May 6th, 2007

a walkman, a discman

I'm sort of house-bound cause of my job, and am wondering if any nice people have an old (but working) walkman and/or discman they could drop off to me sometime? I could pay for it, maybe $5 for each, but I can't get to the bank today.

thank you nice people.

The Fraudulent Paul Bunyan

... That same year William B. Laughead wrote and illustrated Introducing Mr. Paul Bunyan of Westwood, California, the first in a series of Paul Bunyan advertising pamphlets for the Red River Lumber Company. The firm was headquartered in Minneapolis but by then had moved most of its logging operations to the west coast. Some of the stories in the pamphlet were based on Bunyan tales Laughead had heard a decade earlier in a lumber camp near Bemidji, Minnesota. A few were based on other logging yarns or Laughead's own experiences, presumably exaggerated. Laughead is credited with naming Babe the blue ox and Johnny Inkslinger, the clerk who has an ink hose connected to his pen.

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Selling stuff

Hello my dear DPers,
I am attempting to accumulate some cash so I'm selling some DVDs. Prices are negotiable and I will be putting a post on cragslist once all the pics upload to Myalbum from my phone.
I am selling:
Will & Grace Seasons 2-4: $20 per season
The L Word season 1: $25
Peter Pan(Widescreen, with Jeremy Sumpter): $7
The Forgotten: $7
American Wedding: $7

If you want to purchase any of these, comment or send an email to

Strangling the Internet with ID

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Greetings. This New York Times piece:

gives an excellent overview of efforts now in progress in various
states to require verified ID before allowing anyone to sign-up for
"social networking" sites like MySpace, and the impacts these could
potentially have on all manner of Web sites.

In particular, the article notes the view that such efforts would be
impractical and could even do more damage by pushing children (the
group these laws would ostensibly protect) toward other sites
completely under the radar. The article also recognizes that
requiring ID (most likely a credit card) would then provide
networking sites (or their third-party subcontractors) with a direct
linkage to all users' true identities that could be subject to later
exploitation and abuse.

While we all want to protect children, these ID-based models will
not do so, and indeed will bring with them a whole host of other
major risks.

How long will it be before some bright boys inside the Beltway get
the idea of requiring that *all* Internet usage be tied to verified
IDs? This would fit in just dandy with the mandated data retention
push, COPA, and the other efforts to turn the Internet into an ever
more purpose-built computerized arm of law enforcement.

Wanna use Google? Verify your ID first, please, so retained records
can be retroactively tied to you at any point in the future by
various agencies.

Too dark a scenario? Couldn't happen? Do you really want to bet
against me on this one given current trends?

Of course, we can still turn the tide, working together as consumers
and Internet service providers alike. We can tell the politicos
that enough is enough. But will we? Or will it be business
as usual?

Place your bets.

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Ut Oh...

x-posted to my own LJ.

Every now and again the cam feed on my LJ goes bonkers. The camera belongs to a local news station and sits atop the Olympic Mills Commerce Center in downtown Portland and gives you a vew of the city.

This image from a few minutes ago caught my eye.


lose a cat?

Did somebody lose a tailless black and white kitty near PSU? There's a really loud and apparently un-neutered male out here and he doesn't seem too skinny, dirty or hungry and isn't terrified of people.


What did you learn........

You know. A few days ago, I posted a little thing where I asked what you had learned that day. And honestly, it was fun, funny and just kinda kewl. So I was thinking, with your off-kilter judiciousness, with your permission, I might make it a weekly thing. Your in-comment snarks will be graciously laughed at, so there really isn't much of any limit to what you have to say.

So.....What did you learn, this week?

I learned that as much as you might want to smack someone upside the head, you can't beat someone smart. You can only beat them stupid and if they're already stupid, its kinda redundant and pointless
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Geek Gumbo Podcast

Hello Everyone,

My wife and I started a podcast, thought you guys would enjoy! We talk about TV Shows, Movies, Comics, Video Games and a lot of other geeky stuff. We are three episodes in, and of course we are podcasting from the lovely city of Portland!

Our website is here:

The podcast feed is here.

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I know that quite a lot of you folks love taking and posting a lot of pictures (which is AWESOME, I must say), and also spreading the love for neat little stores and stuff like that, so I had an idea...

Post a picture (or better yet, video!) of something nifty you've bought recently in Portland, and say where you got it and maybe how much it cost or why you love it or whatever.

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