April 24th, 2007

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The Other 'Couv...

Any suggestions for things to do and bars/restaurants in Vancouver, BC? I'm going there for a long weekend/business trip....especially places around Canada Place and in the Kingsway area near the Nainaimo SkyTrain stop....

And I don't care if it's vegan.

Two unrelated questions.

Greetings DPers. Couple questions:

1. Where is the best place to see GOOD (maybe even authentic/foreign?) belly dancing around here?

2. I need some advice on guns, ranges, and similar stuff. A friend and I want to learn to shoot (well, anyway, I've been a few times in other states) and possibly own handguns in the future.
2a. Are there any ranges in PDX that will rent guns for practice, and do you need any sort of credentials to do so?
2b. What are the best ranges, anyway? Maybe some with basic handgun and gun safety classes. I'd really like it if I could store any gun(s) I owned at a range, because I don't want firearms in my home.
2c. How hard is it to obtain a firearms permit in Portland or Oregon in general?
2d. How hard is it to obtain a concealed carry permit?



I know all you doods and doodettes on this 'ere place are all compusa savvy..I have a problem with my posts,it seems pictures wont post properly,neither links and also usernames after these the text goes blue,and I keep getting 'bad username'come up on the entry..also the text goes blue after links as well...have any of you any ideas as to the why,what and where-fore as I am well flummoxed!

Yours in vain hope

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Heads up.

Reading Frenzy
Got a heads up from Mikey the other day about this bookstore of sorts. I've been over to the area that this place is located but never noticed this gem. Those of you who know me know how much I crave magazines and in general visual stimuli. This place seems like a beacon for that. I'll definitely be making an excursion to this place in the coming days. The "detours" section on the website is amazing. Hours/days worth of links there.

Real Fun
Jenny Hanson gave me the heads up on this book and opening party/exhibit/book launch during Last Thursday (this Thursday) at OFFICE. You would be doing yourself and everyone that can't make it to this show a disservice not to go. So, yeah.
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little blue dog

I'm so dumb, I need a tie, steal mah totz

Hey peeps,

Three posts in one. Can ya help me out with any of the following:
  1. Apparently I'm not the hardcore HEROES fan I thought I was, because I totally missed last night's episode. Is there any chance that someone DVR'ed it onto disk, and could that someone be talked into loaning me said disk? (portable_dream reminded me that the episodes are available on the NBC website.)

  2. I need a tie as close as possible to the one that Mr. Josh Haden is wearing in this picture. Before I hit the stores to find something similar, thought I'd check here on the off chance that someone might know exactly where I can find that one.

  3. Come steal mah totz and celebrate our mod's b-day tonight at the meetup!


Has anyone ever, okay, recently eaten at the El Palmero Taqueria Cafe on Alder between 3rd and 4th? It's directly across the street from my new office, but surprisingly enough, none of my 40 coworkers have eaten there! It looks conveniently located, but if it's gross food, I don't want to eat there. As "fantastic" as the "cart" food is that everyone here loves, I hate taking half of my lunch just to walk and procure my food!

Any other ideas of where a girl can go grab some lunch downtown (preferrably near 3rd/4th and Alder)?
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Okay, so my bike is screwed up. Like, seriously, it's playing some game I don't even know of.

I'm not insanely rich and I can't even MOVE the bike to a store to get it fixed. So I was hoping someone on here with knowledge of bikes might be able to come to my place and help me out. I mean you can name your price and I can see if it's possible for me to do it.

Wheels won't move
Brakes won't loosen (Probably why the wheels won't move)
I don't know how to put pedals back on >:(
I kicked it once out of anger but no visible damage

I live at IOne Plaza across the street from PSU. Ever since they dissembled my bike for the cross-country train ride here, it's been bizarre. Can anyone help?
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Razors and Shoes.

DP, I am looking for two specific items.

Where do I buy a straight razor in town? And those cups and brushes that go along with'em for shaving?

And secondly. I dont know if you've seen'em, but there are these totally sweet shoes that have like, wheels or something on the bottom. I see kids at the store I work at frickin' rolling around all over with them. I want a pair and I dont know where to buy them or even if they make them in not kids sizes.

If you could help, I'll be a happy camper.

Also, I guess I'll see y'all later at meet-up too. littlebluedog has conned me into it.
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Is it just me?

Or are bus drivers getting grumpier? I take the 14, 15 and sometimes 12. Lately the drivers (all different ones) have been total jerks. One guy yelled at a kid to turn down his iPod. (are we on the bus or in a library?) Another guy got really pissed at me because my ticket jammed in the little automatic ticket/bill acceptor. Is it bus mall construction? What are they all so mad about?


So I am in the market for a sapphire for my wedding ring I'm having made. I have checked, and don't feel comfortable buying one off the internet. I've been the the shane co, but does anyone have any other local suggestions of places to check for loose stones?
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Know an ex-con?

I would like to interview someone who has been in prison for an advanced writing course I'm taking. The topic isn't prison life, but a personal inquiry about the individual's perceptions, philosophy and life. If you or someone you know is a former convict who is willing to chat about you/themself, please email me at Collapse ). Thanks!

HR/Resume Question

Since I occasionally ramble on about the wisdom of DP, a friend (no, really a friend... not "a friend") asked me to ask you all this question.

This question is basically directed at Human Resources/Hiring-type people: Do you normally check a job applicant's college background (or request copies of diplomas/transcripts), or do you take their word for it?

The backstory: She quit college a few credits short to take a job. That job has since fizzled and she would like to apply for new jobs. She's wondering if she should just say she has a Associate's Degree (even though she never finished). The types of jobs she's applying for are in the "creative" field (it's not like she'd fake having an M.D. or anything) and she has work experience to back up her resume, but all of the jobs have an Associate's Degree as a requirement.

I told her that nobody checks that sort of a thing, but I don't want her to NOT get a job because I'm a dishonest fool.

Anyone know what the likelihood of her degree being verified would be?

PCC Rock Creek FYI

PCC Rock Creek will be closed tonight (April 24th) at 5pm until tomorrow morning while authorities investigate a threat.

So if you have class tonight, no need to go. Again, this is only Rock Creek.

Check the website for more details. (It is in the red box a the top of the screen.)

(no subject)

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to point out to everyone that there is going to be a show in my basement on Thursday night. (also Last Thursday all down Alberta....)

7:00pm, in the basement around back.

Anon Remora, Sukey Tawdry and Not Yeti will all be playing.

Donations only.

You know you want to come and rock your socks off.

5122 NE 18th Ave
Beauty - HUH?

Drive-In Movies?

Soo... I've had a mad hankering to see a good, old-fashioned drive-in movie for awhile now, and as soon as the weather warms up, I'd really like to catch one with some friends. So what are my options? I've heard of the drive-in in Newberg and the Motor Vu in Dallas, but I don't know a thing about either of them, and my Google-fu doesn't seem to be producing very up-to-date results today. Can anyone recommend any "theatres" in particular?

Keep in mind, when I live in the Portland area, I'm in Beaverton, but I'm currently down in Eugene for school. Is there anything even remotely nearby?

Thanks again, DP!
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Floating World/Way Post

So one of my good friends opened Floating World Comics and another opened The Way Post... but the thing is they opened them *after* I moved out of the country... I don't know when I'll ever be back to get to visit, so I was hoping one of you could tell me more about them. Of course I have heard bits and pieces about the shops from the owners but I want to know what YOU think... It's the closest I will get to being able to visit myself.
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Could this be the work of a Damnportlander?

So which one of you bloggers out there have a big problem with cheerleaders on TV?

My guess is, whoever is doing this is as crazy as the following statement:

The author of a letter sent in December 2006 complains that networks unfairly favor more modestly dressed cheerleading squads.

"For the last 6 years, Ohio State cheerleaders have received more TV time than any other Division 1A cheer squad on ESPN, because they wear long sleeved red/white outfits. If they wore sleeveless outfits, they would not get ANY TV time. So, we are fed up with this constant exploitation," the author wrote.

(no subject)

Ok so, in August me and my friend are moving to Portland. I'm coming from Massachusetts and she is coming from Michigan. She is attending Lewis & Clark law school and I am simply going along for the ride and the opportunity to get the hell out of the East Coast. Anyway, we are having a pretty difficult time figuring out our living situation. Despite hours of apartment.com/craigslist/google/rent.com etc. scouring we just cannot figure out which places are good and which are going to screw us out of deposits and have noisy neighbors.
Can you recommend a good apartment complex in the vicinity of L&C? Preferably on/near a bus line? We would like a 2 bedroom with rent between 600-800$ a month. We are not super picky, but some place quiet, clean and with decent parking would be awesome.

Any additional advice you have for me concerning the Big Move to Portland would also be much appreciated.


Found Kitten

My girlfriend, roommate and I found an adorable little kitten trying to get inside the plaid pantry at SE 21st and Powell tonight. She looks and acts like she is someones pet, but had no collar or visible identification, so we brought her home with us. She is gray with some lighter markings. Here's a Collapse )

If you've lost a kitten that looks like this you can contact me at purple.kangaroo@gmail.com