April 6th, 2007

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just wondering if anyone knows anything about this new place they call the Spectrum? its going in where madame butterfly used to be.. and i know a everyone is gonna be like "ummm..its on stark street and its totally decked out in rainbows, like..a-duh" but i was just curious if anyone knew anything more about it than that :)

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Since QuickStop Photo's downtown location is no longer there, I was wondering if any of you have recommendations for similar businesses in the downtown area. I'm looking for a photo developing place where I can upload photos and place my order online, and pick up the photos in person. I know QuickStop has delivery options, but sometimes I'm just ordering one or two 3x3 prints and don't really want to spend more in shipping than the actual photos cost. :)

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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business cards

hey everyone,

i am in the market for a small quantity (shall we say 200?) of business cards, preferably simple, clean and as cheap as possible. does anyone have experience with this? do you prefer online or a physical location?

thanks in advance.

Sex Meth Death Cult in Gresham

No not really.
I've been thinking about replacing my 5 year old Dell with a new iMac, to go with my awesome new Wacom Graphire4 (which I will use to make homosexual web comics of you if you ever flame me).
Anyone here use a iMac and have much to say about it? I'm really just going to use it for some light photo editing, music and browsing. Is the factory sound system quality very good?

Friday Night...

Well, I was supposed to be babysitting tonight, but they canceled last minute.  They did however, decide to pay me anyway for my "time I would have spent." 

Now I have the night free but no plans.  Tell me, DP's, What should I do this glorious Friday evening? Anything worthwhile going on tonight?

plant identification & assistance?

Okay, the pictures aren't great - best I could do with my little cell-phone-cam - but I'm hoping they're good enough... 
I have these plants growing in my backyard and looking really sad and unhealthy.  Bug-eaten leaves, though otherwise the greenery looks pretty good, but what I'm assuming are the flowers are all white/pale green - one of them is vaguely lavendar.  And today I notice I've got what looks to be maybe the same plant growing elsewhere.  So I'm wondering if anyone can confirm (from these sad photos) whether they are the same creature, possibly what creature they are, and then maybe recommendations on the habitat they would like?  The unhealthy ones have sprouted up through small gravel under a layer of pine needles (under two large piney trees); the healthier ones are growing at the edge of the lawn, so they get sun at least.  Not bug-bit, flowers are more clearly flowers and more definitely lavendar colored.  They look vaguely hyacinth-y to me, but if that's what they are, it's either a different variety from what I'm used to or even the well plant isn't really happy...

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  Edit: Thanks, all!  It appears to be a wood hyacinth (which is indeed a monocot in the lily family).
hippie halloween

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I'm planning on taking the boy for a surprise picnic tomorrow (fingers crossed for the weather holding). Anyone know a good spot for one? Preferably up north (I'm a UP student, so around there would be nice) but if there's some really awesome place that makes for good picnicking I'm up for that too. Thanks!


For about a week I've had this strange skin rash on my torso. It started out looking like insect bites and felt very itchy and painful to the touch.

About 3 days ago the bumps turned into small blisters that are now starting to scab over. I looked up any info I could find on WebMD and Shingles came up. I think this is what I have.

The *weird* thing is, while I was at Safeway tonight, I saw a notice on the entrance that the pharmacy was offering shingles vaccines.

My question is, has anyone had or *have* this and is there just some random outbreak or something?

I feel like a leper.
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Don't cover that!

I am sitting here in the balmy late Portland evening, reading and typing and listening to music and generally enjoying the last few strains of the gorgeous symphony that is a spring day in Portland... and it occured to me that the song I'm listening to (Lovely Day, by Bill Withers) should NEVER have been covered by Maroon 5, the stupid fucking posers.

Like all of you, I've certainly enjoyed some cover tunes over the years. Cake made "I Will Survive" almost listenable. Bill Shatner mangled "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" to memorable effect, so effin' bad that it was good.

But, geezus. Leave that awesome Bill Withers song alone! And, for the love of all that is holy, the Chili Peppers had to have been wasted when they thought they could do justice to Stevie's immortal "Higher Ground."

So, tell me... what are the worst cover songs, ever? Who took a song that you loved and eternally fucked it up for you?