April 28th, 2007

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Dear Public Access Admiring Portlanders,

I'm hoping one of you will know the answer to this.

I'm looking for the name or website of a certain Public Access character who has her own show about aliens and the universe. It was narratively run by a lady who worn spandex jumpsuits with neon beehive wigs and cat-eye sunglasses who would do most of her show in front of a green screen, interviewing people, and going out on the streets of Portland and asking random city-dwellers what their thoughts were on alien existence and the universe.

I don't know if the show is on public access anymore, but I really loved that show. I was going to try to contact the lady for a performance piece of my own, or at least review some of her videos.

So does anyone know who this lady was or what the show was called? Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Lawyer recommendation?

I'm looking for a custody attorney in the Beaverton or Hillsboro area, though if you know someone outstanding who's in Portland that might work. I'd like to find someone with several years of experience and finding a female attorney would be a plus.


Hair cuts

Hey all, just wanted to let you guys know of my great experiance at Beau Monde a beauty school downtown. They gave me a weave and a cut that is comparable to those I have paid hundreds for and with a mani/pedi cut and weave it was only $68!!!

I was so impressed by them. They took the time to really ask me alot of questions. They took me away from what I initially wanted because it would have been to damaging and have me on a scedule of hair care for the next 6 months to get me back to my original color. The cut they gave me was very fit to my face and without getting rid of any length they were able to take most of my damaged hair off!

The mani pedi sucked hard but still can't beat the price for the hand/foot massage you get and it doesn't hurt that I am to lazy to paint my own nails clear anyways.

They have a full list of services and prices on there website. They also do make up for $8!!!! Damn I wish they were open on sunday!

Only thing I didn't like was having to hear all the gossip and "Well I saw his myspace" came up like 50 times!

anniversary help

So, my girlfriend couldn't get confirmation of a day and a half off from work until the last couple days, hence the lateness of this request.  And, it's only a day and a half - the sixth (Sunday) plus the evening of the 5th.  We were hoping to spend the night someplace nice - near the ocean or some other scenic kind of place.  Jacuzzi would be fabulous.  Gay friendly would be nice, but really, if they'll rent us a room and not spit on us I think we could be okay with that.  But we can't find anything that will let us reserve for only that one night - they all require a two-night stay.  Except arch cape beach but they're booked.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I know a week's notice isn't awful much.  *Sigh* 

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thanks all
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They're shootin' Mr. Scott into space, captain!

James Doohan is gonna blast into space. Maybe.

UP Aerospace Inc. of Farmington, Conn., launched the first rocket from the desert site in September. But that Spaceloft XL rocket crashed into the rugged desert after spiraling out of control about nine seconds after liftoff.

Hahaha... how fucking PISSED OFF would that make you? You pay 495 bones to have "a few grams of your relative's ashes" shot into space, and it augers in nine seconds after liftoff.

For 25 bucks, I'll drive out into the desert and throw your relative's ashes really hard onto the ground, how's that? You can take the other 470 dollars and buy the entire Star Trek DVD set, and some popcorn.

The desert is getting crowded. Spaceports, rockets flying out of control, secret UFO bases, and a 50-foot Michael Jackson robot roaming the plains outside of Vegas, firing lasers from its eyes. You can't even camp out there anymore, from what I hear, for fear of a giant robot entering your campground and messin' you up.

Me, I'll just stick to my plan of having myself slow-roasted at Costco, during the off-hours... in that yummy gigantic chicken-cooking machine they've got. I'm a member, and they perform that service for free. For $179, you get to have 25 guests, and they all get hot dogs and free jumbo packs of dishwashing detergent.

What a way to go.

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Hey guys! Happy weekend.

I have a friend visiting from out of the country this August, and we want to go to some kind of vaguely orchestral event, play, musical, or something. I realize that the season for all the big guys ($) is dead that time of year - but are there any smaller groups that put on performances during the summertime? I could use a big list of ensembles to check up on. Of course, I should know more than just the big guys, but I live in a cave, so now's the time to drop names. Bonus points if they're in Portland proper and/or not too far out. :)

sad & beautiful world

stranded in Lake Oswego.

So I am an occasionally good man. And I am house-sitting right now for my uncle.

However, he lives in Lake Oswego. Which as near as I can tell is a very boring boring boring town.

So my question is are there any interesting Lake Oswegonians out there who can show me a bright spot in town, or am I doomed to finally have to watch The Sopranos while emptying my uncle's fridge?
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N/NE DP. . .Whatcha doin' this afternoon?

Do you like to combine your drinking with other socially relevant activites?

This afternoon, a group of "concerned" citizens are going to be protesting one of my favorite bars and the rockinest place on Killingsworth, The Florida Room. Apparently, the Florida Room is being accused of denigrating women in particular, black women specifically.

There's been some press about the sign.



So if anyone wants to support the bar, come on down between 2-4 p.m. today. I'm personally pretty livid about this. Yes, racism and sexism exist in our fair city but the Florida Room is hardly ground zero.

Yes, as the icon indicates I am an actual real live black woman.

Portland related because what is more Portland than protests and counter-protests?

EDIT: I thought I'd be all zen but I ended up saying alot to the protestors. It seemed to be about a bunch of valid stuff that had abolutely nothing to do with the Florida Room. But when you stop in have a sia, it's named after me. . . . . . . .
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Random questions

If you had 2 days in Portland with your spouse, where would you most want to go?

Does anyone play Shadowrun in Portland?

Anyone interested in starting up a band to play early heavy metal and hard rock, like old Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, as well as something similar to Wolfmother? You know, that dirty, distorted, lo-fi, chunky music with a groove. I'm thinking a few cover tunes as well as original stuff that has that sound. I play lead and rhythm guitar and would seek another to do the same (for that old style two-guitar alternating solos thing) as well as a singer, bassist, and drummer.
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so uh, that guy on Hawthorne [at the corner of Fred Meyer, across from Wells Fargo] screaming into his megaphone at people to "praise-ah lord-ah Jesus-ah!"
yea....probably the most random thing I've seen in a while. Even the guy with a rockin' huge mullet, bar-handle mustache and a beer gut on Belmont didn't make as much impact on me today as the Megaphone Jesus Man.

What random things have you seen/witnessed today, oh Portland.
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The Epitome of Portland Life

I think I saw a dead guy at the 162nd and E. Burnside MAX station last night.

He was slumped over on a bench and there were 2 cops and 2 firefigher/paramedics there trying to get him to respond, to no avail. Yikes.

(Is it wrong that I really really wanted to snap a pic of him with my cameraphone, even though I didn't?)

Used bookstores

I love reading, and one of my favorite hobbies is going to used book stores. Can anyone tell me about any good ones in Portland? I've been to Powell's, but I prefer small out of the way stores. There's a tiny one near my house in LO, but I've pretty much wiped out all their good books already. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Kinda random question, but to all you Portlanders that play World of Warcraft... I need a new PVP server that isn't really laggy and has friendly people on it. Any suggestions?
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Pride and dignity are not found in this post...

I'm love historical and paranormal romance novels (although for reasons unknown I'm not a fan of Linda Hamilton or Anne Rice) and I love knitting and I'd like to find others out there who share my passion for romance and knitting to see if they'd like to get together to discuss different stories and knit :)

Yes I realize this sounds so insanely girly but I can't help it... Underneath my unisex life style I'm still a girl... So... here's a link to my 'virtual bookshelf'.

Check it out, and let me know if you'd like to get together to just talk romance and writing and knitting crafty stuff.
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I'm moving to Portland from LA sometime in the next couple weeks.

Just looking to meet some new people.

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/titanium_scarab

And I'm also looking for a dungeon I can rent space from to do sessions - of anyone has links to pro-Domme dungeons in the portland area or something similar to Hollywood Chambers where independent Dommes can rent rooms/equipment - please let me know.

My outdated site: http://www.geocities.com/bleedsincretic/

Sekhem Ba - Domme page
Hn Kkw - Tarot Set in progress
Others - not yet completed

I do photography, study left hand path occultism, domme and model, am self teaching web design, have a fascination with egypt and am learning heiroglyphic, heiratic, and latin... and a huge fan of metal [Nile, Goatwhore, Slayer] and electro and industrial. Info on good clubs would be great. Or local venues for bands.

And one more question [sorry]... what time do the bars close? Illinois it was 5am, California was 2am, New York it's 3 or 4am... how's Oregon?
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