April 25th, 2007

1989 Toyota Camry Radiator Question

I discovered my radiator has a small crack on the top, close to the cap. The radiator is plastic. Has anyone had the same problem? I’m wondering if it’s possible to seal the crack instead of buying an entire radiator. Is it possible? If you had to take is some place, can you recommend a good radiator shop?

heating and cooling places

 My landlord has okayed getting us a new furnace (broken) and getting air conditioning installed with it!  It's up to me to get some estimates, which is where (hopefully) you all come in.  Have you had experiences with heating and cooling places?  Places you love?  Hate?  Thanks!

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Do you guys know of any places where I can go horseback riding?
I'm an intermediate rider, but the person I'd be taking with me is a beginner. I'd like something along the lines of trail riding. I don't think riding around in a circle in an arena would cut it for me. Haha

Something close to Portland or Vancouver would be ideal, but I'm willing to travel anywhere in Oregon or Washington.
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Who's up for some bellydancing?

Saqra's Showcase is this weekend at the fairgounds in Hillsboro.  I'm performing a solo on Sunday in the 2:00 block of performers.  Everyone should come watch my first public performance in Oregon!

Really, though, I'm hoping there are some other bellydancers in DP.  I'm taking the Friday night sword workshop.  I was going to buy a used sword from a fellow dancer, but that seems to have fallen through (since the workshop is the day after tomorrow, and I can't get in touch with her).  Do any of you lovely DP bellydancers have a dancing sword that you could loan or sell to me?  I'm hoping for a Saroyan dragon sword, but at this point, I'll take what I can get for the workshop, as long as it will balance.
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So, in three weeks I have a work function (I work at an elementary school) where I need to be dressed as a pirate. So far my Google-ing has resulted in expensive pirate costumes that are cheap looking and/or slutty.

How can I acquire/create a nice piratey looking costume for CHEAP? What are the *necessary* items to a pirate costume? (I'm thinking more Captain Jack Sparrow and less wench-type costumes. It's a school!)



KGW in the 70s

Does anyone remember a kids' show in the 70s on KGW called "Vision On"? It came on early Sunday morning, involved science, and the main guy had a long beard and pony tail. I wrote KGW about it hoping that they would have an archivist, but all I received was a robotic response from Mike that the "content is no longer available." The internet has been no help. Does anyone remember this show?
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Want to do something more with your life?

Hey Portlanders! Do you have a business degree that's just sitting there? Some extra money in that bank account that you're not doing anything with? A love of ice cream that's like no other?

Then why not own a Cold Stone Creamery! Cold Stone Creamery on Hawthorne, between 34th and 35th, is looking for a fun, exciting, energetic new owner! Go to coldstonecreamery.com to learn more about owning a stone.

Plus, think of all that free ice cream...
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Adventures in public transportation

I was just on the # 17 bus, going west on NW Glisan. At 10 after 5 or so, around 18th, a guy on foot wandered into the road, facing traffic as it came down on him. He was possibly Hispanic, possibly white with a dark complexion - scruffy and dirty and unshaved, with short hair under a baseball cap. He had headphones and a plastic shopping bag. He seemed to stagger right into the path of the bus. The driver shouted and honked. The guy was undeterred, and just stood there in the road, saying nothing, raising his hand to point at the bus, as if to ask to be picked up. The bus had to stop, and he just stood there in front of it in the street.

This is odd enough, but the driver seemed to react disproportionately to its weirdness. He kind of flipped out, honking his horn and shouting at the guy, first with his voice alone and then with the loudspeaker: 'Get out of the road! Don't come any closer!' The guy came out of the middle of the road and up to the door on the side of the bus, apparently asking to come on, though still saying no word. The driver - an otherwise sensible-looking, middle-aged guy - kept shouting: 'Get away from the door! I'll call the cops!' The guy just stood there, and the driver started punching codes into his computer. He told the guy, 'The cops are coming to arrest you!' Still the man seemed to react not at all, but he eventually wandered far enough from the center of the road that the driver was able to swerve around and speed past him. I did not see him call off the police (if he had called them in fact). The rest of the passengers were rather awkwardly suppressed for the rest of the ride.

When I got off, so too did another professional-looking guy in a suit (we're rarities on the bus - normally professional-looking people in suits have cars, I guess), and I mentioned to him, '... that was really weird.' He agreed. I have no idea what to make of this. Do I lodge a complaint? Call the DA? Do an interpretive dance?

Private student loans.

Does anyone have any recommendations for the "best" lender to go through to get a private Student Loan? I'm looking for variable interest I guess and not a graduated repayment plan and rates that won't screw me later.

Any sites/suggestions/personal anecdotes welcome.

Portland related because we have students and universities here, as well as impoverished individuals.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I have a Signature Student Loan from last year with Sallie Mae but my mother has decided that for this year suddenly this loan has a ridiculous interest rate and there must be better options. Isn't it thoughtful of her to recognize this after I already have a $10,000 loan under my belt (not to mention those illustrious Stafford loans)? Gotta love it.

PSS: I love our education system.
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So, I was doing some research for a school paper about Isaac Asimov in relation to the way he depicts women in his writing, and I came across some interesting views of feminism he had. In his mind, one of the reasons women should be granted equality and liberation is so the population will stop exploding as quickly as it has been. He believes that if women are given equal jobs with equal pay and equal status to men, they will be less likely to have children. The reason women have so many children is because that is what is expected of them. If they are left in the home without a job, they will reproduce more often. Giving them a job will cause them to reproduce less often because they won't have the time and they'll be busy with a job. In this way, less children will be born and our booming population growth will slow down.

I find this a rather "interesting" view to have towards women's rights. In some ways it is completely contradictory to many of the aims of women's rights activists. Although it is true that women want to get out of the house and they want to have more meaning in life than a baby producing machine, they don't want equality to stop population growth. Asimov is still seeing women as more of an object with a duty to perform than a person. Instead of a reproductive system, he sees a means to control population growth. It's the same concept, and ultimately won't improve society's views of women. Of course, some concession has to be made for Asimov as he is, after being an author, a scientist. As such, it is his profession to look towards everything with scientific aims. From that standpoint, his personal belief is understandable, but it shouldn't be seen as helping women's rights.

He also said he "wished women to be free because I hate it when they charge." It seems like his main reason for supporting the movement is purely selfish. He just doesn't want to be bothered by women. He thinks that granting them equality will keep them silent and out of the way.

Is anyone else as bothered by I am with Asimov's views on feminism?
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A happy ending

To the denizens of Portland, I extend my eternal thanks for all the advice on interview questions...


I got the job!!! When my current job ends in July I will begin a job paying twice as much IMMEDIATELY. Thank you all for your help!