April 7th, 2007

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eyeglasses for posers

Anybody have any idea where in Portland I might score a nice pair (or better yet, a selection) of non-prescription eyeglasses for an actor to wear in a film? I'm not convinced costume shops are the way to go (more from hearsay than experience) and I know places like Urban Outfitters used to just stock glasses for hip kids back when that was cool. They had a single pair of plastic ones I may be forced to go back and get, but they didn't really fit the actor's head just right. I spent today wandering through hip stores and mall stores looking, with little or no luck.

We even tried Walgreens, but even the weakest prescription of reading glasses were too much to be wearing for a ten hour day.


Much thanks.

What kind of laptop(s) do you own?

Windows or Mac?

I've got about $1500 for a new laptop but I'm unsure if I should go ahead and get a windows based machine (I've used Windows forever now without too much of a problem) but I can't go anywhere without hearing people gush about how great Mac OS is. Is this just a current fad or is Mac OS really that awesome? I don't know for myself as I have never really messed around on a Macbook (cept my few lunch breaks spent @ the Apple Store in Pioneer Square Mall). Nobody I know owns a Mac either so I'm in the dark.

I don't play computer games and I'd say the most CPU intensive thing I do is some graphic editing w/ Adobe Photoshop.

On a sidenote, if you do say Windows, are you specifically saying Vista? I've yet to use Vista, but I've heard some nightmarish stories so far.
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Free Methodist Churches.

Okay. So I'm trying to find a free methodist church in the area, and it seems like they are far and few between. Google has been inconsistent and my new phone book took away the Free Methodist church section because they are dumb and hate the Baby Jesus.

So I was wondering if any of you knew where a nearby Free Methodist church would be, preferably smallish in size (mega churches scare me).

I live in SW PDX, but I can bus pretty much anywhere.
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nicest liquor stores?

Oh DPers, which liquor store do you think is the nicest, and smacks least of a Depression-era breadline?


Do you know where the three grocery stores in Oregon that have the liquor store inside them? I don't think they are in Portland, and I looked on the OLCC website, but it just has addresses for each store, not a description of where they are. I'm just curious.
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Guess what I need? That's right, it's The Matrix.

Not kidding. Need to watch it for a class by Monday, and messed up gauging my Netflix days. Also lost my Blockbuster card. WOOO! Anyways, would anybody like to loan it out to a brother for a few days? I'll give you collateral, like one of my favorite shoes. And I'd pick it up/drop it off, of course.

Help me out please, fellers!

Good anxiety doctors?

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a doctor/psychiatrist that won't give me hell about my prescriptions? I had a good one but he's moved out of state. The lady I have now, gives me a hard time about wanting to take ativan because it's addictive. I've used 21 pills in two months, how that is addictive, I don't know.

Anyway, I'm looking for someone understanding who won't pass the addiction thing over on me because I'm young. I have severe anxiety problems, and ativan partnered with another medicine that I take is the only thing that helps me.

Any guidance would be great, as I'm tired of finding random doctors that are quick to make me try every kind of SSRI on the market and have it fail, but won't give me something that I know works.

Question Fest 2007

Can anybody recommend a free downloadable DVD ripper that will do well with encoded DVDs? [edit] what about one that spits out into a video format so that i can put it on my ipod?

When it comes to porn, do you prefer a story or no story?

Would anybody mind sending me an album by "she wants revenge", "bloodhound gang" or any music featured in the show scrubs over msgr? [yahoo: dalewoodruff msn: little_dale@hotmail.com]

Do you prefer to chat with webcam or without?

Lemon in your water, or no?

Want a new myspace friend?

Is anybody really happy with their apartment in Beaverton? (looking to move in two months)

Can anybody recommend a really cool place to go smoke a cigar and drink a beer?

[edit] can anybody recommend something cheap and fun to do tonight? prefferably something with a social interaction involved?

I love you portland!


So, there is a bar at the East end of the Ross Island bridge that looks like it just came under new ownership or something...they hoisted a big rainbow flag and changed the name to BENT.

So, has anyone been there? Or at least know what sort of people go there? LIke is it a gay bar, dyke bar, random pansexual queer-o bar, etc?