April 14th, 2007


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Thank you for your time.

Edit: has anyone been pulled over for left-on-red *from* a two-way.  The ODOT/DMV website seems pretty clear.  I don't see how I could be misinterpreting it, and I know I got this question correct on my drivers test just last October, so I feel pretty sure I'm right, but everyone else seems to disagree...

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Does anyone know where in this city I can find pre-made nixtamal? As in the stuff you make tortillas from? I'm having a Good Eats-themed dinner party and I wanted to make homemade tortilla chips.

Short of this, a source for really good fresh corn tortillas would do in a pinch.

Thanks in advance!

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SO and I just got back a decent amount of money in a tax return. We haven't been out of town (except to visit family, and that really, really doesn't count. That's work.) since early September, so we'd like to take a spontaneous trip tomorrow and stay for a night or two. We'd like it to be, at maximum, a three hour drive and on the cheap end. Beautiful scenery is a must.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Stolen Car in SE: silver '90 Toyota Camry Wagon

I'm posting this here for a friend whose car was stolen from SE 34th between Madison and Belmont.

Hi All. My car was stolen on Tues night/Wed Morning from in front of my house. I just wanted to let folks know in case they see the car abandoned somewhere. I would love for my car to come back to me – and hopefully it will! Just keep your eyes out for a: 1990 Toyota Camry Wagon, Silver, with red pin stripe and tinted windows, bumper sticker “fight racism”, “Bark for Mt. Hood” etc…License Plate WSR 970, answers to the name “Silver Bullet”. Thanks much! ~jessica

If you have any information, leave a comment or drop me an email, and I'll make sure it gets to her.

It's been found!

online craft stores?

What are your favorite online crafts stores where you can purchase functional diy stuff (clothing, wallets, bags, etc.) made by creative crafty people?  Bonus points for men's shoes or sciencegeeky crafts (anatomy, chemistry, microbiology, etc)!!  Thanks!
hippie halloween

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Anyone know where I can get a good old fashioned hot water bottle? Like the rubber ones with the screw-in plug? I like them better than the electric heating pads, and I've been looking in the health care sections of different stores (checked Walgreens, Fred Meyers, and Safeway so far) but I can't seem to find them. Do they just not make them anymore? Thanks.

crocheted skulls!

I know this is totally the wrong forum for this, but has anyone crocheted a tiny 3D skull before? There are instructions on getcrafty.com, but they're really vague (i.e. crochet a bowl shape, then do this, then do that, then taper it). I'm a beginner when it comes to crocheting, and I really want to crochet some skulls to give away during the KPSU Pledge Drive (next week!). Does anyone have more detailed instructions, or perhaps a link to some instructions?

lesson plans?

I am going to be starting a full time nanny job in a week, and the mother wants us to come up with some very specific structured lesson plans for each week.

The kids are 1 and 3 (almost 4), so it's mostly for the 3 year old. She was previously attending a daycare with a very set schedule and weekly "themes" to go along with their regular weekly and daily activities.

Can anyone recommend a book, or resource for creating these? I know someone here has to be a preschool teacher!

Or ideas! Examples she has mentioned: Friends, Trees, Flowers, Different Animals, Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Letters

Flyering services

I have seen one or two posts with recommendations (and tried to find them with LJSeek and Google), but no such luck. I found one ad on craigslist too. However, it would make me feel a lot better if you'd share your ideas of whom to trust with flyers. Thanks.