May 7th, 2007

Cigar Friendly Environment

This last Saturday I had a minor altercation with the staff at Rock Bottom Brewery over my cigar. I won't be going back.

I'm looking for cigar friendly pubs or taverns in the Portland area. Most strip clubs I know allow cigars, even sell them, but my wife isn't too keen on going there. The Ringlers Annex hasn't complained about my cigars, it could very well be the staff isn't aware I smoke them. We usually sit in the upper levels. Anyway, any ideas.
"When the going gets dark..."

Drink More Coffee. Buy More Collages.

XENOPHORA: Collages By Amy L. Sacks, now available for viewing at the Northstar Coffeehouse. Through May 31st, 2007.

Northstar Cofeehouse is located at:

7540 N Interstate Ave.
Portland, OR 97217

Hours are M-Sat: 7:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sun: 9:00 AM-2:00 PM

Here's a Google map. Also accessable via Tri-Met.

On Sunday May 13th from Noon 'til closing, I'll be there with varro to celebrate and possibly hawk a few artist's trading cards.

Hope to see you there !
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[BST] Damnportlanders Drinking Game!

By popular request, the first rough draft of the damnportlanders drinking game is here! This was inspired by a meetup last weekend with yoopie, everanddespair, and lokidecat. The rules are very simple. And apologies in advance if anyone gets their feelings hurt over this (try to have a sense of humor, eh?).

Rules for the damnportlanders Drinking Game:

Necessary items: Copious amounts of libation, a computer with Internet access (with damnportlanders page up on your web browser of choice), and a sense of humor.

Rules: Every time you read or see one of the following on damnportlanders, take a swig of your libation whenever:

--a post ends with "...AND GO".
--a damnportlander posts about being oppressed about being unable to smoke in a public space.
--yoopie prefaces a sentence with "Back in D.C."....
--someone posts about looking for a place to take their friends/family/visitors to.
--there is a post with a big-assed graphics and/or giant-assed fonts promoting an event.
--otherguy makes a post.
--someone asks whether [insert object] is made of vegans.
--someone states how evil soy is (bonus points if it is mentioned that "soy makes you gay").
--there is a disparaging statement about SUVs.
--there is a derisive comment about Gresham.
--someone forgets to LJ-cut a pontificative post (yes, feel free to take a drink now after reading this post ;o)
--a bicyclist damnportlander curses careless drivers.
--a motorist damnportlander curses careless bicyclists.
--a damnportlander pedestrian curses careless drivers, bicyclists, or hippies.
--there is a post about a geological- or weather- related events (earthquakes, hail, thunderstorm, snow, etc.). And for each subsequent post on the same event, double the shot of libations.
--someone disses George W. Bush in a post.
--there is a mention of Craigslist.
--someone makes a post looking for friends.
--a soon-to-be-Portland-resident inquires about job availability.
--a provincial damnportlander replies to the above by requesting that the soon-to-be-Portlander not move here unless she/he already has a job lined up.
--dumpster-diving is mentioned.
--there is a post about smelly riders or unstable individuals on Tri-Met.
--synthcat makes a food-related entry on Thankful Thursdays.

I'm sure that I missed several things though....any other drinking cues that anyone else might want to add? (And Go!) ;)
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Traffic law help needed!

So basically, I am hoping that someone here has some experience with this or knows the laws, etc. etc. Here's the situation.

My boyfriend was traveling down Halsey a few days ago. There was a car waiting to turn left across his lane of traffic. The light turned yellow just before my boyfriend entered the intersection and he continued through the yellow light... with his car entering the intersection before the light turned red. Unfortunately, the car that was waiting to turn left, assumed he was going to stop for the yellow (or somethign?) and he turned right in front of him. My boyfriend hit the other guy's front passenger door.

The other guy won't admit fault, but as near as we can tell, this guy should be at fault. Unfortunately, after sitting through a couple of traffic school courses way back when I lived in Arizona, I seem to remember something about this and that since the other guy was in the intersection first, then he has the right of way. That's Arizona though and I don't even know if I am remembering that right. The police said that Oregon is a no fault state and so they would not come to the scene of the accident to give us any help. I've done a lot of searching on Google to find out the laws and who is at fault here and all I can find is that a driver making a left hand turn must yield right of way to an oncoming driver (duh).. but it says nothing about accidents and any of the specifics.

Any help would be appreciated. Of course the insurance agencies will have the final say.. but I guess I'm looking for a little peace of mind or something to go on if we start getting screwed by the insurance agencies.
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chocolate mousse cake

(no subject)

Can anyone recommend a good primary care physician in the downtown Portland area? Or one that is within walking distance of a max stop?

I'm from the Seattle area and am taking the train home this weekend so I won't be able to see mine till Saturday. I'm 99% sure I caught bronchitis from my Mom (she also had sinusitis, it then turned into walking phnemonia), I can't let it get that bad and need some meds asap.

I have Regence BlueShield insurance, so my insurance should be accepted at most places. Or can anyone recommend a walk-in clinic that doesn't have a wait of 4 hours? I have classes from 5:30am till noon in downtown, I can't miss them, ever.

Any help would be much appreciated.
I can bake you something tasty in exchange if you like.


Eugene Noise Fest 2007

Thursday May 17th
Rhythm from Wreckage official kick off for the Eugene Noise Fest 2007
Hosted by Carl Diehl of the JirCs
a night of videos featuring:
Carl Diehl (The JirCs)
GX Jupiter-Larsen (The Haters)
Eric Ostrowski (Noggin)
Oliver Smith
and more

Friday May 18th
Ecomorti (SF)
Brutophilia (Vancouver BC)
Xenization (Eug)
Brizbomb (Vancouver, WA)
Crude Drawings (Ben-David + Dennis Naslund)
Riververb (SF)
Bloodson Drifter
Blowupnilist (Vancouver, WA)
Ear Venom (Seattle)
Burning Indian (Vancouver BC + WA)
Instagon (Sac)
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer (Seattle)
Pulse Emitter (PDX)
Vankman (SF)
______ + Soup Purse (eug + PDX)

Saturday May 19th
Want for Nothing + Chris Charlot (WA)
Xdugef (LA)
UFO as Bacteria (Santa Rosa, CA)
Audiometic (Sac)
Eric Ostowski (Oly)
s***box (SF)
Chopstick (Sac)
IDX1274 (Cascadia, OR)
Warning Broken Machine + Klowd (Eug + Sac)
Raperies Like Draperies (Milwaukee, WI )
Nymphs or Satyrs (GA)
The Sunken (Kelso, WA)
Du Hexen (Seattle)
Leporidae (Sac)
(co)sine (PDX)

Sunday May 20th - Noise Brunch
Squarewave + Special Guest (Eug)
Earthquake Retrofit (Eug)
Microwave Windows (SF)
Robotic Daly (PDX)
I Died (Eug)
Eraritjaritjaka (Eug)
¡Go-Yo! (PDX)
Sugarhost (Denmark)
Hook & Sail (SF)
i.n.r.i. (Eug)
Hobby Knife (Eug)
View (Eug)
Disjunct (PDX)

Fri-Sat $8 each night, Sunday $6
or $18 dollars for a pass
$2off with prison, military or student ID

Show starts at 7pm Friday & Saturday
Sunday Noise brunch starts at Noon with baked goods, coffee and juice

Looking for PART TIME Roommate

What do you think DamnPortlanders? And before you say, "that's not possible!", three years ago, when I was looking for a roommate, I had two  offers just like this, or people who wanted to pay less and live there part time. I can afford more rent now, so it might work out.

Any advice? new apartment leads? 1 bedrooms under $600 or 2 bedrooms under $800?
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Mexican Folk Art?

We went to the Cinco de Mayo festival this last weekend. Looking at their web-site I had hopes of being able to find some nice artisanal goods. There wasn't too much of interest for me there. Though I did like the flowers and dolls made out of dyed corn husks. Those were kind-of neat.

It got me thinking that I really don't know where to go in this town to find Mexican folk art of any kind. I would love to get some Oaxacan animal figures for instance.

When we were in Mexico a couple of years we saw all kinds of neat stuff in the shops of downtown Puerto Vallarta. I'd love to be able to find someplace to get similar kinds of things.

Does anyone have any recommendations on places to check out???

Tax rebate question

So, my girlfriend just got her tax check in the mail, but she has no bank account, so my question now is where is the cheapest place to cash it? For work checks, usually she would just go to Fred Meyer and the such, but this one is over their limit. SE or downtown preferably Any ideas?


visiting portland

accomadation needed :

my best friend and I were planning to attend this

gothic convetion

*however our ride and accomadation fell though

*if you happen to be attending this/or live close to downtown portland(or within very close bus access) and might be able to give us somewhere to stay we would be so relieved.


other than attending the conference also interested in exploring the city, wondering can folks recomend any cool events happening in town around then (especially those that are free/cheap)

any gallery opening (art shows)

interesting public art etc etc

*also does portland have a local events paper that the locals read (vancouver has the "georgia straight" and the "west ender"/victoria has "monday magazine"/seattle has "seattle weekly" and "the stranger") what is portland's "what's going on" free paper as find the local read that (and always seems to have the most interesting events)
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Hi folks ...

So, question for you mat-toters, or for anyone else in the know:

What will yoga do for me? Like srsly. Increase my flexibility, yes, but what else? Shape and tone? Build muscle? Increase endurance? Allow me to meditate more readily? Make me lose weight?

Tell me please. I'm curious.

Also, if anyone has a few recommendations for yoga studios with early evening sessions, that might be kind to a beginner, in North Portland, vegan-friendly, and free (just kidding on the last two), I'd be very appreciative.

On this latter note, I am a BOY. I am fully conscious that yoga participants tend to be, for the most part, GIRLS. However, I am doing this for my well-being, rather than to mack on chicks. Just sayin. So I'd rather go to a place more open to persons of either gender, that's all.

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making music to take drugs to

Hey you drunks! Do you like zombie movies? What about vampire movies? What about THE TWO COREYS?!!

Zompire: The Undead Film Fest is this weekend at the Hollywood Theatre!

Fri/Sat, May 11-12th, 7pm - 1am! $10 a night!

Films and shorts being shown from across the globe include:

-Goth Barbie
-Night of the Hell-Hamsters
-Lesbian Vampire Lovers of Lust(feat. Steve Coogan)
-Confederate Zombie Massacre!
-Choking Hazard (from the Czech Republic!)

and the undead epic featuring the two Coreys: LOST BOYS!

Celebrate Mother's Day early in style, buy her tickets to both nights!
Prizes for the best costumes!
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punching bags...?

Is there some kind of gym or work out place where they'll allow me to have a go at punching bags? I can do my kickboxing exercises outside of my class and whatnot, but I also want to keep myself sharp when I practice my punches, kicks, elbows, knees and so on. Shadow-boxing is good and all...but the impact of the blows helps me keep in check how I should aim my strikes.

I've asked around at a couple of gyms, and no one seems to have them for use. :(

Thanks so much, DP. Y'all are awesome.