from last year, some photos, tips on how to make a kickass Pirate outfit for a few bucks (and a trip to the bins), go to


-Dave The Horrible,
Chief Historian and Owner of a Strange Cat
The Infernal Order of Pirates, Buccaneers, Scallywags, Privateers and Grocery Store Clerks
est. 1843

Donating a car?

ETA Got an email back from the Oregon Humane Society, they're going to take the car! Thanks for the tips!

We have an old (1989) beat up Buick Park Avenue, that has been parked on the street since last August. We don't really need it, but haven't really taken any steps to sell it or anything. I honestly don't know if I'd feel comfortable selling it to someone to actually drive. For parts, sure. It has a lot of very new items on it that could be useful to someone. Well, I need to get rid of it, and I'm thinking donating it would be the best idea, and I need to do it soon.

Any ideas? Anyone want to buy it for parts? Anyone want to put their crazy ex-wife in it and drive it off a cliff?


I guess what I really need to know is, HOW do I go about donating it? I realize that most non-profits will take cars, but I also know that some are pickier than others. I figured if someone had real knowledge about these things, that would be more helpful than me calling every non-profit in town.. But I'll do that if need be.

If someone wanted it for parts, here is a list of what has been updated and when:

April of 2003 - New transmission (brand new, due to the transmission shop messing it up when they tried to rebuild it in October of 2002)
July of 2003 - New Alternator
August of 2004 - New Battery (still on warranty through Startmart)
February/March of 2005 - Brand new tires, all 4 (still have, or can get Sears Paperwork)
February/March of 2005 - New brakes, rotors, calipers, etc.. (Still have, or can get, Sears paperwork)

The bad part is, before I bought it, the previous owner had sideswiped a carport pole, thus an ugly dent on the passenger side above the wheel. Then in November of 2004, I was rearended, and the damage was more than the car is worth, so it has a gross dent in the back too :(

Oh, just tell me. . .

I need some reading suggestions: Yeah, yeah, you have probably heard this question numerous times, but I believe it is still valid because new books come out everyday.

I'm out of school for the summer and want to invest some of my time into being literate, hooray!

Here are some suggestions from me to you:
The Way the Crow Flies by Ann-Marie MacDonald
Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald
A Man Without a Country by Kurt Vonnegut
Little Children by Tom Perrotta
Shop Girl by Steve Martin
Lord of the Flies by William Golding


Thank you Damn Portlanders, YOU ALL ARE AMAZING. Duh. . .as if there was ever any doubt. . .
x-files - space girl

Campaigning for Angel

Last night at Mission Theater it was announced that after Buffy ends it's run next week, and after they show Firefly in July, at some point they will start showing Buffy again from the beginning.

A lot of us think that's kind of overkill. While we love Buffy, we've already experienced 11 months of Buffy on the big screen surrounded by lots of fans. It's been tons of fun but we want the same experience with Buffy's spin-off, Angel. A lot of us, myself included, probably won't be coming to Buffy again if they re-run it, just because of the late nights and the been-there-done-that feeling. But we've been very eager for them to start showing Angel, and we've tried to be vocal about it, but I don't think they got the message.

If you want Mission Theater to start a run of Angel, please email them and express your wishes. Keep your email polite, and make sure you thank them for showing Buffy, and also let them know you're excited for Firefly too. Even if you've sent them an email requesting Angel before, I think it's important to do this again, in light of last night's announcement. Their corporate offices also read the emails, so it would be promising if they could see a lot of requests for Angel, along with positive feedback about Buffy.

If we keep asking for it, maybe we'll get it.

1000 bux!

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I've got two tickets for Sunday night at the Sasquatch! Festival that I'm looking to unload, you dig? I got them the day they went on sale, so I got a discount that I will pass along to you. I'm looking to get $125 for both, TicketMaster will charge you more than $150 right now, so there.

This is the Beastie Boys only West Coast appearance this summer, and there are a metric shit ton of other great acts that day LIKE Interpol, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Spoon, Bad Brains, Dandy Warhols, Black Angels, Money Mark, hosted by America's favorite Jew Sarah Silverman.

Sunday May 27th, gates at noon. This show is at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington. The drive is about five hours from Portland, but it's a badass venue for festivals and totally worth it.

So hit me up, you know you wanna.

Melissa Ferrick

Anyone going to the Melissa Ferrick show tonight/tomorrow night? Or seen her here in the past? Just trying to figure out about standing/seating sitch. Also what kind of crowd it will be, aside from the queer factor :) 
Anyway, wondering if I should get a ticket.



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You read it here first!

Based on this video I am OFFICIALLY coining the term:


Short for "Hasselhoffed". Meaning: to get so inebriated you're happy stuffing Wendy's burgers in your mouth in slow motion on the floor of a $1400 a night hotel while hurling insults at your bratty daughter.

For example: "I don't drink at The Commodore any more. Their pours are so stiff I end up totally 'hoffed before I even have a chance to chat up the hipster ladies"

You try it!
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Bikes + Max

Biked to work today... and used Max... as I travel from SE out to BeaverTron.

Anyhow, it seems there is starting to not be enough room on Max trains for all the bikers going to far west areas. Max officials were kicking bikers off the trains today... which is fine, it is the rules that bikes have to fit in the "zone"

In looking at the Bike setup, they can add another hanger in each area to allow 2 bikes per section (easily) rather than 1... and solve some problems.

With the increase in gas prices, I am thinking they'll need to start adjusting for the influx of bikes.

Anyone know if they have any thought about this? There were several bikers left having to wait for 2 to 3 trains before being able to get on.
you know how we do.


To the person in the Woodstock neighborhood who complained about my classic project car,

Thanks a whole fucking lot. My 1961 Chevy Corvair has been towed, and now the only way I can get it back is to pay the City of Portland several hundred dollars that I don't have. You suck a whole lot. If I ever find out who you are, I will slash every tire you own, jerk.

Thanks again,


I seriously can't stand my neighbors. Why would someone do that? Has this ever happened to any of you?

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Knowing that free advise is worth what you pay for it...I still turn to DP first!

This time, it's landlord-tenant law. My stepdaughter moved into a new apt last weekend, after a couple of meetings with the apartment manager who said rent was $575 because they hadn't updated - normally this itsy bitsy 1 bedroom is $625 when they are. Anyhow. She hadn't signed any paperwork, the mgr told her she would sign on Monday after she moved in. Guess who doesn't work there any more? The manager! Guess how much rent is?

Is there ANY recourse? Since it's just a he-said-and-now-he's-gone thing?

legal question

So this week my employer decides to inform myself and one other co-worker that since last October they somehow forgot to take our insurance premiums out of our paychecks. They say we now owe them about $900. They want to take this as extra deductions out of our future paychecks. Needless to say, I'm really pissed and don't think this is fair. It's the company's screw up, not ours. It also seems possibly illegal. Do I have any legal recourse on this matter?