May 5th, 2007

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Local art guild show today and tomorrow at the Convention Center!

You all should come down, it is FREE!!!!

This is the largest art-centered guild show on the West Coast, full of really, really good art, no imports, no mass produced goods. The Oregon Glass Guild, Portland, Bead Society, Ceramics Guild, Metal Art Guild, Hand Weavers guild and MORE are all at the Convention center today and tomorrow. It's a great location to see all sorts of master artisan work, from jewelry to fountains, pots, goes on and on and it is free!

I am in the Glass Exhibition as a member of the Oregon Glass Guild, in the group booth come say hi from 10-2 (big belly'd pregnant lady, can't miss me)! Free glass working demos all day, door prizes every hour, and just so much good, truly handmade stuff in so many mediums. Even if you don't buy a thing, come check out all the fabulous crafted work by so many kinds of artisans! Free weekend entertainment!

At the Convention Center both weekend days! =)
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free comics, $3 coffee, and me

Today I'll be at Guapo Comics and Coffee (starting around 1pm) giving out a free Gumby comic book (which I wrote).

It's free comics day, which means that comic shops are giving out tons of free comics. There's Gumby as well the regular stuff from the publishers; DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Slave Labor and others.

Guapo Comics & Coffee
6416 SE Foster Road
Portland, Oregon 97206
Cal: 503-772-3638

It's a nice comic shop with a coffee bar included. This place is well lit, friendly, locally owned, and they stock an amazing variety of graphic novels, comics, and locally produced mini-comics. They represent the revolution comics have recently gone through.

Come check it out.
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route assistance

Anyone have input on whether 26 or 30 would be a better/worse choice for driving to seaside leaving shortly?  Such an east-side girl I know nothing about traffic on that far side of the river, but I'm wondering how much cinco de mayo's going to trip me up...

Mac loses the laptop game.

A few weeks ago I posted here, curious about buying a Macbook. The feedback here was overwhelmingly in favor of the Mac. Legions of DP'ers can't be wrong, right? I went ahead and shelled out just under 1500 dollars for one. Over the last week and a half I've been using my new laptop I've come to the conclusion: big mistake. Aside from the cheap external build (though I do like the firmness of the keyboard), the actual OS and interface is not to my liking. It just feels way too dumbed down. I know Apple enthusiasts can be very defensive, so I'll stop here before igniting fury from the Steve Jobs cult.. but definitely a less than impressive notebook. Concern was raised moreso when I checked out some "pro-Apple" forums (, for one), and noticed an abnormally large amount of complaints regarding screens randomly cracking, the white case randomly cracking around the battery, fan and magsafe (apparently the plastic they use is very thin, prone to cracking under heat), scratches on the surface showing up under even delicate circumstances, uneven backlighting, huge problem with dead pixels (a good number of new Macbooks are shipped with dead pixels, which is crazy. Run the program and check your Mac, you may have a few yourself without knowing it.) My brand new Mac had 6 dead pixels, and the "Genius" at the apple store says that's "normal" and Apple can't do anything about it. Apparently 7 dead pixels will get me a new screen though. Amazing. The casing around the screen is also splitting apart (was like that right out of the box). Again, both "Genius" and Apple phone support said that's normal. Sad how quality can take such a backseat to "sleek" and "chic" styling.

Luckily I'm still within 14 days so Apple tells me I'm free to return the laptop for a full refund. I'm glad I gave Mac OS X a shot, but I'm even more glad it didn't work out. I gotta admit, I felt like the biggest dolt on the planet with that white laptop. It just screams "I SHOP AT WHOLE FOODS AND LISTEN TO IRON AND WINE! I NEED RANDOM ATTENTION!"

So... any recommendations on a good PC/linux based laptop? Right now I'm looking at a Sony Vaio SZ. Anyone have one of those?

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Random question:

Does anyone happen to have a copy of Final Fantasy 7 that they'd be willing to sell me for around $20. I'm also looking around for Final Fantasy 8 and I'd be willing to spend $40 on the pair.

I'd come to you to get it so you wouldn't have to worry about shipping or meeting up or anything silly like that. I'd pay in cash.

Thank you.
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My friend has film that needs to be developed tomorrow and put onto slides before Monday. Any photo stores in the Portland area (preferably SW or SE) that will do this?
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