May 3rd, 2007

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MAY 15: International THINK Day

OK gang. I've been thinking about this for a while now, and thought I'd pitch it to the masses to see if it holds up.

This was inspired by a particularly stubborn e-mail hoax that hits my inbox every year around this time, usually forwarded on by several folks who want to do some good in the world, bless their hearts, but are a little misdirected about doing it.

I'm talking about the so-called "National Gas-Out Day" meme, which urges everyone to refrain from buying gas on one day, May 15, in an effort to somehow upend the entire petroleum economy and free our world forever from the evils of burning fossil fuels.

For those to whom this sounds like a good, workable idea (and there are a LOT of people who fit this description), the fatal flaw in this logic is that the plan doesn't urge using less gas, just buying it on a different day. As such, even if everyone did it, the spike in additional purchasing in the days before or after May 15 will just offset the drop on the specific day. In other words, it don't work.

Alternative solutions, which would use less gas, include the standards: carpool, public transportation, biking/walking, etc.; but unfortunately these just aren't as sexy or cool as the idea of toppling the entire gasoline industry in one swell foop.

But I digress.

My plan is to reclaim May 15 from this silliness and make it a Day of THINKING.

Let's use the Gas-Out Day meme as an example. You get these things in your inbox, usually from your niece or your uncle or your parents' friends or whoever, you see them on your MySpace bulletin board, your Facebook wall, etc. Maybe you've sent/posted them yourself. And that's fine, people do it out of a sense of helpfulness and assistance.

But here's what I propose: next time you receive one, or think about passing it on to someone else, take a minute and THINK. That's the key, whether you choose to do it on May 15 (like just for starters), or any day. Think about what's in it. Just think. Reflect on it. Could be Gas-Out Day. Could be the jury duty scam. Could be #-9-0. Could be any number of things. Just think about what's being said, and if it makes sense. If you think it makes sense, think about why.

And then after you think about it, think about it again. Maybe check Snopes or Straight Dope, watch some MythBusters ... just do some research. If you do this and still think it's legit, then pass it on.

If we all do this, then we might see a drop in these misguided and self-perpetuating e-mail forwards. We might also be able to focus on solutions that make sense when we get all the goofy stuff out of the way. At the very least, thinking will ... well, make us think. And there is nothing bad about that.

May 15: International THINK Day. Think. Celebrate thinking.

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Good morning, sunshines!

Does anyone have a recommendation for close-in eastside or downtown daycare, what doesn't charge and arm AND a leg? Just an arm would be do-able.

Bonus points
for places that don't have jellybeans as treats; double bonus points for places that don't teach that red jellybeans are for the blood of christ and black are for sin!

The boyo is four, potty-trained (with occassional accidents), can sing Bob the Builder and his ABCs, and has an unhealthy Thomas fixation which we encourage.


Community Resources

sarvodaya inspired me to get the word about some other information and referral sources. Because it's my job. is a hot line (call 211 or if that doesn't work 503-222-5555) or website that has information and referral to all social service agencies in the metro area.

Resources Galore is a database from Portland Impact, also listing lots of Portland area community resources.

Oregon Helps is a benefits screening website. You can enter in your information and determine your eligibility for different programs.

BenefitsCheckup is another benefits screening website, only on a national level. Don't let the fact that it's a service of the National Council on Again turn you off; there's still a lot of valuable information on there.
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Just in case anyone hasn't seen the front page of The Oregonian today:

Oregon has now passed a Domestic Partnerships bill. The gov says he'll sign it, and the group that was at the forefront of the opposition says they won't be challenging it in court. It goes into effect on Jan 1, 2008.

According to the article, this action makes Oregon the most GLBTQ-friendly state in the nation. Go us!

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

Whoa. The week has gone by quickly! There is always something to be thankful for in this city....

1. Discovering the wonderful joys of mini-cookies by Two Tarts at the Wednesday Portland Farmers Market (those yummy delicacies were 50 cents apiece!).

2. Having a cool senior boss at work who approved a late-morning mini-cupcake scoring jaunt (on company time) to Saint Cupcake (in honor of my manager and co-worker's birthdays)! The mini-cupcakes are tasty, especially the Turtle flavors!

3. The wonderful shoes and socks worn by urban bicyclists on their morning commutes (there are some really cute socks that are worn by bicyclists!).

4. Finding out about more places to explore and things to do in the latest issue of the free publication PDX Magazine.

5. The tasty seasonal organic chocolate chipotle stout brew at Roots Organic Brewing--they are pleasantly spicy and delicious!

6. Children's Day celebration at the Japanese Gardens this Sunday!

7. The annual Cinco de Mayo celebration at the Waterfront starting today and running through Sunday.
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Hail hail hail.


I havne't seeen a SINGLE post about yesterday's news today..



I got caught in the hail yesterday while driving. And of course, I had my camera on me. So naturally, I took a video.

Also, I have no idea why it doesn't have a preview picture yet. I uploaded it late last night and it works.

Eh, go figure.
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work-friendly place to meet up in SE?

hi DPers

Any suggestions for a cool, yet work-appropriate place for me and my future coworkers and boss to meet up for an informal orientation meeting in SE? My first thought would be a mellow, lively (but not too busy) coffee shop, but I'm definitely open to other suggestions. And preferably somewhere that is easily accessible (for people coming from Vancouver and Eugene). We'd most likely be meeting mid-day, around the lunch hour.
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GOP candidate debate

Anybody catch the GOP candidate debate on MSNBC? How about that Ron Paul...he had the best one-liner...

"In Washington we either prohibit it or subsidize it."

Heh. Looking at early responses on MSNBC, Ron Paul made a big splash tonight, but Mitt Romney was the frontrunner. I doubt there are a lot of Republicans in the community--I myself am a registered Independent and in a state where I can vote in either primary and am trying to make up my mind--but who watched? What did you think?


Hey everyone! I need help from you savvy people on a budget. This group I'm in is in a rush to get supplies for a big BBQ. We're in SE and have a car. We need to get the food tomorrow.

We need:

Vegetarian option
Charcoal/ lighter fluid.

What is the CHEAPEST place ever to get these things? Knock Costco off the list because it isn't as cheap as we need it to be.

We need to feed 50 people on about $50

I've heard things about Cash N Carry and I know winco is cheap, but Helllp!

Thanks a lot everyone!