May 8th, 2007



Has anybody else seen these?

I've been spotting them around town for years, in un-obvious locations. It wasn't until today that I finally got a picture of one. Their distinguishing characteristics are:

-third-grade level disparaging comments about Satan
-change in color of the lettering halfway through the sentence
-written on flooring material (linoleum, tile, etc.)
-attached with an industrial adhesive (epoxy, or the like)
-usually damaged

I've been wondering what kind of person puts so much effort into such a strange project. They've been at it for years, whoever they are. The first one I saw read "Satan is as dumb as a Blazers fan."
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Dear Dog

Dear Dog,

please stop giving me those sad puppy eyes every morning as I'm getting ready to go to work. This makes me want to call in sick and/or quit my job so I can dedicate my full and undivided attention to you. However, if this was to happen neither of us would be really happy and would only cause a problem in our relationship.


hope some of you can relate.
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Driving Music

Days like today are perfect for taking a drive. Since I have to drive for work all over the Portland area, I REALLY appreciate days like today. I also love listening to music while driving, windows rolled down, breathing in the fresh air.

Driving to work this morning made me wonder what others like to listen to while driving/riding your bike/riding the Max... Me? If it's a get pumped, get active kind of day; I love anything that I can sing along to. If it's a mellow, enjoy the drive kind of day; Jack Johnson is key. Lately, I've also been into Amy Winehouse's CD "Back to Black". Does she have a voice on her! What about anyone else? Your thoughts?
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Curly Hair?

Do you have Curly hair? 

I am kind of growing my hair out currently and it's doing ok but it's kind of blah. I was wondering how other people take care of their curly hair and what kind of cuts etc you prefer.

I'm cutting it back after the summer to an a-line/wedge but for the summer it's going to be all long and stuff.

My hair is currently to my shoulders and the longest it's been since i cut it all off in 2000 (it was to the middle of my back then)


It is sunny and 75 out, and you ladies are looking HELLA FINE today. Dayum.

Thank you thank you thank you, all of you beautiful females and males and othergenders and what-have-you, for contributing to this day's amazingness.

As you were.
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renter's law help...

So, I just moved into a fabulous apartment downtown, as a roommate. The person I moved in with has been a resident in that apartment for something like 4 years. In order to add me to the lease, the management company is requiring a $900 deposit (one full months rent - not just my half). Is it just me, or is this not kosher? The reasoning I think it's not cool is that if he and I were to sign a lease, it would be one deposit, split. He already put a deposit down, when he moved in. It's not a new lease - I'm just adding on to the exisiting one.

Honestly, I find this quite unreasonable. Any help or options? ...and GO!

(no subject)

Does anyone have a pair of crutches laying around that I could use/have? I have a hairline fracture on on my left ankle and surprisingly, the doctor didn't send me home with any (they don't do that?) and the only places you can rent them without purchasing is three Fred Meyer loations, those which *do not* have my size.

So, if you are in the 5'7" range and happen to have your crutches from a previous injury still laying around, I'd love to use them! I'm in SE off Belmont at the moment, so I'd prefer to have my mom not have to drive across town to get them.


HTML / Graphic Designer Needed for 1-day Project Tomorrow!

Our regular graphic designer is out sick this week, and we have a deadline rapidly approaching. I need to find a designer on very short notice, and since calling every one in the phone book seems a bit silly & overwhelming, I'm hoping you DPers can help me out.

Could you or someone you know build us a page in HTML (like this one) for an email blast tomorrow? We have all the ingredients, we just need somebody to put it together. It is estimated that it might take you 2-3 hours.

I need to find somebody before 3pm today, so the Artistic Director can talk with them before the end of the work day. If this looks like something you can do, leave a comment or email imagotheatre AT gmail DOT com & include yr hourly rate.

Where To Find --

...a pizza puff?

...i've never experienced the apparent wonders of this food,
but i've got a friend from back east who has been craving them
for .weeks. and has had no luck finding the fabled pizza.puff
in pdx.ia -- or even a reasonable facsimile thereof.

therefore, damn.portlanders, i ask you: where does one find
thai low cost healthcare cheap sex
a pizza puff in this town?

and if you're as uneducated as i as to the wonders of this
food to end all deep fried foods, the description is as follows:

"The pizza puff is a little known treat, even among the faithful. Wrapped in phillo dough, sausage bits, tomato sauce and some kind of cheese-like substance are kept frozen until ordered. At this point they are deep fried until toasty brown. A word of caution: like all fried cheese, be extraordinarily careful when bitting into this delicacy, as the inner treasure of cheese may approach the core temperature of the sun."

thanks, and all that jazz. cuz you all are the shizznat, and stuff.
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Weathery goodness and an observation about group cohesion...

Woo, what a header! Top that... and, GO!


So, I read littlebluedog's blissful post about the glorious weather, and all of the lovely followup comments. Everyone agreed with Tim (partly because he's Tim, and he has that power over people... go ask him how many times he has psyched me into paying for lunch) and the comments were overwhelmingly positive. Yet, in this same community, people get new orifices ripped (sometimes kiddingly, sometimes not) for making similar posts about BAD weather.

Last week, or whenever the hell that was that it hailed, I constructed this big long post in my mind (welcome to my world!) about how making small talk is an ancient human habit that fosters the building of connections within groups of people. Sharing a little tidbit about a common experience like the weather or how shitty your boss is or hey how 'bout them Mariners is a way to establish that first little bridge with another human.

Now I'm wondering whether my mental LJ post should have included a little sidebar about what is acceptable, and what isn't, in terms of internet small talk. Me, I'm just going to forge blithely ahead and babble whenever the fuck I want to, but that's a privilege of age and a certain penchant for narcissistic indulgence. Someone new to the DP scene might think twice before saying anything about thunderstorms or shitty drivers running over some biker exercising his god-given right to go 15 mph down a traffic-laden lane of Sandy Blvd.

I'm just unilaterally declaring a free pass for saying ANYTHING about sunshine, because it rocks. Y'all can figure the rest of it out. But, rest assured, if it hails, or we get some locusts, I'm posting. That's all there is to it. Just trying to connect with you people, especially if you're half-naked and walking in the sunshine in front of littlebluedog's office. That's the highest calling there is this time of year.
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(no subject)

My boyfriend and I picked up a free couch today... but didn't realize it lived in a smoking home. The condition of the couch is good except it is permeated with a not so delicious cigarette smoke smell. Is there anything we can do to get rid of the smoke smell or is it a lost cause...?

[edit] The couch is leather.
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With a nod to...yeah, I don't remember who and I'm too lazy to browse back and find out.  You know who you are.   Some other people know who you are too.  Good enough.

Thanks: to the person driving the large white van late last week who let me left turn in front of them then pull all the way right to right turn.  I appreciate it.
to the man driving the little black (civic?) hatchback a couple weeks back, who was already pulled forward enough for me to right turn beside him but who interpreted my slow pull-through as being unsure my big freaking car would fit and pulled forward more to let me by.
to the man walking his dog a few weeks ago who saw me drifting backwards out of my driveway without looking his direction and just stopped and waited for me to pass, didn't give me a dirty look even though really he had the right of way and I *should* have checked both ways.
7am is just not my best time.  Thanks for making it slightly less painful.
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I need immediate help (abandoned cat followup)


I found this cat outside again today. People in my building are trying to take him in, but he is an upset young tomcat which means yowling and spraying.

I have a cat already and right now the lost cat is locked in my bathroom. This obviously can't go on. I need the number of a no-kill shelter or person associated with one that I can talk to tonight to get this cat off the street. Our building is right next to a freeway off-ramp so I do not want to put him back outside. If he stays outside his life expectancy is low.

This cat is very sweet and enthusiastic but cannot be kept in a house unless you're willing to deal with him spraying (my bathroom is all tile so that's why he's there for now). He has to be neutered before he will be okay as a house cat.

I called and e-mailed Animal Aid PDX but obviously it's after business hours. I need contact information for someone who can help, however, please only offer assistance if:

1. You are associated with or know somebody who is associated with a no-kill shelter, or
2. You have someplace like a garage where you can keep him locked up overnight, knowing that he will very likely spray and yowl, and
3. You fucking PROMISE me he will end up in a no-kill shelter and you will not put him back on the street and will keep your word.

I can offer a donation directly to whatever shelter he ends up at. I would be interested in adopting this cat myself once he is neutered in the unlikely event that he gets along with my cat, but I'd be content if he ended up in a stable home after getting fixed and cared for.
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[BST] *drink* pictures!

Since the combination of libation-friendly (and exposed-flesh-on-young-thingies-friendly) warm weather and copious amounts of damnportlanders post cues have induced so many of us to engage in *drinks* as of late, I thought that it would be fun to share drinking pictures. Here's mine to begin with....


How about *drinks* pictures for the rest of the community? AND....GEAUX! ;)

(edit: yes, I do realize that we're setting ourselves up to be mocked on damnportlanders Photoshop Sunday....)
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