April 27th, 2007


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Two questions:

1. I know people in this community are fans of Belmont Computers, but I have been warned by others not to go there. Any suggestions for other places? Maybe an amazing story that will have me ignoring the naysayers and taking my laptop to Belmont Computers?

2. Will I be given a quote before repairs begin? Pardon my ignorance, but I've never been in the market for these services before. I'm in a tight financial situation and while I really, really, really need my laptop fixed I don't have infinite money to do it with.

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Congress passes Iraq bill, veto awaits

By DAVID ESPO AP Special Correspondent. © 2007 AP. WASHINGTON - In an bold wartime challenge
 to President Bush, the Democratic-controlled Congress voted Thursday to begin withdrawal
of US troops from Iraq by Oct. 1 with a goal of a complete pullout six ...
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Congress passes Iraq bill, veto awaits

By DAVID ESPO AP Special Correspondent. © 2007 AP. WASHINGTON - In an bold wartime challenge
to President Bush, the Democratic-controlled Congress voted Thursday to begin withdrawal
of US troops from Iraq by Oct. 1 with a goal of a complete pullout six ...

beer and moving

i have a couple of questions...

1. what are some reliable/cheap moving companies here in portland? i have all my stuff in boxes ready to move, i just need the moving part. this is from ne portland to sw. usually i move myself but i'm strapped for time.

2. what is your favorite beer? i'm looking for something new to try . open to anything, but local would be cool.

so, like

is the farmers market happening yet? :o

aaaaand...where is it? and what time does it start?

i should really know these things. alas.
i'm excited, though. i have a rather morbid obsession with food, namely pretty seasonal fruits with which i can arrange something to blog about (thats another story entirely), and i plan to wake early in order to get there...well, early.

oh hey and while we're at it, does anyone know off the top of their head what time the third eye "gift shop" on hawthorne closes?

and isnt kens' artisan pizza amazing? i sure think so.

Annoying phone calls

I own a Discover Credit Card.

All this week I have been getting calls 2-3 times a day from Discover wanting me to buy some services from them. All the calls got annoying. I told them to stop calling me and take me off whatever list they have me on. Yes, I specifically said to take me off their list and to stop calling me.

I'm also on the National No-Call List.

They called me again this morning. I stopped and asked if the guy was from Discover. Once again, I told them to stop calling me, I'm not interested in their services.

What actions can I take at this point? Talk to a supervisor at Discover, cancel my credit card, report the abuse to someone, etc? I tried looking for call blocking on my phone service, which is Vonage, but alas, I could not find anything.

EDIT: You guys rock. It sounds like now that I told them to take me off their list, it just takes time to proliferate through the system. It's gonna suck for a month or so, but I have caller id, so I just won't answer.
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more jack

Marketing and other ideas?

A friend of mine is opening a coffee shop/wine bar in SE. (I know, there's such a shortage of those already!?!) She is planning to co-brand with other businesses (sell VooDoo doughnuts, fancy chocolates, etc.) There will be wifi, all the expected standards. What can you suggest that would set her business apart from all the rest? Or what is lacking in most of those places that you would enjoy?
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leaving... on a jet plane

So in a couple hours I'm taking flight, and I wonder:

is the 2.5oz liquids/gels in a ziplock back rule still in effect?
I booked my flight using Northwest Airlines frequent-flyer miles, but the flight is Delta 5338, but there is a note saying 'Operated by Comair,' which counter do I check in at?

(These questions coming from a guy who once went to the airport 2 weeks too early. Help is appreciated.)
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DPers, your least favorite radio commercial?
I know that all of them are annoying, but there are some that do the job better than others..

I couldn't choose just one b/c all of these do an equal job at making me cringe: sleep country usa, mattress world, dick hannah, and that re-finance ad with hayes barnard or whatever-the-fsck-his-name. [i hear these 100x a day b/c my coworker has her radio on YARGH]
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Interest in martial arts article?

Ahoy, DPers! I'm moving up to Portland from Eugene on Saturday, so, um, hi! :D

Anyway, I've got a question: It looks like I'm getting permission to cover a martial arts tournament in the metro area. I mainly do photography, so I'll be taking pictures from the competition floor, but since it's a "press pass," they want to know who I'll be submitting the photos/article to. I have a martial arts news site that's willing to post my stuff, but I figure I should look into getting it published elsewhere, too.

Can y'all think of any local publications that might be interested in some photos from the tournament, and maybe a short article? There'll be a lot of different MA styles represented, so it could be fun stuff.

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Quintesentialy Portland

One of the people I love the most at work is leaving and moving Back to PA and I'm throwing her a going away outing on Saturday. I have a lot of things planned but wanted a little more feed back.

1. Downtown what are the things that are so portland that they cannot be missed.
A. I've taken her to VooDoo and the Roxie so that's covered
B. I am planning on starting at Velour and going to Yamhill Pub and maybe Berbati's and XV
C. I want to avoid Douchebags and cover charges.
D. I want to keep in the downtown area and within 3-4 blocks of the MAX for ease of stumbling.

2. What should I get her as a memento of Oregon and Portland in Particular. $25.00 limit.
A. Normally when traveling I do Tillamook cheese, Marion Berry jam and Kettle Chips but I want to go a step further.
B. no B but she likes beer and corny-ness.

Thanks you guys!
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Hey - anyone know where I can buy organic frozen fruit wholesale? It occurred to me to try one of the co-ops but I'm not a member of any of them here in Portland. And I looked at the Charlie's Produces site but they're all the way out in Gresham (no car) and they only carry frozen mango halves. Is there a restaurant supply that would sell to me? I'm willing to compromise on the organic front as long as it's not one of the 12 Most Contaminated produce items (which takes Costco out because their berry mix has raspberries and their fruit smoothie mix has peaches and strawberries.) Anyway, help is appreciated. Thanks

repairing a wheelbarrow tire

we blew out our wheelbarrow tire last summer and not sure where the best place is to fix it. I took it to Les Schwab and they just re-filled the air, they didn't fix the inner tube - maybe I should just go buy a new one at Lowe's? Any suggestions for an easy solution??
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So, in the theme of this post, which TV commercial makes you want to kick little babies [or anything cute and fuzzy for that matter]?

You can't say all...well maybe you can.

I personally, don't know where to begin....Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup is somewhere on top

Where are all the posts?

Come on, I can't be the only one who didn't go out on Friday night...

I've been house searching recently, and it makes me appreciate Portland more. It seems like every neighborhood has its own little strip with coffee shops and restaurants and such. Probably doesn't surprise most of you, but it was kind of new to me. I knew 23rd st., Hawthorne, Belmont, Alberta, a few others, but I've come to understand how many more there are. Sellwood, Clinton, Beaumont, Mississippi, Burnside and 28th, probably lots more. No matter where you live there's something close. Is this normal for cities? I grew up in a relatively small town so I don't have much to compare to.
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Help Me Dp'ers! You're my only hope!

Yeah, I went there.

I've just gotten involved with a band with no practice space! The rest of the band is a bit slow on the uptake in coordinating a new space so I thought Id just take matters into my own hands (and yours).

Does anyone know of available spaces that are either really awesome, really cheap or both?

Can anyone recommend resources for finding spaces (other than craigslist and the mercury/WW).

any help would be much, much appreciated. The winner, as in, the person who helps me find a practice space, I'll buy a drink for at the next DPmeetup since I turned 21 yesterday!!!!!!!!