April 20th, 2007


[BST] U Got The Look?

I guess I must be out of the hipness loop here in Portland. Today's New York Times article in the Fashion & Style (But What if You Get Hit by a Taxi?) gives a mention about the local men's underwear boutique store in downtown, Under U 4 Men. Hmmmm. Portland must be darlings in the eyes of hip NYC folks. ;o

Heck, I had no idea that such boutique men's underwear joint existed! I may have to take a jaunt to the downtown store someday, although I tend to prefer baggy boxers myself (thankfully, it appears that the shop doesn't carry "whale tails" either!)....
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In honor of 4/20:

Avoid amateur night downtown and make the cops work extra hard out in the 'hood....

Super fun thing to do tonight: WILLIE NELSON TRIBUTE at the WORLD FAMOUS KENTON CLUB. The bands playing are kind of a honkey-tonk/rockabilly thing. Drunken Prayer and the Ain't Rights headline. If you've never been to the Kenton, you are missing out. Its divey and awesome. 2025 N. Kilpatrick, Right off Lombard, just a few blocks north of Denver. NO COVER! Go and make Willie proud.

Taken from Pitchfork...

Yeah, even if you're not a fan of any of these bands, pretty good bragging rights nonetheless. ;)

We may have called the Decemberists "Portland's finest" earlier today, but we didn't really mean it. Meloy and co. have to share the title with Danny Seim, Justin Harris, and Brent Knopf, the (usually) clean-cut men of Menomena.Well technically, they also have to share the title with the Thermalsand Sleater-Kinney (R.I.P.) and the Shins and about a million others.Seriously, is there no bad band in this freaking city?

let's hang out by louie: an hour to kill



so, i'm at the corner of fourth and everett, diagonal-ish from house of louie.

anybody want to come hang out?

if you're nice and cross the street with me, i'll buy you a coffee or something.

I just have to be back to 4th and ev by 620.

weird but plausible proposition.

email me at tisoto at gmail dot so on & so forth.
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woodlawn park

they are setting up some big crazy event in woodlawn park. i noticed because it is about a block from where i live. it looks like they are setting up today for something to happen tomorrow. i have no idea what is going on there, can anyone clue me in?

Spring mushroom sighting: FREE FOOD

Are there fungiphiles in DP? There are some fatty morels (YAY OMFG MORELZZ!!!!) happening in Laurelhurst park under the redwoods and sequoia. These babies are a bit crispy but after the rain this weekend they'll flush again, I reckon.

PS is it a bad idea/gross to eat mushies that grow near a dog park?
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What's the song they keep playing on Kink, male lead vocal, lots of Na na na na na na na, (something something) say it like I meeeean it! I saw the video and the band is getting tied up in various forms of ropey stuff. And I keep hearing it on Kink but nothing on their playlist is ringing a bell. AND IT WILL NOT UNSTICK ITSELF FROM MY HEAD. That's what she said.

Found it! The Feeling - Sewn (YouTube link to video).

where is the best place to buy a laptop?

And I'm talking both quality and price.

I know I can get what is acceptable for around 1500$ from the sources I know now. What I want, btw, is something with at least:

intel dual processor 2gig on up
2gig ram on up; expandable to 4.
at least 100mb, pref more hard disk; no worse than 5400
no less than 2mb l2 cache, 4mb is better
at least 128mb dedicated video ram.
firewire, 4 or more usb
card reader would be nice but not necessary
internal wireless pre n essential
large screen better than small
performance/muscle better than sleek/light.

If you know where I can get those specs for $1500 with a reputable brand/model (ie something that isn't going to die/futz out constantly) and with, at bare minimum, a one year warranty (onsite)...

...then please do be so kind as to point in the proper direction. This poor boy has got to make good use of his rarely attained skrilla.

Hurray for tax (refund) time!
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The Oregonian reports that Schumacher Furs has sued, well, anybody and everybody as a result of the protests that have been going on in front of the store since November 2005.

Article here.

Lets set aside the fact that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has had nothing to do with the protests, and is likely to file a motion to dismiss against Schumachers, and that the "Animal Liberation Front" is a shadowy moniker used by people who commit acts of arson and vandalism, and is not even a recognized legal entity that the Schumachers can sue or get money out of.

I have not read the complaint, but this is the Schumachers grasping at straws to try to shut down legal speech.

In addition, the city is going to open up on the Schumachers with both barrels - there is a legal doctrine called qualified immunity that is likely to be a strong defense for the city in this case against the charge that the police have failed to arrest protesters.

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Schumacher Furs is a sinking ship. Nobody wants to buy furs any more, even if there weren't protesters in front of the store on Saturdays. Furs have gone from one of the ultimate status symbols for a woman to a fashion anachronism, much like corsets, spats, or men's hats. But the Schumachers just want to strike blows as they go down, which is why they filed this lawsuit.