April 12th, 2007

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OR Contractor ratings website?

Is there any website out there where one can look up OR contractor ratings given by other customers of contractors? I would like to find good, recommended, and non-price gouging contractors for some deck work. I also have a few complaints on some lazy or sloppy contractors so I'd like to let people know about them.


First tattoo

So Ive heard Odball Tattoo and Atlas Tattoo are good to go to, but they always seemed booked. I'm looking to get my Mom's name Justine done on my right wrist. I want it to be dirty ink blotted cursive like on the constitution. I'm not sure where to go though, or where to begin. Any suggestions?

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A few weeks ago, I delivered spider plants to a few damnportlanders. It was fabulous to see people from teh intranetz (omg!) and have an excuse to bike around my old delivery stompin' grounds. I'm not sure if a plant is as thrilling in the long-term as it is to have some random person bring you one, but, hey. It's all free, so whaddya want? :P

I have 3+ more. Any takers? I want to go for a bike ride downtown tomorrow morning and play Santy Claus. Let me come roaming into your office building and bestow a green leafy thing in a high-class cottage cheese container. Impress your friends!

Hit up my profile and the e-mail if you're interested!


Dear dp,

Strangely enough, I have a question. I looked through memories (the one on piercings was from a couple years ago) and did an lj-search already and didn't really come up with a whole lot, so I shall ask what has probably been asked a billion times before me.

Due to the conservative librarian-like costumes I must wear to work (sweatpants give me a more feminine shape), I've been feeling the need to rebel! protest! pierce/tattoo/dye something! (Yes. I'm aware that I'm ridiculous.)

I can't go crazy with the hair (it would clash with my sweater-vest) and I would rather wait on another tattoo, so I've decided to reopen my navel piercing (okay, I know. not so rebellious, but there's little else I can/would pierce).

I'm new to the area and don't know where to go to take care of this sort of thing. I'm currently living in Vancouver and would prefer places nearby, but am willing to get my lazy ass across the river if it means my belly button won't rot off. So where shall I go, oh mighty dp?

Thanks in advance, of course.

Oregon Residency?

I've been doing some research, and I'm confused. Please help, 'cause, like a lot government stuff, there seem to be many contradictory pieces of information on this subject.

Here's my situation. I am a resident of Washington state, dependent on my parents, who live up near Seattle. I've been attending PSU for the past four years, and living in Portland. My father works part-time in Northeast, and commutes down three days a week from WA. He owns property here, where I live and where he stays when he's in town.

On a related subject, I was recently in a car accident. When the policeman who came to the scene saw my Washington driver's license and asked me how long I'd been living here in Oregon, he told me he could ticket me for driving that long without an Oregon license. I told him I was a student, that my permanent residence was in Washington, and that I wasn't financially independent from my folks. He said it doesn't matter. He didn't ticket me, but he warned that next time I would be. I've had a few people tell me he was full of shit, but I don't really know, having never needed to establish residency by myself before.

So! Can I, or can I not file for residency in Oregon state? I intend to stay here, and hopefully buy some sort of replacement vehicle, so I imagine I will eventually need an Oregon driver's license.

What say you, Portlanders? Thanks for your help!
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What to do?

I got cited the other day for failing to signal 100ft before a turn. I didn't have my proof of insurance on me, but I assured the officer that I did in fact have valid insurance.

He gave me a ticket for both, but he told me that if I showed up at my court date with my proof of insurance, he would drop everything.

I swear he said my court date is on May 10th, but when I got home and read the citation, it says May 15th.

There is absolutely no way that I can be here for that because I'm having dental work done at a dentist in California the afternoon prior.

What the crap do I do?

I thought about trying to contact the issuing officer, but I'm not even sure if he can do anything at this point now that the paperwork has been done. I am reluctant to enter a plea of Not Guilty in order to secure a trial date, because then he might not dismiss it because it will probably be a pain in his ass.
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Help the Little Guy

Hey All,

This is Portland-related because the website was conceived and developed by a bunch of Portlanders. :)

COLOURLovers community [a community for color fans and fanatics alike that my friend helped his colleague develop] has been nominated for a Webby Award under the category of a Best Community Website of 2007. It's kind of a big deal. Ok, a really big deal.
They're going against big names like Flickr, Delicious and few others.
It would be awesome if you could take 3 minutes out of your day to check this out and give them your support.

To vote for COLOURLovers, go to pv.webbyawards.com and register to vote. The registration box is on the right.
When you have completed registration, click on the WEBSITES category link towards the bottom of the page [on the left side]. Under the CONNECTIONS tab there will be a COMMUNITY link. Click on it and vote for COLOURLovers.

snark me if you want, I don't care....as long as you vote ;-P

news from the clinton st theater


This is hot off the press. David Arquette is scheduled to come the the Clinton St. Theater on 4/20 (Next Friday) to do Q and A following the screening of his film The Tripper.

Come and have a beer with Dave!

The Tag Line for the Film:

Move Over Jason, Look Out Freddie. HEEERE'S RONNIE!
On 4.20, Hippie Blood Will Trickle Down.


Hi all. This is my first time posting to this community. I am currently attempting to relocate to Portland. I recently visted and fell in love with the city and the people. However, I need to find work before I go, as I will basically be blowing my savings on the move. I am a web developer by trade, but I do all kinds of computer stuff, but I tend to the creative. What I am looking for is advice, leads, anything that will help me get to move as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.
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Holocaust dropped from curriculum

(ok so i have been pissed off since i read this.... and i waited and waited to see if it would go away and it didnt.... so maybe discussing it with the DP will make me feel better! Mind you I am not jewish or muslim and am not trying to start a DP jihad.... i just cant stand ignorance and i feel thats what this is in a nutshell!)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

As a Middle East expert, I daily see material from Arab and Islamic sources containing hair-raising threats against America, Israel and the West, as well as media reports on the details of horrendous terrorist attacks.

But this item in a British newspaper may contain the scariest sentence I ever read.

It's so frightening because the story reveals how the institution most entrusted with preserving democratic society and western civilization -- the school system -- is betraying that trust.

According to a report by the British government's Department for Education and Skills, schools in England are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils.
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internet problems?

Any of you have any problems with your Comcast DSL lately? Over the last coupla weeks, our cable modem and Linksys wireless hub have been freaking out, dropping connectivity, jamming up and not letting any packets transmit, etc. Has anybody else had this issue? Is Comcast pulling shenanigans again?

If this has already been discussed on here, oh well. So it goes.
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MetroFi Wireless

Today MetroFi flipped the switch on an expanded wireless cloud area, so my neighborhood is now supposedly covered. I can get a faint signal, but no real connection. The MetroFi website suggests spending over $100 on a Ruckus Wi-Fi modem in order to access their service. Anyone have one of these and use it to access the wireless cloud? Does it actually work or would buying one be a waste of resources?

Friday the 13th hit me a day early...

It appears the transmission in my 87 Subaru has died without warning, online estimates for a rebuilt one installed appear to be $1600+ with the core charge. I am VERY sad, and not sure I want to put that much into it. Anyone know of a good, reliable, economical car/truck/van with an automatic transmission for sale for under or close to $1000 by a private party (someone trading up and being offered less than this from the car lot on their trade-in)? Looks like I'm in the market for a miracle asap.

Or, I MIGHT consider a referral to an honest, affordable tranny shop