May 4th, 2007

places to study after 10pm

Ok, I know, about once a month someone asks this, but I'm wondering if there are really alternatives to the Fireside Lounge - which is always packed when I go!!   that offer wireless and aren't too dark or loud and stay open past 10pm?

I live in NE and wondering if I can just go to a college library and hang out there, most of those are open till 12am or later.......has anyone had any success with this?

 I would love to hear any creative places I could go to on the eastside, late at night. Thanks in advance!!
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Commute to Wilsonville?

Dear Damnportlanders,

I come to you again for advice. My husband and I have been trying to move to Portland for almost a year now. He hasn't had much luck on the job front, unfortunately, and that's one thing we must secure before moving. Just recently, we got some positive feedback on a position in my husband's field (microbiology). Unfortunately, it's in Wilsonville and we would definitely like to live in Portland proper (probably the SE). I'm trying not to get my hopes up or jump the gun just yet; I'm just on a fact-finding mission right now. I was wondering if any of you might be able to offer some input on such a commute. It looks as though Trimet does not extend that far south, correct? (We will have a car but we'd love to only use it when we absolutely have to.) So would a commute from Portland to Wilsonville every day be horrendous?

Thanks in advance!
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Joseph Arthur, with Stars Of Track And Field opening

Just a reminder to check out Joseph Arthur and the Lonely Astronauts tonight at the Doug Fir Lounge. Portland's own Stars Of Track And Field are opening. I saw this show in Seattle on Wednesday and it was great! Be forewarned, there's more of a 70's rock vibe than Joe's former down-tempo acoustic style, so be ready to have fun!

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Does anyone know of those sports resale shops if they'd buy used golf shoes, they are in new codnition I only wore them for one round of golf and I was just driving the cart? Brand new they were around $150

Also would they by a ladies golf outfit if it was also in brand new condition? The golf outfit was over $100 brand new and worn once

If someone wants to sell it on ebay I will give you 25% of the profit
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Consignment shops?

Hey all,

Does anybody know of a consignment shop or resale clothing place that'd take some very nice ladies' business suits in sizes 14 and 16? I haven't been able to wear these in quite a while, and they're practically new, but I've had some trouble finding shops that would take things in larger sizes.

Anything in close proximity to Lombard/PSU-ish would especially rock. Thanks!

To the person who left their Debit card in the Broadway ATM...

If you're the person who left your Washington Mutual Credit card in the ATM at 8pm... I tried looking you up in the phone book, but had no success.

It would suck to be all weekend with out your card, and then have to wait for a new one after Monday... but since I couldn't find you... rest assured that I called the bank's number on the card and they said it is now cancelled.
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Ride request to Boring, tomorrow

Is there anyone going to the Guide Dogs for the Blind graduation ceremony tomorrow in Boring that would be able to give me a ride? Alternatively, is there anyone that could give me a ride there even if they're not going? One of my coworkers was planning on going and was going to be my ride, but she isn't able to now. TriMet goes nowhere near there on Saturday. I'd need to be there by about 12:30 or so, and could kick in some cash for gas. I can meet you almost anywhere along the MAX until, say, Gateway Transit Center.

Anyone? Please? A puppy that was raised by my clinic is graduating and I'd love to see it.