April 19th, 2007

David Arquette @ The Clinton Street Theater

David Arquette @ The Clinton Street Theater:

Friday 4/20 from 2:15PM until 2:50 PM


I KNOW that this is a weird time, but David is going to All the theaters in S.F. , Portland, and Seattle all on opening day 4/20.

Come and meet David Arquette, he will be signing and giving away The Tripper posters.


who knows what spectacles will show up !

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Hillsboro Dog Association

Dog owners in Hillsboro have been trying to get the City of Hillsboro to provide a dog park for years now, and it is finally coming to fruition. Late this summer/early fall the Hondo Dog Park in Hillsboro will open.

A group of very dedicated dog owners and dog lovers has put together the Hillsboro Dog Association. Many members of the group were part of a citizen advisory committee that worked with the City of Hillsboro in the design and implementation of the upcoming dog park.

The group is always looking for volunteers interested in helping the cause, and tax deductible donations.

Check out the website at: http://hillsborodogs.com

Thanks so much!
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A great big apology....

Yeah, I know that damnportlanders tend to be more predispositioned to vent, but I like to roll the other way sometimes....

To the Green Cab driver and couple of businesspersons/pedestrians that I had inconvenienced earlier this morning in downtown, I offer sincere apologies. I was being an irresponsible bicyclist on my morning commute, and nearly blindsided a Green Cab which was legally turning left in front of me. I also sped on the sidewalks (near the construction area) at reckless speeds, nearly hitting couple of pedestrians at a blind corner.

Yes, I was running late during my morning commute, and I was trying to be creative while getting around the downtown mall construction areas. But those are no excuses for my erratic bicycling actions this morning. I shall make an effort to become a safer and more responsible rider from now on.
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Reminder for tonight ~ AIDS Quilting Bees

Hi all. Thought I would throw this out for everyone. A Part of My Heart (501 (c3 pending) is sponsoring a series of quilting bees to prepare panels to be added to the display when it comes to the Ambridge Event Center Friday June 15 - Sunday June 17 2007. The quilting bee's are being held at MCC Church, 2400 NE Broadway from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. every Thursday. (Note: Come around to the side of the church not the front of the church. Go in the door right by the stairs and turn left.) You don't have to be artistic to come and help out. If you can cut, glue, stitch a little...you can do it. If you have wanted to make a panel for a friend or loved one, now is your chance. I started making a panel for my brother Mike and in the space of a few hours, the photo is on the main panel and I cut out a ton of little stuff to add to the panel. We have the supplies and the imagination to help you, but if you have extra scrap material, bring it and add it to the supplies. Volunteers are needed to complete several other panels that have been requested before the display gets here in June. If you need more information, please email me at kbr41@yahoo.com and put Quilting Bee's in the subject line and I can hook you up with people who can answer your questions.

Thanks for listening and happy quilting.
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Having a spontaneous conversation with my new neighbor about bicycling around the city (yay for spreading bike-friendly vibes!).

2. The Pinot Pedal community ride (18 miles) this Sunday! The event is sponsored by Urban Wineworks, and goes to benefit b.i.k.e. (Bicycles and Ideas for Kids' Empowerment).

3. The extremely friendly folks at Cacao, who offered to gift wrap an assortment of chocolates purchased (for a birthday gift)....the customer service at Cacao is beyond incredible and amazing! And the yummy delicacies are an added bonus!

4. A benefit dinner at Wild Abandon Restaurant next Tuesday evening (4/24), in which 60% of the proceeds go towards the benefit of Our House of Portland (a live-in care facility for people with AIDS).

5. Free coffee refills (while dining in) and mouth-watering pastries at the Pearl Bakery.

6. Free samples of the new Larabar flavors (Key Lime Pie and Pistachio) at Whole Foods Market, and then finding those new flavors on sale at New Seasons Market as well.

7. Driving a virtually new car (with only 132 miles on it) to a dinner gathering, courtesy of Flexcar!
8. Alluring and delectable honey mangos found in the produce section of Whole Foods Market.

9. Discovering a 3-for-$5 sale on Imagine Foods' Organic Bistro Soups (until this Saturday)--Cuban Black Bean, Chipotle Corn, and Tomato Bisque--at Rock Star Fred Meyer. And getting additional discounts on the soups thanks to a $1-off-any-three-items in-store coupon.
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coming home....

i move back to portland for the summer in 3 days and am so damn excited to soon be back among all of you in the best city. thanks for living there and keeping it awesome while ive been gone.

Local Alternative Magazines...?

I just put together my first collection of dark poetry. In addition to submitting a copy to Powell's, I would very much like to have some poems featured in (or the book reviewed in) any local alternative magazines.

I was just wondering about any local indie magazines that are alternative/poetry/gothic based that I could submit my work to. Anyone know of any?

Thank you so much!

Open Mike Locations for Poetry?

Okay, how about this. Where are some good places that have open mike nights in Portland or the Portland area? I'm in Tigard, but I would definitely drive in to Portland. But anything in Portland, particularly places that are alternative/goth/dark poetry-friendly are ideal. :)

Feeling sentimental...

Does anybody have pictures of Hyland Forest Park?

Please say YES! I spent the majority of my free time as a youngin' there. I haven't seen it in years.

This is where it's at in case you feel like venturing there on a cool spring day.

p.s. I already tried googled images. Not good enough!