April 15th, 2007

Any mechanics in here?

I thought I lost my transmission in my Subaru on Thursday, but in explaining it to my son on the phone he thinks I may have lost my U-Joint instead. I am pretty car dumb, so can someone tell me if a broken U-joint would impact the car's ability to move? (The shifter moves fine, but nothing happens, no forward, no reverse, no park). If a broken U-joint could cause this, what would I look for under the car to rule this in or out as a possibility?

lost at holocene

Greetings one and all. This feels like mission impossible, but I'd be more foolish if I didn't try:

Last night at Holocene I lost a silver cuff bracelet while dancing in that spiffy extra room they have when the crowd overflows the dancefloor. Since it's not a tiny slip of a thing, either someone picked it up (and turned it into lost and found, which I'll learn when they call me back) or someone picked it up and took it home. It's a one-of-a-kind, 50 cent thrift store find from back in the day before I moved here, and I'd love to have it back.

Thanks to anyone who might know anything.
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Apparently they're dyeing the Willamette red at 12:30 near the Hawthorne Bridge.. and there's gong to be a banner drop of some kind. Just a heads-up to anyone who may want to run out and see.

FOUND RABBIT! (in Milwaukie)

I just found the most beautiful velvet chocolate brown rabbit on my street. He was there all morning by my neighbors yard and very tame. I assumed he must have just gotten out but he doesn't belong to anyone on my block. He is currently in a cat carrier in my house as I have 2 large dogs and 5 cats and can't keep him.
He will be taken to the Humane society later today unless someone can provide him with a good home. (The kind of home I can go check on him and see he is alright)
Any takers? (I don't know if he is male or female but he is definately young and in good health)
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Defense of the Ancients?

Does anyone here in town play Defense of the Ancients(DotA), for Warcraft 3?  Me and a couple friends are hooked on it, and we'd love to have a LAN for it, but need more people who are into the game and also actually live near us.

So yeah, anyone interested?

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Barlow is back

I had heard rumors and was skeptical at first since every article I've read has been horrible "translations" of foriegn articles, but it was announced Friday, Matt Barlow has officially joined Pyramaze as their new lead singer. They will be hitting the studio early next year to record their new album. I think Barlow has the perfect voice for their sound and I'm fucking psyched.
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I am selling a Iriver, I recieved it as a gift fromt he original owner and it was used. It needs to be rebooted and I haven't gotten it to work with a MAc so. Anyways if you want anice MP3 I think it's a nice one. Make me a offer
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Rose City Veterinary Hospital - yes/no/maybe?

I am thinking of taking our kitten to Rose City Veterinary Hospital for neuter surgery as the place was recommended because they do laser procedures.

Has anyone taken their cat there? How did you feel about their service? How was your cat afterwards?
Would you recommend this place? Or is there another place you would recommend?
If possible, I would much prefer the laser procedure when getting the kitten fixed since it sounds like there is less pain and shorter recovery time.

Thank you!
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Mac question

I scored a power adapter for a G4 powerbook from the lost and found at my work. It is a 65 Watt, but the one I already own for my iBook G4 is a 45 Watt adapter. If I use the 65 Watt adapter, will my computer blow up?

If so, then I have a 65 Watt adapter for sale or trade.
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A Good Salon/Spa?

Hey all. I'm hoping some of you can point me in the right direction for a good salon/spa. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in about 3 weeks, and I'm looking for a good place to go to get a cute hair cut and an awesome massage (basically just some major pampering). If they have waxing and manicures that's a plus...

Thanks in advance!