April 8th, 2007

'69 510


If someone is bored and has a digital camera, there is an upside down Subaru Outback on Northbound MLK just past the curve where Grand meets up with it.

Mostly, I just didn't have mine on me and would like to see photos later.

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A few days ago I asked where is the best place to get fresh cheese... ummm, okay, salmon. I ended up going to Zupan's on Belmont and got some really great fresh (caught the day before, as fresh as that is) salmon. The seafood manager was super to work with and I got to watch him cut the fish up for me. Unfortunately, I wasn't wearing my hearing aid, so didn't quite catch the exact type of salmon I got, but it is so rich and buttery and melt-in-your-mouth delicious... mmm... breakfast...
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Hey there DPers,

I've got a few questions and I hope this post doesn't get lost on Easter ( although, the old ladies draped in floral patterns and 10 gallon hats in SE are adorable).

I'm looking to get more into ceramics this summer and would like to join some sort of a studio/coop. It would be cool if they had some instruction to help move me beyond the basics, but I'm more interested in finding someplace where I can come in and throw a few pieces and have them fired with the clay, wheels, glaze, sponges etc. already provided. Are there places like this in Portland?


About two years ago I took some Power Yoga and dance-fitness classes at this dance studio that's located almost under the Hawthorne bridge called Vega Dance Lab, and I note that for spring they don't have those classes offered anymore, I really enjoyed working with the Yoga instructor Yoga Mike who was challenging but patient and really focused on building strength through yoga, does anyone know of any studios that do a really good (well priced) power/fitness yoga class with instructors that are like Yoga Mike?

Thanks everyone!
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Free Annual Seeds For You ?

I have put together several packets of seeds for an annual flower called Love-In-A-Mist (aka Nigella). Each packet has 100 seeds.

They look like this. If planted in April, they produce lovely flowers sometime in June or July. No scent, alas.

They grow about a foot tall with feathery leaves. The flowers are slightly larger in diameter than a quarter. Usually the flowers are powder blue, but occasionally you will get a deep blue, white, or even rose-pink flower. After the flowers fade and the seedpods dry out, you can shake out the seed pods over a container and save the seeds for next year. Or just leave the pods outside to decompose and let the seeds sow themselves next year.

Good directions for growing here. I have found these flowers to be pretty much "idiot-proof." Mine get half a day's sun in so-so soil and do fine.

If you'd like an envelope or two (100 seeds easily cover a space about 4' - 6' sq.), let me know and we can arrange a pick-up time later in the week.
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new to PDX

hi everyone, I just moved from Tacoma, WA a few weeks ago and I'm already loving this city. I currently live on NE 14th and Brazee and am trying to find things within my area. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced gym in this area? Queer friendly is a plus, although it seems like most places here are queer friendly.

I appreciate any info!

windows toshiba laptop audio problem/ phone plan

uh so when i click on itunes it doesnt open and says "itunes cannot run because it has detected a problem with your audio configuration"

i just moved so my guess would be that something got jogged loose or ..i dunno. i tried the install hardware option but it keeps erroring. so...what should i do? OR where should i take my laptop to get fixed? i live in NW, but can go anywhere i guess.

ALSO. i my phone broke (im having technology issues if you cant tell) so im getting a new one. i also have to get a new plan. its just me on the plan, and i use maybe like 200 mins a month but like a billion text messages. what plan should i get?

and also, dont forget to take advantage of the discounted easter candy tomorrow!