April 21st, 2007


Dark Horizon Radio - Artist of the Month / TOUR NEWS!

WOW have the last few months been busy!  We've finally found a little time to catch our breath after playing a couple shows in Portland and Seattle -- and then following Brandon around to various comic book conventions and signings!


First, we'd like to take a moment to thank our fans over at Dark Horizons Radio (WMNF 88.5 FM in Florida) for naming SD6 "Artist of the Month" for April!  In turn, you get to be our "Favorite Website of the Month!"  :)


We are pleased to announce that we will be touring with Assemblage23 this fall!  I've been told that the response from promoters has been very positive and speedy.  However, we're still waiting to hear from promoters in New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada, specifically. 

If you're interested in booking Assemblage23 (with SD6!) for a September 2007 show, please email fritter242@yahoo.com ASAP!


Finally, congratulations to Brandon for his recent work on the Battlestar Galactica: Zarek comic (published by Dynamite Entertainment).  With the 4-issue Zarek series wrapping up, Brandon's next project (besides the current monthly "Highlander" series) will be a new monthly BSG book, "Season Zero."  Like Zarek, it will be in continuity with the Sci Fi series.  Season Zero will chronicle the events that took place on the Galactica prior to the Cylon invasion detailed in the opening episodes of the t.v. series. 

You can pick up your FREE copy of the series' preview issue, "Issue Zero," at your local comic book shop on Free Comic Book Day, May 5.  To find a comic book shop near you, click here

Or, if you're in the Northwest, stop in and see Brandon at Olympic Cards and Comics in Olympia, WA. 

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Please recommend a good place in SE Portland/Woodstock area to get my dog's toenails trimmed.
Right now I'm bringing him to his vet for it, but I kind of feel like I'm wasting their time.

So I need a good groomer who will be gentle and nice to my dog and who can take him in another room to trim his toenails because he gives me the sad face if I'm there watching.

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patsy stone thanxgiving

Just curious

Question for vegans and vegetarians here:

Why are you vegan/vegetarian?
And same goes for those of you that are somewhere in between [i.e. occasionally enjoy a meaty meal]..

Personally, in the last ten years I used to eat certain meat + fish every now and then and I find myself more and more leaning toward the "vegetarian" spectrum. Mostly because I don't particulary enjoy the taste and texture of meat.

Juuuust curious.
Rainy Day

In Need of Babysitter!

I realized yesterday that my birthday tickets to the Symphony are tomorrow (Sunday, Apr 22) night at 7:30 and I don't have anyone to watch my son.

If you know of a very reputable babysitter or are one yourself, I am in need of someone to come to my home (Cedar Hills area) Sunday at 6:30 until about 10pm or so. My son goes to bed between 7:30 and 8pm, so you'd have the rest of the evening to watch movies or do homework (I'm sorry - I don't have cable or internet hooked up yet). Will pay $10 per hour.

Please email me today with your/your friend's phone number and name at rosaleac@gmail.com and I can reply back to you immediately. If you have references, I would prefer to have someone that can provide at least two within the past year.


Gun Laws.


So I was watching The News Hour last night on OPB and reading the New York Times this morning, and according to both of them, current Federal gun laws (Gun Control Act of 1968) would have prevented the V-Tech shooting if Virginia would have paid attention to them.

And it got me to thinking that making more laws wouldn't really prevent anything, while rather the actual enforcement of current ones would have a better shot at it.

I guess what I'm saying here is stop trying to hurt our Constitution. Because honestly, taking a crack at the 2nd Amendment through limitations and laws regarding trying to trump it are no different than those Neo-Cons who decided Habeas Corpus was needed to be limited in order to protect us, and the 4th and 6th amendments needed to knocked down a few steps to save us.

Tragedy makes us do irrational things and there are always people who will think we need to be locked up to protect us from ourselves. Honestly, there is a lot more wrong with our current culture and society than the right to bear arms.
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Earth day free stuff (sorta)

The Sunnyside neighborhood Useful Goods Exchange is happening now at Sunnyside Environmental School (SE 34th and Salmon) in the gym and the cafeteria. Both rooms are full of the usual garage-sale type items, from clothing to furniture. Clothing ranges from infant to adult. I saw at least one computer go out the door earlier. There is one whirlpool/spa type bathtub even.

Bring stuff you no longer want. Take home stuff you do want. No money - what you bring should be roughly equally useful as what you take.

The swap is happening until 6 pm tonight. Whatever is left (which is so far more than we started with) will be sold tomorrow at the rummage sale, same location. At this point, it's unsure whetehr items will be price-tagged, or sold on a reasonable-offer basis. I suspect the latter.

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ophelia by nivi, 2012

Natural Healing

How come people do not share more of this information? Is it just a western concept to not trust nature's bounty, but trust man-made chemicals extracted from previously natural matter?

I haven't actually tried this water, but felt like sharing about it cus I have soft spot for sick people. ;)


Fox news video footage of a gay couple's healing story of AIDS, and a man who was cured from prostate cancer

They did maintain their regular medical treatments, but the water was used in addition to the professional treatments.


As well with another technique for healing, the idea that emotions cause our physical ailments:

Emotional Freedom Therapy

The company's promo video

Basically it is a combination of the concepts of acupressure and acupuncture, and the patient can provide the treatment to themselves for free. There's a free download available of all the techniques to cure whatever ails you. I myself would probably skip this if it weren't free, and also certified health professionals integrate the techniques into their practice.

I am not saying, why don't we get rid of Real Medicine (tm).. These progressive, or at least open-minded, people have their case verified by real doctors. I haven't researched the internet for more personal success stories than this, so feel free to if you too are intrigued. Yet, that's not the intent of my post to promote a particular natural healing method, but here is my wonder: why oh why is there such a prejudice, a mocking critic in our heads, about using natural supplements and techniques IN ADDITION to real treatments?

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hippie halloween


I won the "Daily Dose" thing on Powells.com the other day (woo!) and now have $20 to spend there. I am having difficulties finding anything that really catches my eye, so I am coming to the bookworms of damnportlanders to get some help. I just want a really, really good book to read, since I'm out of school in a week and a half and will finally have some free time. I generally like just regular fiction, but sometimes read good SciFi. Some that I've read and really enjoyed: I Capture the Castle, Ender's Game, Hitchhiker's Guide, The Namesake, The Brothers K, Angela's Ashes, High Fidelity, Joy Luck Club, To Kill a Mockingbird, just to give you an idea. Anyone have any suggestions?
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  • rahnia

Electric Fence for Cats?

Does anybody have any experience or recommendation for an electric fence for cats? My front yard is small and directly on the street, and when we let the cat wander around he invariably tries to get in the middle of the street. He seems to have no fear of cars. I would like to let him out from time to time, but don't want to find kitty pancake on the street...


Just spamming you all up to whine about HOW FREAKING LONG IT TAKES FOR

damnportlandersTO LOAD/REFRESH!

I know this has been complained about before in many shades of whine, but jeebers.  I spend more time staring at the screen waiting for it to load, everytime I backtrack from a post to the main site.



shoot snark me now.

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YoHos! (young homos) it's what we have in common....


YoHo's is a social event for young men to meet other young men outside of bars, bathhouses, and online hook-ups. All men under 30, regardless of size, shape, color, orientaiton, or background are welcome. YoHos aims to provide the opportunity for men to have fun and connect amongst themselves in a relaxed setting, and recognizes the importance of alternatives to a confining queer culture.

The YoHo's Group is a project of Q-LAND, a non-profit men’s wellness network, that empowers diverse men in the Portland area to discover & manifest their individual & collective potential for wellness, community, friendship/intimacy, spirituality, service, & play.

For more information e-mail Frederic at yohos@qland.org, call the Q-LAND office at 503-223-8822, or check out our website www.qland.org


April 25 2007 SPRING FEVER: Stories about Sex, Intimacy, Relationships, Friends-with-Benefits, & all the other Confusing Options of Spring. We'll tell our stories, discuss our options, and learn that we're not the only ones who may be confused with spring fever and sex in the city. Who knows, what'll happen—it's Spring in Portland—anything could happen if you show up.

[portland related cus theres lots of queermos in portland. no, seriously. you can't throw a rock without hitting on. and they get so angry about it, too...]