May 2nd, 2007


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Does anyone know if any of the malls in the Metro area have a Proactiv Solution (the face care line - all infomercials) kiosk? I'm all out of th repairing lotion and I'd go to ebay and grab some, but someone hacked into my account and now I avoid ebay like the plague.


Wedding Showers and Locations

dear damnportlanders:
i come to you on an errand of mercy.

a friend and i are planning a wedding shower for a couple of friends who are getting hitched this summer.
thing is, i've never done this whole wedding.eventy.planny thing, and while i'm good with the event management,
the finer points of wedding.showering escapes me... especially in finding a locale.

if you were a wedding shower with an afternoon break out the grill feel, where would you be? we're looking at probably around thirty or so people, all genders, kid friendly.ish. Outdoor access with cover in case of rain.things would be ideal, and small budget is superspiffy.

It'll be the weekend of the rose festival.

your wisdom, witticisms, strange wedding shower traditions and snarks are deeply appreciated.

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Hello, I came into possesion of the most adorable little kittie that my apartment complex would not let me keep. So I'm trying to find someone to adopt him before they find out and evict me. Poor kittie.

He's really affectionate and loving. He likes giving hugs and kisses, like really he gives kisses. He also loves to lick the ears and eyes for some reason. He also has been sleeping nose to nose with me, which is cute to wake up to in the middle of the night. He also keeps jumping in the shower whenever I turn it on. A very hygenic kittie. He also has short and sleek hair, so it doesn't get over everything, and green eyes.  He's been around a few other kitties and has been extremely friendly.  He hasn't batted or attacked any other kitties unless they hissed and tried to smack him around.

I would rather keep the kittie, but I don't have enough money to move into a new place that would allow him. So please adopt this kittie soon.

He hasn't been neutered, but he also doesn't meow at the door. He hasn't broken anything, or knocked anything over, or scratched any of my furniture or in any way harm anything, and for having never seen me before he just settled right in.  I would prefer someone who would treat him well, as I have become kind of attached to the little tyke and want the best for him.  He seems amiable and healthy, no worms or anything like that, and he looks fairly young. 

I live downtown, and don't have a car, so please be close or willing to come pick the kittie up. And soon please. I don't want to be evicted.

Just curious...

and maybe a little lazy...but here is kind of a dumb question for you.

Approximately (or exactly) how long to federal tax refunds take when you don't e-file?

I know I can check online but you need the exact amount, which I don't have right here at I come to you guys. Like the true slacker that I am, I sent my taxes in on April 16th...I'm just wondering when to expect my auto-deposited refund.



There used to be a little restaurant on 14th and Salmon called Zeba. Did any of you ever go there? It was my favorite place in the whole world!! It closed a few years ago. Anyhow, I'm wondering if any of you have seen the owners or bartenders Jeremy, Peter or Josh around lately? I'd like to track them down!

PS Thank you SO MUCH for your help on the tax question. You guys ROCK!
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Hail yes!

Okay, I was pretty sure that was going to dent my car. Geeezus. Did anywhere other than my little corner of NE Portland get a realllllllly intense hailstorm, or am I special?


Peace? John Edwards?? Hellz yeah.

Sorry if this has been mentioned/posted but I figure since it's happening in less than an hour it doesn't matter, so direct bitching elsewhere (like your diary):

"Dear Supporter,

As you may have heard, and a coalition of progressive groups are organizing emergency rallies in hundreds of cities nationwide, calling on Congress to stand firm in response to Bush's veto.

We just found out that there's a rally planned for this evening in Portland and John Edwards has decided to attend to add his voice to the movement. Please join us tonight at 5:15 PM at Portland Peace Square (South Park Blocks) on 9th and Jefferson (in front of the Art Museum) in Portland.

Here's the description of the event from the organizer: "We will be gathering at the Park Blocks to let Bush and the world know that his veto of the Provisional Funding Bill is unacceptable to the American people."

Here are the details:

When: 5:15 PM, Wednesday, May 2

Where: 9th and Jefferson (in front of the Art Museum)

Directions: We will meet at the South Park Blocks, in front of the Art Museum. You can get there by MAX or Metro. It is in Fareless Square. Parking is very limited downtown, especially at that time of day, so we suggest you take public transportation.

We hope you will be able to join John Edwards this evening in speaking out against this war!

-John Edwards Team"
Rain (Boomer)

Musical Free Association Game

The beginning of this new Kelly Clarkson song* really sounds like some female artist from the 1990s, but I can't place who.

Watch, then comment with a video link to the first song that comes to mind for you. Someone else will watch the video you post and reply with the song that comes to mind for them, and so on and so forth.

* I have a soft spot in my heart for pop music, but actually heard this one on AfterEllen.
more jack

Something to do Thursday night...

Something funny and reasonably cheap: Tango, a Theatre Vertigo production. Its absurdist comedy, and supposedly quite good. I'm planning on going because Thursdays are "pay what you will" (as opposed to other nights which are $15.) So if you've been wanting to see more theater but not wanting to commit your weekends or your big $, this might be the solution. 3430 SE Belmont. 8pm. And its stumbling distance from several bars, so you can leave at intermission if it sucks, which I'm sure it won't. If you make it, come say hello.
b&w hat

job hunting...

since you guys have been such an awesomely informative group so far, i'll put another question to you: what are some good options for waitressing jobs? i'll need a full-time job during the summer before grad school starts and i'm moving to the area in june, coming out next monday to nail down a job and apartment. i've had tons of serving experience and want to make bank before i start my part-time, low-pay, resume-building job during the school year. anyone had any especially good experiences?

A really cool treehouse would work as well, I suppose

I live in inner SE Portland, but work in Beaverton. I finish work at my first job on Murray Blvd around 4 and have an hour or so to kill before my second job about 15 mins away. I don't want to hang out at my first job longer than I have to so I'm looking for a cool coffeeshop or something to read in before I go to my second job. Any recommendations for coffeeshops or parks in the area (around the Nike campus)? Thanks!
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Deat DP,
Is a mouse problem a valid reason to break a lease? Landlords haven't taken any meaningful action other than place traps in the house and call an exterminator (which they later deemed too expensive). Any advice?

Is there a housing authority I can call to come verify the problem?
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Mi-mo-sa in Manhattan

Geriatric reminiscing....

For those of us geriatric damnportlanders who remember the days of Rckcandy and La Luna night clubs...I was so shocked and surprised to find out earlier this evening that the building which used to house the legendary rock club (on 215 SE 9th, near Sandy) is now homes to an Asian restaurant (Biwa) and an upscale catering/dining hall outfit (Simpatica). Wow, times sure do change....

I suppose I have fond memories of seeing so many incredible live music shows at La Luna--both local and national acts. I recall seeing the likes of The Dead Milkmen, Skinny Puppy, Sonic Youth, Nine Inch Nails, Kristen Berry, Curve, Love and Rockets, Ornital, Cibo Matto, Soul Maggot (whose former member is now a part of Portland's band Zonewire), and so on. That venue brought back so many memories....

Having said that, I am definitely curious about checking out Biwa and Simpatica brunch on Sundays....
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bright side



There have been a few DAMNPORTLANDERS who have inquired about free/cheap medical and dental services.
Here is what I know of-
Outside-In has a mobile medical clinic. The doctors and services are fabulous and they try to give samples/free prescriptions as much as possible and are great about helping people get mental health meds in addition to other medications.  For a schedule go to:  

There is a mobile medical van through Multnomah County.  You can contact the County Health Department to learn more: 503-988-3674.

Other Medical Resources:  Transition Projects has a good list at: 

Dental Resources:  503-223-4121- Dental van, call for schedule

Dental Access Program (Mult. Co) 503-988-6942 for uninsured emergencies- sling scale, minimum $40.

Dental Plus Plan: 503-526-4411- 25% discount on general dental services, $65 annual fee.

NW Medical Teams: 503-624-1000- Info on dental van locations

Outside-In: call to check on available dental services. 
Portland Community College- 503-977-4909, low cost dental hygiene and cleaning, runs Oct-June each year.

Russell St. Dental Clinic:  214 N. Russell. 503-494-6822, emergency dental only, fee based on income, same day service, need proof of income.  

Transition Projects: 475 NW Glisan, 503-823-4930- one voucher for free dental service through Multnomah County.  First come first served starting at 8:30 a.m.  Must be zero income.  

William Temple House: 2023 NW Hoyt, 503-226-3021 or 7704 N. Hereford, 503-283-3511. Dental van- call for information. 

Ok- I hope this can be of some help! 

The Incredibles

Anyone know where I can score a used VHS copy of The Incredibles for under five bucks? Like, actually know. Not just suggest visiting every cd/game exchange in the city. It's something for work that I would be buying with my own pocket, I don't want to have to spend an entire day off biking around looking for it as well.


So it is 9:30 and PCC still has not made a decision as to whether or not school will be open tomorrow. What do you DPers think? Will they use tomorrow to continue investigation? Will they determine the threat was a fake and open school tomorrow?

UPDATE: 10:02pm PCC Rock Creek open tomorrow.