April 29th, 2007

hey portland

anybody up for beers and maybe cigars at the kennedy school tomorrow? (sunday) last time i asked a few people said that they would like to do this!   I'm thinking eightish....

In the mean time I'm on my good ol' messagers trading music and saying hi so if you want to get some new tunes and make a new friend feel free to say hi:

Edit: most folks still say that they want to do it, but not tonight- so we'll do this a different night.

yahoo: dalewoodruff
msn: little_dale@hotmail.com
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I just managed to drag my drunk self back home somehow got home from downtown and was wondering what all the comotion on 2nd & Couch [ next to Barracuda and Dixie's ] was all about? 5-6 cruisers, one of those big police vans [where they put you if you're arrested..forgot the actual name for the damn thing] and a fire truck or two...

Juuuuuuust curious, as always.

And fantastic show tonight at Goodfoot.


I am thinking about having somebody move me if my closing date for my condo falls too close to memorial day weekend. Any suggestions for moving companies? I thought I saw a post a few months ago, but I cannot find it. I have heard about college movers, but I cannot find their website either. Thank you for suggestions!! I appreciate it ALOT.

Landscaping recs?

I'm tired of having the ugliest yard in the neighborhood. (I'm sure my neighbors are, too!) Can anyone rec a good landscape designer who can work the SW Portland/Beaverton/Tigard area?

Barring that, if you don't know any good landscapers, can you tell me any to definitely avoid?
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Ballet Slippers!

Hiya portland!~

i am looking for a womans size 9-9.5 preferably black ballet slipper.
i do not dance ballet, but i play the game DDR at wunderland. the place i used to play it let you play without your shoes, but wunderland doesnt, and its almost impossibal for me to play with the shoes i have, they are big and clunky, so i figured, ballet slippers are lightweight and flexable, right?

if you have a used pair you dont mind selling, or know where i could get a used/new pair for between 20-30$, i would really appreciate the help :)!!!
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Oct 2010


We have two completely trashed old wicker chairs that we need to dispose of. It looks like it would cost us like $30 to get rid of them at the Hillsboro dump. Does anyone know of a cheap but legal way to dispose of these things? They are really a big pain to tear apart so we just wanted to take them as is and dispose of them somewhere. Suggestions?
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Music in the Schools: The Concert

A Portland High School senior recently planned a benefit concert for Music in the Schools. Most schools in Portland have either no music curriculum, or a very minimal one.

Thursday, May 11th, join The Bustling Townships, The Thermals, and a surprise third act at the Cleveland High School Auditorium to help fund music education in our public high schools!

Friday, May 11, 2007
8:00pm - 11:55pm
Cleveland High School
3400 SE 26th Ave
Portland, OR

If you want to get in contact with the guy who planned it, you can email him at upallnightcomics@gmail.com.
$10 with a PPS ID, or $15 for everyone else.

Please come, and support art in our schools!

(if you want to know who the surprise third act is, comment. i think i know...)

Cell phone unlock codes

Hey there. I was given a Blackberry Pearl 8100. It is a T-Mobile phone currently and I have Cingular. Cingular "doesn't unlock phones from other service providers", so I am stuck with searching on the internet for the code, which is what the customer service lady told me.

Does anyone know where I can get a FREE unlock code? I really feel I shouldn't have to pay for something Cingular should be giving me.

Yes, I have Googled. I have only found sites you pay for.

Thanks Portland.
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