April 4th, 2007

Thumbs Up!

Local Film for you to see.

People here are always wondering about movies that are being filmed around town. It seems every time somebody sees a couple of guys standing around a camera and some lights with a trailer in the background, people go totally apeshit.

Well, now's your chance to see one of those films that was made right here in Portland. Cathedral Park is an interesting story, set in this city, but about people from the distant land of Otisia. It debuted at Longbaugh, and is also playing through thursday at Livingroom Theaters:

Cathedral Park
Playing Livingroom Theaters.
SW 10th and Stark, downtown
Showing at:
(12:30) (2:20) (4:25) 6:25 8:05

Check it out! The trailer can be viewed here.
"When the going gets dark..."

"Small Is Beautiful" Tree Service Wanted.

Here at Chez Xeno-Varro, we have 3-5 sapling trees in the back yard. They came from the Arbor Day Society three years ago and have been lovingly tended. (Well, tended as best we can.) Now they are ready to be dug up once more and moved to their final locations in our yard. Where we hope they will live long and productive lives.

Do you know of an affordable professional tree service that will do this ? I am looking not just for planting but help with the locating and staking of these li'l green babies as well. We live on a wind-prone corner that has killed saplings and other plants before, so I don't want to rely on guesswork to locate and stake the saplings.

I have called several services but they don't return my calls. Possibly they don't want to bother with such a small job.

Bonus points for a service in N or NE Portland.


(Yes, I have spoken to Friends of Trees. Nice people, but they refuse to plant an already-purchased tree. They would rather provide their own. :/ )
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EVs in Portland?

I have a question for all you fine people:

Anyone here drive an EV (electric vehicle)? Either one that you bought from a dealer, or did a conversion on (from a hybrid or full gas engine)? Thoughts and/or opinions on hating/loving them, difficulties, effusive praise, or caveats appreciated.

I've been thinking that it might be the kind of car for me, driving around the surface streets of Portland. I have been doing some research on it, but it is still a bit mystifying. I am wondering if I should go to the MC Electric Cars showroom (it's the only one I could Google- if you know of another please say so), but I'm reticent about talking to a salesperson until I hear from people who've actually owned/driven an EV.

Better still, can anyone turn me on to a good mechanic that is capable of doing EV conversions?

Thanks, you lean green driving machines of Portland.

auto repair suggestions..

I've just moved to Portland and am looking for a reputable place to take my 2004 Toyota Rav4 for a tune-up/oil change.
Not super keen on dealerships...prefer a local shop. I'm in SE, but willing to drive 10-15 miles for the right place.

Any suggestions?

Your favorite place in Portland

Hey Portlanders,
I'm wondering what everyone's favorite places in Portland are. I'm not necessarily talking about businesses, but I'm looking for locations that feel distinctly Portland. I guess I'm looking for things outside of the norm. Things like Powell's and Pioneer Square are a little obvious. I'm looking for things a little bit off the beaten path. Perhaps a particular part of Forest Park? Up top Rocky Butte? Hawthorne between 37th and 35th? What makes you love this city we live in?
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hearing help

I am trying to get my Rexton hearing aids reprogrammed to my specifications. They are actually hand-me-downs and un-used (my grandfather purchased them, and passed away suddenly the week after). They were purchased from Costco, but they will not reprogram them as I am not the original owner.

The original thought was to return them, but of course, all the proof of purchase information has been lost.

I did a Rexton search on google, and none of their authorized retailers are authorized to reprogram hearing aids.

Does anyone know where I might be able to get this done?

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There have been a rash of music posts today so I can see we're all ready for a 70 degree Friday so we can open the windows, drive around and let the Alpine blast.

So I ask you, what album have you listened to so many fuckin times you could sing it in your sleep?

I listened to Dillinger Four's Midwest Songs of The Americas once a day for 4 years straght, no bullshit. I still love that record to this day.

Anyone got me beat?



i am looking for a place in the city that has a really nice view of the city, or is near a body of water somewhere pretty...mainly a romantic-ish place that will let me show off my city to my girl who lives in seattle! any help would be so fantastic. i know this city has got it, but where?

i have heard of mt. tabor park, pittock mansion and kelly pointe but I don't know where/what these things are. any guidance? oh! and day, or night?

more jack

Just in time for your Goth Easter!

Free Black Bunny Rabbit (to a good home, not for hasenfeffer.)

4 months old, male dwarf. Very cute. Litter box trained. Comes with cage, litter box and 2-3 months worth of food. There is nothing wrong with him, I just took him as a temporary situation and need to find him a home.

xposted to CL.
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custom t-shirts?

I finally found a t-shirt that fits exactly right and I bought a bunch, but I want to put some custom designs on them. Can anyone recommend places that will do this? If the place requires you to buy their shirt to do it, I'd be willing to check them out, but I have a tough time finding a good fit.

Star Trek Numerology

In X-Files, the number 1014 is a recurring Easter Egg. It commemorates the birthday of Chris Carter's wife. You'll see it in hotel room numbers and the like. It's also the name of the production company (or something like that) for X-Files

Similarly, someone was telling me that Star Trek plays the same game with numbers. Or does it?
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My good pal sistermaryeris wants to sign her 5th grade son up for some futbol, AKA soccer. I like the concept, if for no other reason than the fact that she'd make a hawt soccer mom.

The question is, WHERE? WHEN? Do any of you know how the byzantine, seemingly-secret soccer underground works around here? All she's looking for is a dang soccer league! It's been harder than it should be. Who's got the skinny?


mad man

Help with Microsoft Movie Maker file

I converted videos from my phone (MP4, I guess) to .wmv. Then, I organized them into the movie I wanted, complete with credits.

The problem is that my computer has no sound. Even though my XP is licensed, I had the audacity to take the parts from a machine that no longer exists and my stuff doesn't match up anymore. So, my suspicion is that DRM is keeping me from having sound. Since I can't edit the audio track, I can't have the final product I want.

Is there anyone who would be willing to edit the audio track for me? I was thinking of using the voice post feature on LJ to time the narration and just make it separately available. What do you think? I'd buy you a beer...
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(no subject)

i hardly post here -- haven't in quite some time -- but i would just like to say that it is hard to meet people after college who have the same interests as you, etc etc. without those people living in florida or australia or somewhere else far away. i need to make new friends because i suddenly feel very alone. even if it is just online. for now. or something. i don't even know. i am tired.