April 26th, 2007

to kill a mosquito?

When in need of a answer i come to the oracle of DP....

I am looking for anyone who has had good success with a mosquito killing device.... i have done google searches and seen a crapload of devices ranging from 20 dollars to 2000 dollars.... if you have device or have had experiance with a device and have some positive feedback about one i would love to hear it!

i know there is going to be some mosquito hippie on this list who is going to bark "let the little bloodsuckers be", please just save your time and skip to the next post!

This is a upcoming gift for a family member of mine who lives in a unwanted mosquito paradise!

Happy Bring Your Son/Daughter to Work Day (aka "Where's My Excedrin?!! Day")

Any of you ever go with your parent to work on this day when you were younger? I did. And let me tell you, the kids nowadays (or at least the ones here at my office) are lucky as hell. I remember having to just sit there and actually watch my mom work. The kids here are eating candy and pizza, drinking soda and watching movies. All. Day. Long. I feel ripped off. And I have a headache. :)
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Bid On A Card, Help A Neighbor

For those who happen to be in NE Portland this evening for Last Thursday:

--”Haus Party” Benefit This THURSDAY, 8-10 p.m.--
This Thursday, 4/26 kicks off the first in a series of art auction & dance party benefits for our injured co-worker, Matthaus. He was in a serious bike accident recently, and proceeds will help fund his recovery and time away from work.

Join us 8-10 p.m. At the co-op parking lot, or at NE 23rd & Sumner in the event of rain. Shake your booty and buy local art. Raffle too!

We're also looking for local artists to donate pieces-- we'll be hosting these fundraisers on Last Thursdays for the next few months. To offer art or services, contact Liz at 503-287-4333.

I have put up several art cards (such as the above) for auction/raffling, and other members have their stuff available, too. Hope to see you there !

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Hey, where in this town can a girl find

A) a pair of gold hotpants,


B) a gold unitard? maybe even a space suit?

p.s. my band is playing the Music Art Resource Collective benefit tomorrow night in NE, check out my journal thing for details if you want to come!
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If you were king/queen for a day....

What's something fun/small that you would change? Sure world peace or $.25/gallon gas might be nice, but what about something frivilous?

Me? I would ban the tiny ketchup packets you get from to-go restaurants. Who the heck uses only one packet? It takes like 10 of them to get anything useful and then there's always some left in the packet itself. Augh. They should be like 4 times bigger. /end of rant.
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Dear cat-lovers of Portland...

I'm looking into getting a kitten to keep my cat Pie company when I'm away at school or work. But before I go about doing this, I figured I should get Pie up to date on his vaccinations to keep him from getting the kitten sick or vice versa. (And of course I'll make sure the kitten is up to date after it has been adopted.)

This is where you lovely people come in. In the past I have taken my lovely cat to the Vista Pet Hospital. But I'm just not sure it's the best choice really, and I want to be absolutely sure I'm taking my cat somewhere good. In your opinion, who/where is the best vet around? Are they accessible by bus? (I live downtown, but Pie has a box to be carted around in.) And finally, how much is this going to run me? I'm well aware that pet ownership comes at a price, and I'm willing to pay it if it keeps my cat in tip-top shape.

All helpful comments are greatly appreciated! I will refrain from turning this into a pictures of my cat post, despite how adorable he is.

(And I'm sorry if someone asked about this semi-recently, my internet has been down so I haven't been keeping great tabs on the community.)

abandoned property

Does anyone know the laws for wanting to take something that is obviously abandoned?
Lets say theres a bike thats been on a rack for the last 7 months...at least
Its just my size, and really cute...but is slowly losing pieces...just recently the front wheel has been removed.
ANYWAY, I've looked at Portlandonline.com and even called the main help number for more assistance. I was referred to some dude at the "bike hotline" who doesn't answer his phone. I have a feeling he's not the guy i need to talk to anyway. Its a matter of any property thats been abandoned, not a specific bike law.


According to the police department...I have to steal the bike, turn it in as lost property and put a claim on it. INTERESTING.
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Need a Job?

I just got an e-mail from my boss saying that we need production staff. We're a printing company (large and small document). We're looking for day & swing shift Large doc. techs as well as day shift small doc. techs.

If you're interested come to our main office and fill out an application.

Precision Images
900 SE Sandy Blvd
PDX 97214

or e-mail a resume to HR@precisionimages.com

I've been working here for 3 years, and it's been a good company to work for. It's friendly and laid back.

That's pretty much all the information I can offer up, but I know there's always people looking for jobs!
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Livejournal demographics

I don't know if I am the only person who has noticed this, but it seems to me that livejournal is getting older. Back when I started using livejournal, in late 2002, it seems like there were a lot of high school users, and if you were in college, it was pretty old for livejournal. It seems that recently, especially on this community, people seem to have gotten a little bit older. As in, a good amount of people here seem to be at least out of college.
Livejournal actually has a page of demographics:


But it doesn't say anything about change over time.

Also, it seems that there are waaaaay less memes on livejournal than their used to be. Maybe I just changed my friends list until it was gone, but there are much fewer surveys and the like than a few years ago.

Does anyone else think this is true?

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Oh wise DamnPortlanders, my boss is a picky man and he's challenged me with finding super high luxury t-shirts for our office this year. Think the kind you'd pay way too much money for at Nordsrom's or at a boutique. I need them plain, so we can have them screen printed. Sadly, American Apparel is just "not high quality enough" for him. Yes, I'm rolling my eyes too, but if anyone has any genius thoughts as to where to find super soft, designer style t-shirts, I'd be very grateful. Money is no object (yes, I'm gagging too).

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Using Flexcar to drive friends home from late-evening gatherings. Yay for convenience!

2. Feeling a spring garden envy after seeing numerous beautiful arrangements in front of homes in Southeast Portland.

3. Heavenly polenta dish (crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside) at Cafe Wonder (in the basement of the Wonder Ballroom).

4. Impeccable and cozy dining atmosphere at Wild Abandon Restaurant--the retro lamps and the funky decor are amazing (and the food was beyond tasty!).

5. Discovering a new bike route through downtown Portland (around the street constructions) which shortened my commute by two minutes.

6. Enjoying delicious catered tapas samples last weekend (at Pinot Pedal event), courtesy of Touche Restaurant and Bar.

7. The spruced-up Lower NE Sandy Boulevard area, which has been enhanced with water-absorbing foliage circles along the sidewalk and new bus shelters.
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Reputable Car Repair Shop

My Honda Odyssey has 106,000 miles on it. The dealership service
center says I need: front motor mount $320-330; outer cv boots
$330-380 OR new axle at $500-600; decarb and throttle service $162;
power steering fluid change $89.95 (squealing when hard turning both
ways); front sway bar bushings $170-200.

Also my air conditioner/heater system knob adjuster (internal to
dashboard not external) broke and is stuck in position at "heat" and
they say this will cost $95 just to look at and maybe $600-700 to

Except for the squealing and the heat/air problem, the car seems to run just fine!

So which of these items are the highest priority to repair? Should I
get a second opinion and are these estimates within normal range for
these types of repairs?

Yes, I need a second opinion! Where should I go?
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in search of

my dear DP,

i am looking for the best Victorian/Rococo/Baroque/castle-y decorated restaurant in PDX for my birthday dinner. got any recommendations? (type of cuisine doesn't matter)