April 9th, 2007

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Chopsticks on Hawthorne!

This place freakin' rocks. Not only did they gracefully serve us from the lunch menu when we came in three minutes before lunch was over, but the food kicked ass and it was fairly cheap, too. I got my kung pao chicken and my girlfriend got her pho. Both were deemed most excellent.

Make Art Watch Movies Barbecue!

On Tuesdays Watershed is open to the public, and we make art and watch movies. Tomorrow, we'll be barbecueing as well!

Make Art Watch Movies BBQ!

WaterShed, PDX
5040 SE Milwaukie
Portland, 97202

7pm to Midnight

Bring something to grill! Bring your favorite movie!

Call 206-383-7306 if you get lost...
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(no subject)

Last night, I discovered that my cats have fleas.  Ew!  Having recently moved here from the desert, this is my very first experience with fleas.  I wasn't even sure that's what they were until I had it verified by someone who has seen them before.

So, Damnportlaners, where do I get stuff to kill fleas dead?  I know better than to use Hartz products, so I'm looking for Frontline or Advantage, I think.  I can't seem to find them on Petsmart's website, though, so now I'm not sure the store where I was planning to go on my way home will have it.  Does anyone know of a place downtown or in SE where I can get either without a prescription?  I'm going to be making some phone calls, obviously, but if someone here knows of a store I should definitely try, I'd appreciate it.  Better yet, is there such a thing as a vet who'll give me the rx stuff without me having to drag all three cats on the bus to an exam?
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free sofas

I work at the Heathman Hotel downtown, and we're renovating some of the rooms. We have a couple of free sofas, some with pull out beds, some without. I can probably arrange to give away one or two, if you are interested.

I wish I had a way to take a picture here from work, but I don't... They're in decent shape, kind of yellowish colored, and are only about 3-4 years old.

If you are in dire need, call at the hotel, (503) 241-4100 sometime today before 3 PM. Ask for James. You will need to provide your own transportation to pick it up. Let me know.


I'm taking off for the day; if you are still interested, reply to the posting, and I will be happy to check if there are any still available.

Inspiron 6000 charger

Either my computer's power jack or my computer's charger is currently on the fritz, but I'm not sure which one. In order to find out, I need to borrow someone's Inspiron 6000 charger for about 30 seconds. Does anyone own an Inspiron 6000 charger that I can borrow extremely briefly (< 1 minute)?

(no subject)

I need racquetball goggles to go over my glasses. I'd ideally like to be able to go pick them up rather than get them online, but I'll settle if that's my only option.
We've checked the big sports stores and only found a selection of 2 or 3, none of which to go over glasses.

I'm in SW, but I'm out in the tron and Hillsboro fairly often so stores in one of those areas would be the best, but I can travel.
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(no subject)

Hey gang,

An online acquaintance of mine unexpectedly lost a child recently and has been asking about online support groups for parents whose children have passed away. I don't know if she's getting any suggestions, but I figure the more recommendations the better. And then I figured I might as well ask here.

Her child was elementary-school age. The cause of death is still not clear, so more general groups or communities would probably be better right now (as opposed to disease- or cause-specific). I also think LJ coms would be easier, but any online chat groups / boards / forums would probably be helpful.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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(no subject)

My roommate just chipped her tooth on a toothpick in a sandwich she got downtown, and doesn't have health insurance. it's a pretty bad chip and she needs to find a sliding scale dental office that will help her fix it with a sliding scale payment plan....

anyone know of anyplace I can direct her?

Apollo College

Have you or anyone you know been to Apollo College in Lloyd Center? I'm interested in becoming a Vet Tech and I know Apollo doesn't get you a degree, just a diploma, but the recruiter said the only thing you can't do without a degree is anesthesiology, but after 2 years work experience you can take a test for that... 

Do you actually get a good job from going to this school? Are people going to laugh at me if I have a diploma from there?
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To whoever stole my wallet this afternoon...

To the asshole who stole my wallet today on the third floor of Central Library at about 5:45...

I hope you enjoy the less than two dollars in change that was in the change pocket, since that's all that was in my wallet. The only thing on the debit card is debt, but I cancelled it anyway, and I also replaced my library card before I left. So that tiny handful of change is all you're going to get out of me.

Maybe you saw me sit down with my laptop case (containing an old, beat-up used Dell that several members of my family saved up & used an employee discount to buy me for my birthday two weeks ago) and thought "She has a laptop, she can afford to get ripped off." Well, I can't. I really can't right now. It's freaking me out just thinking about finding an extra $25 this month to replace my Oregon ID card.  Why do you think I'm at the library using their internet, just like you?

If you are the person who picked up my wallet when I walked away, PLEASE turn it back in to the library, or just-- anywhere. Turn it in ANYWHERE-- a coffee shop, a grocery store-- and ask the employees to call my phone number and say it's been found. I've been looking for work and I need that photo ID to fill out applications. Please. I don't know what else to say.
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a small personal issue

Dear DP oracle,

Have you ever heard of any ear buds out there for a lady with unusually petite ear canals? *ahem* None of the typical store-bought... *blush*...um...penetrating varieties work for me....the jostling while I jog knocks them out and then, sans la musique, I stop err....prematurely, out of boredom. It’s frustrating.


Seriously, though, am I a mutant? I can hardly get the darned things in. What’s the secret?
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This is taking place tomorrow- just FYI for anyone who might want to participate.  There will be a speaker, a poetry reading and a collection of letters/comments that people want to send to Senator Smith.   

We are asking Senator Smith to back up what he has said, by agreeing not to fund additional money for the Iraq war, which he calls "absurd & criminal". Until he does so, we will lobby and use nonviolent civil resistance to help convince him to walk his talk.  We are hoping that you will join us in taking action that will help to stop this immoral war.       
His vote is extremely important!

Help make this a reality on Tuesday April the 10th

Our troops need your help.  It is time to bring them home NOW!  If you find our current administration and Congress's action unacceptable please join us on April the 10th.  People will be arrested using nonviolent civil resistance, and people who support them will be gathering at all five of Senator Gordon Smith's Oregon offices.  The message will be that it is time to stop funding the Iraq war and bring our troops home.  It is time for Senator Smith to walk his talk.  Funding $100 billion for a slow withdrawal is not the answer.  Defunding the war is the only way, that the war which Senator Smith says he "can not support", will end. 

On April 10th people will gather at all five of Senator Smith's offices:

Portland: Rally at 12:00 noon at the World Trade Center One World Trade Center
121 SW Salmon Street.  People wanting to do civil resistance and be arrested, will meet under the Hawthorne Bridge at 10:30 am. 
Xmas Socks

Where my Peeps at?

I don't even LIKE Peeps. I find them quite disgusting. But I thought I would pass along this post from my friend Tara to share in the post-Easter amusement.

From Tara:

I love Peeps. They are my favorite kind of Easter candy. The Washington Post had a Peeps diorama contest, take a look at some of your favorite movies scenes re-enacted by Peeps.

Peep Show

New to PDX - Bike help!

Ok, so I have a question.
I just moved to Portland about a week ago, and it's incredible... but as much as i love spending time tinkering around my cute new apartment with my faithful maine coon kitty, I decided I need a bike to really experience my new surroundings.

that said, I know nothing about bikes.

and being in a city that touts itself as the bike capital of the country, I'm more than a bit intimidated.

So, I don't need anything fancy or expensive (ideally under $200), just something to get me around town fairly comfortably, and something I can put a super functional basket on the back (or front!). I really don't know anything about bikes...maintenance, etc. I'm willing to learn, but I just don't want to get ripped off for being naive.

So, if anyone has any suggestions, bike shops that will be friendly to beginners and not make me feel like a total fool for instance, or anything else, I would really appreciate it. I live in North Portland, but I need to eventually figure out the bus system, so I can pretty much get anywhere I suppose.

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Anyone know of a Men's Formal Wear shop that is more of a mom and pop type place rather than Men's Warehouse? As in an independantly/family owned type spot? Older man selling suits, etc? Could be Portland or anywhere surrounding.
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(no subject)

EDIT: Never mind, I found it. Very not happy at the moment though.

Does anyone know what the penalties for not paying my 2005 Multnomah County tax would be ?

I got a notice that I needed to pay, and was more than willing to do so, but my W-2's from that period are missing (had to move in a major hurry and can't find the damn things). And of course, all attempts to contact previous employers to get a copy of W-2's have been for naught (still trying).
I tried filing for an extention, but the site that is listed on the notice will not take my account #.
I've got a plan to call the tax office and explain what's going on, but it would be nice to know what might happen if it all gos to shit.