April 5th, 2007

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Warped Tour: Street Team

Pre-sale tickets are now on sale for the Vans Warped Tour presented by AT&T.

The pre-sale is the only place to get discounted tickets. The presale is also offering the 2007 Warped Tour Compilation album for $3.50. You can also buy an exclusive T Shirt and discounted AP Magazine subscription that comes with a "Cut the Warped Tour Autograph Line" pass for $10.

8/19 – St. Helens (Portland), OR – Columbia Meadows – Presale ends SUNDAY, JULY 15th at 8 AM Eastern Time

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sushi san fancisco

first thursday street art?

i'm going to first thursday for the first time in a very long time. Last time i went i found one section where folks were selling art and stuff on the street and in a couple rooms of what may have been PICA - anyone know if there will be non-gallery Last Thursday style stuff? and where abouts it might be?


Have a happy kitty


Happy hour alert!

I was just grousing about Portland's lack of an izakaya (Seattle has at least one) when I discovered the next best thing! Bush Gardens current happy hour special. They have fifteen different small plates for a buck ($1) each! The quality is not Murata, obviously, but it's quite good. Try the takoyaki (octopus dumplings)! They have Kirin on draft and smoking so you can feel like a genuine salaryman getting off the Ueno line after a long day designing laptops at Fujitsu.

You can also order any other sushi, too. I had some very good flounder and scallop nigiri.

Usual disclaimer: I don't know the owners or anyone that works there...
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art show

I'm part of an art show that opens tonight at City Hall. There are some really amazing artists selling their work at very cheap prices. There will also be free food and free booze.

Come down. Say hello.

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NYC Subway Mo 1

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

(I just arrived in NYC, where I'll be for the next four days. Although I'm excited to be here, I do realize that I will be missing out on some goodness back in Portland over the weekend....)

1. The weather in the 70s over the next few days (it was a bit of a culture shock to realize the weather is in the 30s here with strong chilly winds!).

2. The beginning of the Portland Farmers Market (at PSU) season starting this Saturday!

3. The 13th Annual Spring Beer & Wine Fest at the Convention Center (I know of several damnportlanders who are happily attending this....grrrrrrr.).

4. Randomly encountering a fire dance troupe performance along the Eastbank Esplanade last Sunday evening.

5. Having awesome damnportlanders friends nearby in my neighborhood who invited me over last Friday when my area of the neighborhood was affected by power outage for several hours.

6. Random smiles from fellow bicyclists during the morning commute.

7. Realizing that the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival is going on now (until April 22nd)--I can't wait to visit the festival once I return from NYC!
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Antennas attached to street lights?

I've been noticing what looks to be antennas attached to street lights all over the place, specifically within Portland city limits. They're probably 4-5 inches in diameter and about a foot and a half tall. I see them attached to street lamps and traffic signals. Anyone know what these are?

I'll try and snap a picture tonight while I'm downtown.

Current suggestions:
- Traffic cameras (they seem to be in spots where people could/would/do speed)
- Cell repeaters
- Wi-Fi access

They look like this:

I'm guessing they're MetroFi antennas. Maybe? :)

Cat boarding/kennel

Hi folks,
I am headed to Vegas this weekend and would like to find a place to board my cat.
Ideally a place where they let the cats out of the cage for some time as mine is used to being indoor/outdoor. Also clean and not uber $$.
I'm in SE, but would travel 10-15 miles for the *right* place.
I found Dog and Cat Spa ...anyone used them?
Any help is appreciated!

Because I haven't promoted this in a while.

I think I posted about this video to this community when it came out, but that was over a year ago:


and I posted about this one a few months ago, but the video was taken down and then reposted for technical reasons:


These are by MC Radiation, who has been doing great work for a few years now. These videos are awesome, and they are also very Portland. Especially the first one, twenty years from now, we will be able to watch that and get flooded with nostalgia.

Art Show Tonight

Tonight I am taking part in a group show at The Generator Group. If you got nothing else going on come out please.

Opening Reception, April 5th 2007 from 6pm-10pm, with DJ Joelschool
Show close May 31, 2007
Artwork may be viewed at Generator Group from 11am-5pm, Mon-Fri

Generator Group
2340 NW Thurman St. Suite 202 and 302
Portland, OR 97210

Also, Here are some of my new pieces

New Work.

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Is there any place that sells fireworks year round? My buddy has this grand romantic idea and it involves fireworks so we really need to be able to get a hold of some.

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  • drjeff

Palm Tungsten E for trade... maybe!

I have a Palm Tungsten E that's in reallllly nice shape. I've barely used it. I'm not sure if I want to keep it.
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I could sell it, and probably get a hundred bucks or so for it. I could keep it and learn to become obsessive enough to keep my life in there.

Or maybe... just maybe... someone on DP has something cool they'd like to trade for it!

I'm up for any and all offers, especially photo equipment or other tech doo-dads. I'll probably end up hanging onto this thing, but I figured I'd at least give DP a crack at tempting me out of my E!

What sayest thou, O DPers?

awesome weather!


I was wondering if anyone knows a place in Portland where I can purchase some clothesline to dry clothes on outside. I searched a lot of websites but couldn't really find anything...home depot had some but only available to order online and I need it asap.

Thank you!
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Please add your ideas for this.

So, I'm thinking with the nice weather scheduled for Saturday...we could have a picnic.

A NORMAL picnic, you say? Fie! Fie the normal picnic!

This will be a DAMNPORTLANDERS PICNIC. And what's more, it will be a costume/theme party.

Dr. Jeff will have a booth, handing out psychiatric advice (and Zoloft) for 5 cents...

Littlebluedog will bring his/someone else's dogs, spray painted blue (only for the day of course)...and maybe a red dog too...

Prettymuchjulia can bring the giant lightbulb costume and be forced to wear it...;D

Lokidecat can...randomly insult people? He would have to bring a mask to keep his identity secret...

Dale? You bring the cinnamon.

We could play games...Guess the DPer, have a snarkjuice battle (squirt guns)...

Ideas, people? Let's make it happen! Location? Food? Games?

...nah, fuck it. Let's just type on teh Internets.
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Dance of Desire

In search of flowers...

Calling all folks who have lovely Spring flowers abloom in their yards or gardens!

I am working on decor for a City Repair fundraiser tomorrow night (with Bassnectar, Zilla, and the Funginears -- more info here: http://www.cityrepair.org/wiki.php/wow ), and am in search of flowers and greenery! The flowers will be used for centerpieces during a special dinner for the performers, and then throughout the venue once the show starts. Unfortunately, there's not a big budget for this, and my own yard isn't a great resource. So I am calling on you, fellow Portlanders, to help me in my search!

Are you interested in donating some flowers or greenery? I would be willing to come and pick it, or just pick up anything you've already harvested. (You could just leave it on your front porch, if you don't plan on being at home). I will be in NE Portland tomorrow morning, and in SE during the afternoon. If you have any flowers (tulips, daffodil, daphne, cherry blossoms, camellias, etc.) or greenery (camellia leaves, ferns, shrubbery, moss), let me know!

Either reply here, or E-mail me at PDXKitten at hotmail dot com. Please include your phone number and the best time to reach you. I would be really super grateful for any help (even a handful of cut flowers would be fantastic). Thanks in advance!


From Sunnyside Neighborhood News:

Chester Yeom was tragically injured in an attempted robbery on March 4th at the Belmont 34 Market and was admitted to OHSU with C1-C3 spine and spinal cord injuries, rendering him a quadriplegic. The bullet entered his right ear and is lodged somewhere between his first and third vertebrae. At the present time, the doctors do not expect to remove the bullet. He remains hospitalized on a ventilator in critical condition but his vital statistics are stabled. His condition will be an ongoing monitoring of life and his future stability is unknown. This is a permanent injury and Chester will require a lifetime of ventilator support and continuous supervision and care.

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Rat cage for sale

A few weeks ago, I was talking to someone in this community about my elderly rat and the cage I would be selling once she was gone. She finally died (quietly in her sleep, just as I'd been hoping for. RIP, Rowan), and her cage is ready to be sold. Only now I can't find the thread, or any old emails, or anything to remind me who the person was who was interested in buying the cage.

It's a Martin's High Rise
18" x 11" x 24"
Three ramps
Two balconies
Full middle floor
Drop-in 2½" plastic pan
Powder-coated wire, black
Less than a year old, in great condition.

The carry handle isn't attached, but I have it if you want it. I also still have a whole bunch of the metal c-rings and the special pliers that come with it for assembly, plus the original instructions. I'll track them down if you'd like them. It's fully assembled and very sturdy, I used about half the metal rings and half small, black zip ties to assemble, because several rat people assured me it would be sturdier that way, and they were right.

Ordering a new one plus shipping will run you roughly $75-100 and then you'll have to put it together yourself (which is seriously a bitch, let me tell you). I'm asking $50, but willing to negotiate trade instead of cash if you've got something I need. Whoever I was talking about it with before gets dibs, but if she's not interested anymore, it's up for grabs.

Reliable house painters?

We need the exterior of our house painted! I have a list of companies found in the phone book and Google, but I'd like to know if anyone's had a really good experience with any painters here so we can avoid the frustrations we've had with our other workers.

Enlighten me, damnportlanders!
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Amtrak Cascades AC outlets

I'm taking the train up to Seattle on Saturday. Do regular coach seats have AC outlets, or is it only business class? I want to be able to use my laptop to work and maybe watch a DVD, and the battery sucks ass. Amtrak's page isn't very clear.
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Rescue Kitty needs a home!

Okay, we were suckers and took in our first charity stray kitty. He was abandoned and was quite thin and dirty.
He needs a great home ASAP! My kitties are getting quite put off that there is another kitty in the house taking up THEIR bathroom space (which they never use, but now suddenly want to spend ALL their time in, of course).

Help me find him a home!
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