April 17th, 2007

trucker ape

maybe a long shot but..

is anyone going to the sasquatch festival that would be able to let a fellow portlander camp with them? i was a bit of a nitwit and forgot to figure out accommodations until now and it looks like they're not so easy to find outside of paying $90+/night for a place almost an hour away.

if you can help me out, i'll help contribute toward the camping fee. i can even get my own ride up there, i just don't have a place to stay once i'm there. my car is small and not very comfy.

I want to Back Barack......

Hey all, I've decided that for my own political direction I want to support Barack Obama, however when I went to sign up at the campaign website there was virtually no places to volunteer or help support.  I have a feeling its because i live in Vancouver and so it was only looking in Washington. 

Is there any groups or activities that I could get involved in if I want to support Mr. Obama? PS- my background is in training and call center/team management.

Flying to CA

My friends and I are flying down to Long Beach, CA, in late June. I don't fly much (e.g., once every 5 years), so does anyone have any recommendations on good yet cheap flights, and when the best time is to buy tickets? (cheap is really the key word right now, I don't really mind about the service as long as the plane doesn't crash while taking off).
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stolen red cross stuff

Just FYI: an American Red Cross disaster worker here in PDX was burglarized, and a lot of charity-owned stuff was stolen. So if you see anyone selling stuff with red cross logos on it, including a columbia sportswear jacket (the company donates them to the red cross), a helmet, a cell phone, some credit cards and a duffel bag, call the cops.
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(no subject)

This is going to go all over the place, but we need help settling some disagreements:

When you're out shopping, what music would you most prefer to hear?
What about particularly clothes shopping?
What is your LEAST favorite (the kind to make you kill someone, or walk out of a store)?
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I scream, you scream

FREE CONE DAY update (downtown Ben & Jerry's):

#1, 11:15am - Shop opens at noon. 5 people in line already, one of whom is playing guitar rather loudly.

#2, 11:30am - Raining; guitarist left. 10 people in line.

#3, 11:45am - Still raining, maybe 25 people in line. This reporter is now taking a burrito break, for a street-level perspective of the action.

#4, noon - Commence CWN3ge! Shop's open, rain stopped. 40+ people in line, which extends around the corner now and out of my view. I'll keep an eye on it and update when (and if) I can see the end of the line anytime this afternoon.

#5, 1:15pm - Raining again, but this doesn't seem to have deterred anyone down there; the line still stretches around the corner. There's a dude dressed up as a cowboy swinging a little lasso around himself ... I'm not sure if he's a B&J's employee or not.

#6, 3:30pm - Walked to grab my afternoon cuppa and scoped out the line, school's out so there are about 100 people queued up for free cones right now. The street entertainers are gone, but panhandlers are working the crowd.
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Raccoon Percussionist Wanted....

Dear, sweet Damnportlanders...

I am in need a picture (photographed, photoshopped, drawn, painted, whatevs...) of a raccoon playing bongos, congas or some other such drum(s).

I have searched the interwebs exhaustively.

Do any of you have a private stash of such delights?

Help a sister out!


PS: Bonus points if you can provide me with a pic of a squirrel playing flute, or other comparable woodwind.


Why must you waste your educated citizens and push them into an ever endless call center or barista job!!!!!! I swear we probably have the most overly qualified call center reps and baristas in the nation. A shame.


Yes this is spam! but i am sure a few of you will care about this tonight!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

we are giving away about 30-40 of these shirts free! and there is no cover!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Emerson History X

Rick Emerson Listener Party #10: Emerson History X happens this Thursday, April 19th, 7pm at Barracuda.

Among the highlights will be:

  • A full, on-site museum display, charting the history of The Rick Emerson Show.
  • Listening stations throughout the venue, allowing you to hear select moments from the show's past.
  • A very special Mystery Guest, whose identity is being kept a closely-guarded secret, known only to a precious few.
  • Music from Hit Me Baby, the world's premier hard rock Britney Spears cover band.
  • A full set from Emerson Starship, perhaps the finest band in the known universe.
  • Video greetings from past colleagues and longtime friends.
  • And, of course, hot chicks dressed like schoolgirls.

No cover, and no ticket required. Rick Emerson Listener Party #10: Emerson History X happens this Thursday, April 19th, 7pm at Barracuda. Be there!

Public lockers?

Okay, I commute to work downtown full time by foot/bus and carry all my crap around via backpack.  I have decided I would like to go jogging along the waterfront after work a few days a week, and would like not to have to lug my crap along on my run.  Leaving my stuff at work is not an option, and was wondering if there are any public lockers available somewhere.  I've done a google search but all I've found are bike lockers.  Anyone have any suggestions?
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bunny rabbits


I made this community cause I didn't think anyone else had. It is for people to post images and stories about those horses (and other things) locked to the curb rings on the steets of Portland. Go ahead and add your own. I don't have much time right now to post the ones I have taken but I will at some point.


Portland related because we're a Portland-based chorus.

Sorry i don't know how to get the cool pictures to post....

Are you ready to Kazoo? Aurora Chorus Kazoo Jam and Auction this Saturday, April 21st

To purchase your tickets before they're all gone, please go to auction reservation.

Entertainment by Obo Addy and the Aurora Ensemble.

Food by some of Portland's finest restaurants Three Doors Down, Nostrana and Café Castagna paired with delicious wines.

Actor and Auctioneer Steve Black will preside over the live auction featuring local art, vacation getaways to rural Hawaii, beach cabins and Mt. Hood, fine jewelry and other wonders.

Silent auction includes garden design, professional photograpy, and cases of wine, dance lessons, tickets, jewelry, riding lessons, framed art, cds and books.

Bridgeport United Church of Christ, 621 NE 76th, Portland (off NE Glisan) 6PM door open, silent auction, 8PM live auction.

For tickets and donation information, visit aurora chorus, call 503-287-6721 or email us at auction@aurorachorus.org.

All this for only $30! (Oh…and you get your own Aurora kazoo to take home!)

Aurora Chorus Plant Sale

The Aurora Chorus Plant Sale is going to be in full bloom before you know it. So turnover your soil to get it ready for some healthy, beautiful plants.

Saturday, May 12, 9AM - 4PM
Sunday, May 13, 10AM - 4PM

5417 SE 69th, Portland

A wide variety of outdoor plants

Experienced gardeners will be on hand to answer questions

(Singing to plants really does make them thrive.)

Standing On the Side Of Love

Aurora is "Standing on the Side of Love," singing of friendship, support, and desire for harmony in our troubled world. Join us along with guest artists Claudia Schmidt, Kate Power, Steve Einhorn and Steven Walters for a concert to fill hearts with hope.

June 3, 2007
3:00 and 7:30 p.m.
Newmark Theatre

Tickets are available through singers beginning April 26th: $15, $20 and $25 in advance.

For more information, please visit aurorachorus.org.

To paraphrase:

1st Annual Auction and Kazoo Jam
Saturday, April 21, 2007

Aurora Chorus Plant Sale
Saturday, May 12 and Sunday May 13, 2007

Standing On The Side Of Love
Sunday, June 3, 2007
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Job Opening

Hi All.

Just wanted to pass along some job info. My work, Providence Health System, is hiring at my clinic for 2 patient relations reps. It involves heavy customer service skills in a family medicine setting. It is a pretty challenging job. It is a crazy, very busy clinic, but the people are great, and the job is rewarding. I love working there, but leave exhausted everyday. Providence is a really great company to work for. Very employee oriented, and I feel valued as an employee.

There are 2 positions. Bi lingual is preferred, but definitely NOT required. Pay range is $13-20 hour, and has great benefits. Providence is also so great about getting you where you want to be. They help pay for extended education, and don't mind if you switch positions to get where you want to be.

If you are interested, apply at providence.org. IF you have any questions, you can reply here, and I will try and answer them for you. These positions will go VERY quickly.

Good Luck!
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FYI, our regular monthly meetup is one week from today! That would be Tuesday the 24th, starting 7pm, at McMenamins Tavern & Pool.

As usual, the meetup faq is here and minors are welcome until 10pm. Old fogeys are welcome until ETERNITY.

Oh, and my birthday is the 22nd, so feel free to bring me a present or buy me a drink. ;)
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(no subject)

Hey DPers! This might be an odd request.

Anyone have a bamboo stick about six feet tall or higher?

I need it for a costume. :O

If not, know where I can find some? I heard people just whack and toss these things half the time.
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(no subject)

Crap crap CRAP. Where can I file a tax extension online right freakin now? I thought I could through Turbo Tax online, but they "don't support that service online" at the moment. Grr. I'm looking at the IRS website and it's confusing the fuck out of me. I know I procrastinated to the LAST possible minute, but I thought I had both of my W2s tucked away in a findable location...turns out only one was found! D:

If I can't find a place to file an extension in uuuuh 10 minutes, will I face huge penalties? I made like no money this year, so it's not like I'm paying much to the Feds anyway.
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