April 23rd, 2007


Pet names :-P

My mom bought a draft horse this weekend. 

So...DPers...she needs a name for him. I'm totally drawing a blank. What would you name this gentle giant if you have to name him?

I told her I like the name "Rhett" as in Rhett Butler...because he is tall, dark and handsome. My mom said she wants to name him George Clooney for the same reason :-P

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Are there any good online learning programs for Spanish?  Obviously it wouldn't help much with conversation, but a site with progressively harder Spanish exercises (grammar, comprehension, etc.) would be great!  Free would be nice, but quality is more important to me.  Thanks!

Good stores on the far east side of the world?

So.. I am moving. To Gresham. Now, before anyone says anything with the Gresham comments, just know that I have my reasons and my reasons far outweigh any bad thing anyone can say about living in Gresham.

Now, my problem is that I'm used to living out on the west side where I have access to Haggens, and New Seasons and Trader Joes for those things that you can't find in the regular grocery. I've looked up these 3 stores and there is NOTHING out that way that I can see on Google maps. Please, oh please, is there anything like that out on the east side... anywhere?

Edit: I'm not interested in hearing about the meth problems or about how much Gresham sucks. If you were immature enough to post them, hoping that you would come across as cute, funny, clever or impressive to anyone but yourself, your post was deleted (and will continue to be deleted). This was an honest attempt to find outlets to purchase food. If you want to turn it into a Gresham sucks post, you're welcome to make your own post. As I said, I have my own personal reasons for moving out there and I'd thank you to keep your comments to yourself.
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Meetup is tomorrow! Tomorrow is Tuesday! The 24TH!

The location is McMenamins Tavern & Pool on NW 23rd. We start at 7pm and run as long as we want, so pop in any time. Minors are welcome until 10pm. The meetup faq is here.

Oh, and my birthday was yesterday. So WHOEVER BRINGS ME THE BEST PRESENT GETS TO BE MOD FOR A DAY not!
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so i know that several of you are buffy fans. i am looking to see the movie chance with amber benson and james marsters from buffy. i cant find it in video stores. i cant find it online to buy for less than like 45 dollars. does anyone know a video store in town that has it or does anyone have a copy that i could borrow?
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David Sedaris

I live in a hole, I swear. Forgive me.

Who/what was that quote someone asked David Sedaris about last night? Someone said, "what do you think about so-and-so saying such-and-such" and I totally didn't catch it, so it went over my head. And what was David's response?

Anyway, for those of you who, like me, met him...how sweet and personable was he, huh? I'd never gone to an event of his before, and wow...hilarious, of course, but SOOOO NICE and chat-chat-chatty. He was a blast.

My husband asked him (and we are really strange, so we'd been debating this between the two of us for quite some time) why he used the handle of a plunger to break up some poop in his story "Big Boy" (David: "because the shit would really stick to the plunger, and I figured it'd be easier to clean the handle")...haha. And he drew a plunger for my husband and the tree on a barstool for me, only he added a turd under the table for me. LOL...don't ask...but I love a good poop joke.

I also told him how I just self-published some poems, and that I want to put a book of TMI stuff together, but everyone tells me no one would want to read it. David goes, "if you write it, someone somewhere definitely experienced the same thing. You just have to find people who can relate to what you write."

I told him I had a GREAT true poop story to tell him that was WAY more disgusting than his (and it is...it's farkin' NASTY). He told me to send it to him, and as we were leaving, he goes, "I can't wait to read your poop story". LOL. He was so flippin' cool and adorable.

Muslim school

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Mounting pressures from Muslim parents in the region have prompted the Muslim Educational Trust to open the new coeducational Oregon Islamic Academy - the first high school in the Northwest geared to Muslim students.

(Read more at OregonLive)
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any suggestions of places to go for vacation that meet these specifications:

West of rockies
Not any more southern than mexico
Relatively affordable
A 3-4 day extraveganza in May
For single twenty-something adventurer up for anything but too stressed to figure out exactly WHAT she wants to do for vacation!

Thank ya!

the bees are dying.

so, bees are the major polinator of plants all over the world. if bees die, plants die, animals die, humans die.

well, guess what: the bees are dying.

they call it 'colony collapse disorder', and no one is sure why it's happening. some scientists say it's a disease. some are pointing to wireless devices like cell phones. others say it's an overpopulation of predatory mites. maybe it's a combination of all of these, and more.

this is a potentially apocolyptic issue, and i'm not going to lie around and wait for it to get worse. over the next few weeks (and months, and years?) i'm going to be organizing an education campaign to spread the word about this in portland. if you want to help me out, email me at omg.kittens@gmail.com.

don't let the end of the world pass you by. <3


Does anyone know if you can receive unemployment benefits if your employer cuts your hours (from 36 hours/week to 8 hours/week for instance)?  I can't figure it out from the website and there's no option for it in the online claims system.  Thanks!