April 30th, 2007


apartment hunting

So what ARE the best web sites to find apartments or general places to rent in Portland? The more detailed and the fewer flakes (I'm looking at you, Cregzlst) the better.

Edited to add: sites where I can actually search by neighborhood a plus. :P
wheat field

bark mulch

i need bark mulch.  quite a bit of it.  delivered, but not blown.  i have a couple of places, but rather than play "eenie meenie minie moe" i thought it see if you guys had any recommendations.


renter's rights question

okay, i could really use a nudge in the right direction here.

problem: in one word - woodpecker(s)! i live in an older apartment complex on the third floor, and at least one woodpecker refuses to stop making the side of my apartment swiss cheese. i have talked to the manager a hundred times over, and have been told they are supposed to put new siding up - still hasn't happened. now, i understand it's a time-consuming process to get the bids and get home-office to approve it, etc.

in the meantime, i have seven 2X4s and three holes on the outside of my apartment, along with wire mesh and a 2X4 inside my son's closet - where one woodpecker managed to make it through the drywall. we have insulation EVERYWHERE outside, and my son's room and my closet are a good 5 degrees cooler than the rest of the apartment.

i've talked to the audobon society to find out ways of discouraging the woodpeckers from coming back until the new siding project happens, and have told not only the on-site manager and maintenance guy, but also the home-office liason for our property - to no avail. they hung one, yes ONE, streamer off of one of the 2X4s. needless to say, the woodpecker is back, and already has a new hole started. *grumbles*

we are paying 'market value' on this unit - do i have a right to request/demand a rent reduction based on this current-and-ongoing problem?


Hey guys! So I have a question...

My yard is looking pretty pathetic and we have this horrid infestation of horsetail weeds that never stop coming back. It's like I can pick them all and within two days they're growing back already.
This is what a horsetail weed looks like:

This is what my yard looks like:

And, I need mowing and cleaning up of flower beds/garden areas. Just general yardwork, I guess. So, I'm wondering if you have any recommendations for a landscaper. I used craigslist last year and had some awful results with people not coming through and deciding half way through the summer to stop coming without saying anything. Cheap and reliable would be best. I live on Mt. Scott.

Thanks in advance!
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Question for the legal types

I'm curious as to whether it would be worth it to take someone to small claims court here. Can they make someone pay if the person won't?
I'm asking cuz my ex-roommate owes me 600+ dollars for back utilities, and I'm pretty sure she's just going to ignore all of my offers to set up a payment plan with her (she knows she owes, she just doesn't care since I don't live with her anymore). I would, of course, really like that money back, but I don't want to waste my time with small claims if they can't do anything about it.

So has anyone had any experience like this or know how the system works?

Also, if it is worth it, where do I get started? The courthouse downtown?

Thanks everyone!


Edit: It was a Rental Agreement, not a lease, and we only had a verbal contract for the bills. I found her on craigslist, my ad stated that someone could move in if they were willing to pay rent + half the utilities (minus phone service, cuz I wasn't going to pay for that).
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(no subject)

hello damnportlanders!

i'm moving to portland from new york in june. i'll be apartment hunting next week and had a couple of questions --

i booked my visit for about 10 days. is that good time frame to find a decent apartment?

i'm staying in the alberta area and was wondering how safe it is. i've never really been in the neighborhood. is it safe enough to take early morning runs there? any areas/streets that a girl in dorky running shorts should avoid? sorry if this sounds weird and overly paranoid. i was raised in nyc.

thanks so much!


(no subject)

Here's the deal...
I'm bored. No, you all think you know what I'm talking about but you don't. I'm really so bored that I have nothing to even say in my journal.

Here's my predicament...

I have limited physical mobility since I use a walker so I can't do anything like rock climbing or anything. And I do have transportation that I can arrange but I don't have a car. The thing is... I can occupy my time at the city library (which strongly pales by comparison to the Central Library downtown) and drinking is kind of tough or go to the movies or something; but what I really need is social interaction. I am on a very limited budget so I can't play any of you to play with me so that's out. Does anyone have any ideas?

I'm stuck in Oregon City for a few months, so if anyone know anything specific about Clackamas County, that would be cool.
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Eye Exam

Hello my fellow Portlander.

Do any of you know a cheap place to get eye exams? I have the glasses covered. I just need an eye exam so I can direct my glasses source as to what lenses to place in them. I have no insurance so everything is out of pocket. It's $200 bucks at OHSU which i totally cannot afford.

Any help is appreciated


Where's the love?

I joined this community last week because I, like many other posters in the past few days, am planning a move to Portland this summer, and I wanted to get a feel for the local scene. I'm moving with my fiance, who's transferring to PSU (he also has family in the area). The thing is, we're moving from California. I've noticed just a wee bit of anti-Californian sentiment in this community, and I've heard personal anecdotes from other transplants to the Northwest who have been told to "go home" by complete strangers in coffee shops, etc. I'm prepared for some anti-Californian hostility when we get to Portland, but if you could all oblige me in answering some questions, I'd really appreciate it. Before I set foot in the city, I just want to see how high the cards are stacked against me by virtue of where I was born. (My fiance, by the way, grew up in Colorado, so I suppose he's off the hook if anybody asks.)

1. In the most specific terms possible, tell me why you hate Californians. (I hate a lot of them, too. I wonder if our reasons are the same...)
2. Is anyone in this community from CA? Do you consider the fact a deep, dark secret never to pass your lips?
3. As a Portlander, do you despise all Californians based on principle, or do you make exceptions every now and then?
4. Would you say it's more difficult for someone from California to get a job in Portland than someone from, say, Iowa, assuming said Californian admits where she's from during an interview?
5. Is having California plates on a car considered an open invitation for vandalism? (I plan to change my plates, but these things don't happen overnight.)
6. Would I be better off fabricating an elaborate back story about my past--say, that I'm a Russian mail order bride who was bound, gagged and sent to Portland on a cargo ship against my will (after I learned impeccable English in my home country, of course)--than admitting I'm from Southern California? (I know I probably lose points for the Southern part, so I might as well throw it out there.)

I really appeciate candid opinions. For the record, I'm excited about moving to Portland because it seems like a cool, progressive city, has public transportation, is in a beautiful setting and is a much more affordable place to live than So. Cal., but I would like to think I won't have to spend the next 2+ years of my life pretending to be a mail order bride. In all seriousness, I'm just a little nervous about the move and am hoping I'm being overly paranoid. Prove me wrong (or right)!

EDIT: Wowzers! Thank you all for your comments! You have thoroughly assuaged my fears (for the most part, but I will get my plates changed quickly...). If anything, your answers have reassured me that I'm moving to the right place. To properly fit in, I will be sure to refrain from any Portland-Cali comparisons in conversation, I will not complain about the weather, and I will not attempt to drive in the rain (trust me, I already know Californians can't drive well in the rain. In fact, most of them can't drive well in any weather).

Also, a lot of you mentioned that Portlanders blame Californians for driving up the housing prices in the area. I completely understand this, and I'm sure it's at least partially true. If it makes you feel any better, a large part of the reason we're leaving California is that we're pretty sure we'll never be able to afford real estate here, despite the fact that this is where I was born and raised and my entire family lives here. I feel your pain. A lot of Californians like to blame immigrants for this, but I think general overpopulation is a more probable cause...

Anyway, thanks for making me realize I was being overly paranoid! I can't wait to meet you all in Portland!
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(no subject)

I might have to work in Beaverton and got an offer to check out a room in Aloha. What the hell is in Aloha? I've never been out there, and the first thing I think of when I hear anything about Aloha is that woman who used 911 as a dating service. Do the busses even go out there if I took the MAX out to Beaverton?

I know you guys hate the suburbs by default, but at the moment I don't have a car, so I'll need to be close to work and won't have much of a choice. Is it worth even considering or should I look for a place in Beaverton? The guy I might live with seems damn cool.

Scrabble night tonight!

A) Tonight at the Gotham Tavern (in the brewery blocks, right off the Albina yellow-line MAX stop) is Scrabble night, as is every Monday. It starts at 6pm, and is kind of a casual Scrabble event put together by a local non-profit for literacy. 10% of your bar tab goes toward the non-profit. I went there not knowing anyone involved a few weeks ago and I really enjoy it. It's real casual, so don't worry if you're not awesome, it's just for fun and to socialize. (http://www.oregonliteracy.org/)

B) On an unrelated note, has anyone seen 6-packs of Kronenberg 1664 anywhere around town? Please help me find a place to buy this beer in 6-packs. PLEASE.

Thanks !

Least controversial election ever?

Other than the measures on changing the Charter, I think this election looks like one of the least controversial ever. I know that anything in politics can raise hatred (its like livejournal in that way!), but can anyone actually get worked up about the Corbett Water District?

Although the Charter measures look like they could cause strife...although I think that is even only going to raise the fury of policy wonks.

activist lawyers

Can anyone suggest a local lawyer who's had experience defending forest activists? I'd particularly like to find someone who's dealt with the federal closure violations the Forest Service was so busy handing out back in the 90s.

I'm not looking for pro bono work (not that I'd turn it down, mind you). I do have a job, and I know activist lawyers gotta get paid. But a sliding scale would be appreciated- I'm not that rich.
Xmas Socks

The Kooks!

Hey guys! Yesterday my sister and I both entered for passes into the listener session for the Kooks. We thought that we'd double our chances by both entering. Well, we BOTH won. So, does anyone want to be my guest? The listener session is at 130 in N Portland on Wednesday afternoon. So yes, you'd have to be able to get out of work/school/etc. If you can go, let me know!
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They're coming out of the woodwork!

I ran into supresmooth just a few minutes ago. The other night, I attended a party that included beansbouf, sistermaryeris, littlebluedog, emakelle, ghotighued, polarbear, cheekyassmonkey and other DP denizens. I keep bumping into DPers everywhere.

What's your latest damnportlander sighting? And, who would you LIKE to run into (not with your car... that'll be a different post)?

Oh, and go look at the Photoshop contest thingie before I declare a winnar.

Moustache May

Moustache May
Begins tomorrow. For all you Portlanders that enjoy maintaining follicle growth between your nose and upper lip. This is the web event for you. Sign up tomorrow morning and let the facial hair fun begin!

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School Board

Has anybody been to a Portland School Board Meeting? I am required to attend one for a class and it starts at seven tonight. I'm trying to get an idea how long it will be.


back in the day....

because of this post: click click to DP   It got me thinking of places I've been to in Portland that i can't find now.

Why it's taken me 2.5 years I have no idea.

So here's my list and you should list yours and we can all figure it out!

there was a second hand resale shop upstairs. the entrance was on the street and i don't remember much but grafitti. it seems like it was really close to london underground but i don't remember it being a busy street like alder is now.

right around the same area and i'm thinking it's where pitzacato is on broadway and alder there was a shop that sold funky clothes and makeup. i remeber it being the only place i'd ever found white face makeup and manic panic in 1994.

oh and i know people have told me a million times but i keep forgetting i remember The City being at 1313 thirteenth but was that nw or sw?

i think it was north of the crystal but it's been soooo long since i went there last. (NYE 1994/5)

she blinded me with science!

Madscience Recommends: La Bamba

There's a new Mexican restaurant called La Bamba on Powell at 49th. Don't be put off by the pink exterior and ghetto-looking sign. The inside is quite nice:

More importantly, the food is excellent and the drinks are stiff. I was happy to find this place because the Original Taco House around 30th and Powell is weak and smells like old people, and the only other decent Mexican place I've found in the area is Cha Cha Cha on Hawthorne. La Bamba has only been open about a month, and it looks like business has been slow. So do my neighborhood a favor check them out!