April 18th, 2007


Jewelry Restyling?

I would like to get my wedding ring restyled. It is pretty much perfect but the center stone sits up a bit too high for me and I'm always scared that I'll lose the stone.

Anyhow, I'm wondering if any of you have had experience with (or know somebody) who could restyle it for me?

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Has anybody seen the one-armed guy playing guitar at Saturday Market? He’s got about 6 inches of arm hanging from his right shoulder with a little plastic fork thingy duct taped to the stump.

He fingers the frets with his left hand and strums furiously with his stump all the while blowing on a harmonica and hollering out a song.

I’m going to start putting money in his tip jar because, well, Jeez he should get points for TRYING anyway.



Student with fake ammo belt forces lockdown at Portland college

12:04 PM PDT on Wednesday, April 18, 2007

By ANTONIA GIEDWOYN, kgw.com Staff

Lewis & Clark College in southwest Portland went into lockdown Wednesday morning after a student wearing a fake ammunition belt was spotted on campus.

Lewis & Clark College.
Initially, school officials believed the belt was real and held about 50 rounds of live ammunition. The student was stopped by campus safety officers and the lockdown was lifted a short time later. The student described the belt as a fashion accessory. It was decorated with empty shell cases.

The incident occurred about 9:15 a.m. During the lockdown, students were urged to stay where they were.

The scare came two days after the massacre at Virginia Tech and one day after students at Washington State University in Vancouver were sent home from night classes following a reported threat. Since the shooting at Virginia Tech on Monday, more than half a dozen schools nationwide received threats and went into lockdown or cancelled classes. Many of the threats referenced Monday's bloodbath.

In general, our "security", be it on campus, in airports or at the borders, has proven to be about as effective as treating a headache with a blowjob. It doesn't cure anything, it just takes our mind off of it for a second until something else happens.

I'm sure on the 5 o'clock news we will have all the "shocking" interview footage of the chubby college girls in sweat pants being interviewed about how terrifying it was while 50 campus rent-a-cops accosted someone for wearing a fashion accessory you couldn't escape in the 80's. Great job!
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So I want to get a perm. Just a slightly loose spiral; don't want to look like a rejected poodle. The last few hair cuts I've gotten were at Blades and I love them but I looked at their website and it doesn't look like they do perms. Before I start getting the piles of snarky replies, yes I am going to call them and double check but just incase they don't, what salon would you recommend for a good perm that isn't an old lady poodle/helmet style.

EDIT: Blades does not do perms so what ever you can tell me is good.

the alleged coin toss...

Does anyone else think that the Pettygrove / Lovejoy city naming coin toss stinks of urban legend? Any source that I have ever found any source other than visitor associations and the like to claim this to be true. I want actual proof! Is there a photo or an actual article or a primary source that anyone knows about?

Ok, you all have convinced me its probably true. But I gotta find me a primary source before I really believe it, lol. I've taken too many folklore classes, lol.
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Banks, credit unions in Portland

So I'm about to open a bank account finally. The mattress was just getting too uncomfortable, now that I have a job!

But I have no clue about where to start with opening an account in the United States. Portlanders - clue me in. I'm told credit unions are the way to go, are there any particular to the NW region that are good? I've also had us bank and Washington Mutual recommended to me. Any thoughts on local banks?

And heck, while you're at it - any thoughts on insurance companies/plans that are good? I have a choice between Aetna, Blue Shield, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, Triple S, Cigna and Tufts. I have no idea what to look for when picking insurance for healthcare. (They just don't do things this way in Malaysia). Any help would be appreciated!

Yet more recalled pet food

Just a heads up, as of today there has been more recalling of pet food and has expanded to include rice protein.

You can find an updated list of recalled pet food at http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/petfoodrecall/ incase it hasn't been taken off of the shelves at your local store yet. Also, if you look on the list, make sure to check the actual company that makes the brand of food. I found a brand of cat food in my house that's been recalled and didn't realize it at first because it's a Costco brand.
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Okay, so I sold the Palm Pilot I was offering here for trade a while back. Because of this happy event, I have come into possession of a hot C-note that's burning a hole in pocket like you wouldn't believe.

My original intent was to buy a used Nintendo DS, to match my daughter's (in pink, of course). But, after dinking around with hers for a while, I'm realizing that I'd probably use it for a week and then ignore it. The question then becomes an all-consuming one: What do I do with this spare 100 bucks?

I'm leaning toward something for my camera, or maybe the bulk of a subscription to MLB Extra Innings. But I knew I could find some helpful advice here among my dear DP friends.

So... what say you?

Interview Questions?

I am a soon-to-be college student interviewing with a large, very bureaucratic and conservative business on Friday. I am coming from a non-profit and my competition for this job are veterans. What are some questions that I should think about before they pop up in the interview?

I figure they'll ask:
  • What is your greatest strength/weakness? Why? (I've been told the key here is to make the strength look like a weakness.)
  • What will you bring to our organization?
  • How are you at multitasking?
  • What is your idea of a great supervisor? (or) Tell us about a great supervisor you've had.
What else can you think of, Portlandia?

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gregory peck smart is sexy

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Has anyone been to Dirty Little Secret salon on MLK? How about anyone with curly hair? I have super, super curly hair and am looking for a cute, funky kind of style and they seem cool and not unreasonably priced. Thoughts? Recommendations for other salons/stylists?
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Just wanted to say hello:-)

Hello there,

I'm a former Portlander now living in Newfoundland Canada but soon to be relocating again to Edmonton Alberta. I havent had the luck to go back and visit Portland and I've been away now for almost six years. There are so many things I miss about Portland:) Kornblatts for Breakfast...this little pasta place on NW 21st and of course my beloved Powells:)    I used to live up Burnside at 900 St. Clair Apartments. Oh and I miss watching the shows at Embers:)  heehee.  

Anyways I just wanted to give a shout out and if you get a chance please go to Coffee People and have a cuppa for me!!

Take Care


P.S. Does anyone here work for XO Communications? that was my last place of employment before I moved. Also does anyone have a good job leads for a 18year old guy that has only had one job and though is tech savvy is not very motivated...Yes my son still lives in Portland:D

Help! Colored contacts?

I am looking for someone to go to for red contacts in the area. I don't wear glasses or anything so they would be pretty generic and CHEAP would be preferable. I hear that I should visit my eye doctor, except I don't even need glasses. Also any place that I could get them from ASAP would be nice.

Any suggestions?

skis for food.

Hello! I have a not-used-very-much pair of cross country skis that I don't have a place to store while I spend the next 7 months in Northern Canada/Arizona, so if you have been looking for a pair of skis...

They are old-style tri-pin bindings (I know. If you really care you can get new bindings) and they work well. They are fishscaled on the bottom, so you don't need to worry about that pesky wax. I am 5'1" and they are a bit too tall for me (but doable); they'd probably work well for someone who is around 5'6". I also have the poles and a pair o' boots. The boots are a women's size 7.5, but I wear a 6.5 and they fit me well if I wear a lot of wool socks.

(these were given to me new by a former neighbor who moved to Tennessee, hence the odd sizing. She said she had never used them.)

Anyway, because I am paring down my belongings, it would be pretty cool if someone wanted to trade me for some good food. Like, really good food. Mmmmm. Food without chocolate, because I'm picky like that.

Also, you'd have to pick them up. I am not biking anywhere with skis strapped to my back.