April 11th, 2007

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Hey DP
I just wanted to say a great big HUGE Thanks for all of your input, suggestions, happy thoughts in regards to my shitty tax filing experience. I know this is just an online comm and we all pick on each other here and there but honestly, the deep down truth is...all of you have made my really frustrating brain stop fuming and actually smile and feel a lot better about things. No, I am still not pleased with the tax situation but I AM PLEASED that all of you ROCK real hard....well my bf rocks hard too because he got me some Americone Dream Ice cream which has also made me feel better..well for now, until I gain 50 LBS OMG...*giggle*

the best I can do is offer you all a great big INTERNET HUG and tell you all that I am constantly reminded why Portland rocks and that is because of you...all of you!!!!

oh...and since I am collectively hugging all of you in some bizarro way, I hope all of ya showered =)
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B-day Suggestions

I need suggestions for an 18th Birthday bash to make it the best one on record. What I would love would be suggestions allowing for the party to go all day, part of it being all ages, and part of it being 18+ (you can only imagine why), and also allowing for an unlimited number of people to show up (like a park sort of idea).The 18+ group later that night will most likely have no more than 7 of the closest of-age friends.

The plan so far is only comprised of the day. That's about it. May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, my actual birthday. Yes, yes, I am a young-un, but I am well on my way! Please help with ideas anywhere from a small party game to a full fledged activity for 25-ish people (that's just about how many people I had last year). Whether it's an idea you have always wanted to do yourself or something you did for your 18th, I would love to hear about it.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance DPs!
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Filming in the Pearl?

Hey. . .anyone have any idea what they are filming down in the Pearl District? There are cameras, lights, trailers, and people eating expensive finger food right near Jameson Square Park (near Pacific Northwest College of Art (13th and Johnson)).

I feel like my area is being invaded :P
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Escher Snakes

Cyclist Traffic Sting in Ladd Circle

Coming through Ladd Circle this morning, SE Precinct had at least 8 motorcycle cops ticketing bicyclists. As near as I could tell, not even one cyclist had made it through without getting pulled over. And they were all getting ticketed.

Watch that stop sign, guys. And all the other things that car-drivers are required to do.
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Hollywood! (24hr Fitness!)

I joined the gym a few months ago and I’m noticing that I don’t go unless I’m accountable to someone other than myself so I need a workout partner.
Anyone workout in Hollywood and need a buddy? I want to get serious about this but I still feel a little out of place at the gym. It’s a world I’m still not really used to.

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single in the metro area?

As of December of last year I started living on my own. No roomies, no significant other etc. Parts of it are great and parts suck. The things that suck most is that I am TOTALLY bored. I live in Vancouver and have NO idea what to do. What the hell do single people do? 90% of my friends and co-workers are married and live in Gladstone or Gresham. The last time I was single most of the people I knew were as well. I am looking for fun and cheap things to do. Once I passed into adulthood I lost that magical ability that children have, to walk up to a stranger and have a new instant best friend.

Someone suggested bowling but I soooo suck at that. I don't know any bowlers and I'm not sure how many would welcome a really really poor player onto the team.

So give me ideas, wise damnportlanders!
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Paws to Freedom Photo Fundraiser

Paws To Freedom in partnership with
AedanStudio Photography presents:
Family & Friends Portrait Fundraiser

Bring the kids, the grandparents, the pets - or all of them! $19.99 Sitting Fee - Includes 8 x 10 With Option to order additional prints online from the comfort of your own home

For examples of the exceptional work done by AedanStudio Photography, please visit their website at www.aedanstudio.com

Saturday - April 14, 2007
11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Davis Business Center
4370 NE Halsey
Portland, OR 97213

Call 503-615-5700 to reserve your spot
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Where to Take Visiting Friends & Family

I'm a recent transplant to PDX, so we're still getting to know the city and all that it has to offer.

With our first real houseguest arriving today I'm looking for some ideas on what to do with her while she's in town. We have other friends and family who will be visiting later on. So, the more ideas that you have the better!

Here's what I've come up with so far ....

-- Chinese Gardens
-- Saturday Market
-- Hiking out in the Columbia Gorge
-- Maybe Laurelhurst Park (it's nearby and I've been meaning to check it out)

-- walking along Hawthorne Blvd to browse the shops since it's in our neighborhood

-- Malay Satay Hut and/or Pok Pok (two of our new favorite restaurants)

Any other ideas??? Hit me with what you've got!!!
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i was just wondering!

i know that there is a Wunderland arcade near a Salvador Molly's in portland, i think its on morrison, and i have driving directions, but what id really like to know, is how do i bus there?
which max stop? what bus number? what busstop?

i would appreciate some directions :3 because i know that there is a bus that goes right past it, i just cant remember which bus number it is.


The future of Portland??

When New York Was A Open City

I remember the old Deuce, the old 42nd Street. The charm, the sleaze, the realness and for me that was New York City. A time when you had Playland in Times Square, a place where pinball was king and even classic video games filled a room that was cheerful and fun to visit. You could kill hours having fun playing games and it was at a time when Times Square and The Deuce was the jewel it was meant to be in New York City. A city that was once creative and the center of the universe. The city that created punk rock music in one decade and then created hip hop music in the following decade. It was diverse as diverse as a club like CBGB which spawned just as diverse bands like Talking Heads, the Ramones and Blondie all in the same summer.

It was an open city back then. You could see a peep show for 25 cents and you would see every walk of life at these places, business guys in suits, queers in drag, messagers, hookers, dope fiends, tourists who dared to discover the real New York City. There would be a guy wearing a apron full of tokens and you could buy 5 tokens for a buck. When this mish mosh of people were in a classic place like Les Gals watching the loops or enjoying a live show there were no differences between the people inside, everyone was there to enjoy themselves. There were no classes, just people enjoying themselves. This soon changed when that creepy Rudy who they now call America's Mayor came into town and sold it all to big business.

This was and always will be a democratic city no matter what these creeps try to do to it, creeps like Rudy, this creep takes the moral high ground and passed these horrible 'Quality Of Life Laws' to allow corporations like Disney come into The Deuce and Times Square and destroy it. This creepy Rudy who takes the moral high ground ran the peep shows, the jerk booth and the strip joints out of town and in the same breath he cheats on not one but two of his wives. This is a real creep who can't even get his own children to speak to him. The new mayor (another Republican swine) Boobberg is just as bad. This screwhead states the obvious at every chance and belongs where he came from, Boston.

Well, before these two soulless creeps ruined the fun and ended the party in New York City there used to be classic places like Bonds where I saw the Clash play, they used to say that the Clash were 'The Only Band That Matters' and they were right. The Clash played at Bonds 16 nights straight and it was an event. Back then there used to be a great indian restaurant called Nirvana and you could eat and over look Times Square. In the 70's bands like Led Zeppelin used to rent out the place for a private party or a record release party. The Deuce was fun, exciting and had character.

What do we have now? A lot of annoying Chuckie Cheese joints, Toys R Us dumps with brats running around screaming like banshees hyped up on sugar as the parents aimlessly drag them around wearing khaki dockers pants and these creeps look more dead than alive. The kids run around like demons and the parents sulk like unhappy brain dead zombies. Then there are these ugly structures like Foot Locker and Virgin Mega Store. These places are a living and breathing corporate headache spewing out mindless elevator music. They sell these crumby 5th grade reading level books about music groups that make a Gewn Stefani look dangerous, it's beyond laughable. These places lack any sort of style or meaning, they are the typical soulless corporate store and you feel like cattle when you walk into one of them.

People in New York City and in particular us native New Yorkers are fed up with the changes made to our city. No it's not the crime or the filth that we miss and want back, (but would take it back in a second compared to what we now have) hey, I never got mugged back then anyway, if you had some street smarts you would never have a problem. What we do miss is the soul that New York City once had which has been destroyed by these transplants who want to make our city a stinking strip mall which is created to peddle junk. The Ma & Pa shops are almost all gone now and replaced by corporate whore chains which reek of a bland and mindless suburban nightmare. I have news for these hayseeds that are destroying the New York City night life and the soul of my city with their corporate friendly "Quality Of Life Laws" and that is that we are not going to build a Value Village so you dumb no nothing hayseeds feel more at home.

I wish I knew how to play a flute so I could have these hayseed transplant vermin led straight into the Hudson River where they belong. We will not relent, we want our city back, we demand the jerk booth back, we really don't like you people living in our city anymore.

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so my date to queer prom wants me to wear one of those tuxedo t-shirts.

where would i find one in this great city?

also we're trying to match: gold and black. can you get them in different colors? or i guess where should i be shopping for stuff like this?