April 3rd, 2007


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So, I am going to be taking a trip to Germany in the fall and I am incredibly rusty talking German. I would love to take a class somewhere that would only be maybe 1 or 2 days a week (or late nights since I work until 9pm all the time)... Does anybody have any recommendations for where I should look? I definately do not need beginners German since I took two years in high school and a couple quarters at Clark College... I just need a refresher course, really.

Restaurant Recommendations - Rehearsal Dinner

I'm helping some out of town friends plan a rehearsal dinner in June and was hoping for some restaurant recommendations.  I've looked on citysearch and the like but it doesn't really help right now.  The preferred restaurant would be in either NE or SE, close to a park and able to handle a group of 16 to 20.  I'm trying to find something with better food than a McMenamin's. 


Edit: Sorry for the confusion on the $10 a person (which is low I know, I'm just going off what my friends requested).  $10 an average entree price is ideal.  Recommendations on placing up to $20 an entree appreciated as well.  Some place that does catering and rehearsal dinners on occasions would be great.

Used books?

So, other than Powells (I already checked.. ) where is a good place in Portland (or surrounding areas) I can check to find a used book, specifically "Salesforce.com for Dummies". I've found it used online, but it'll take 10 days to get to me, and I need it very soon. Or if anyone has ever used Salesforce.com and has a good reference where to go to study up on it a bit, that would be fantastic as well (other than their website, been there, doing that).

Thanks a bunch!

hey portland

i'm on a new mission these days. it's to find new friends. i might know half of Portland or at least partied with a good number of people. i want something new!

this is me: pdx native, psu graduate, employed at ohsu psych dept, live alone errr...w/ cat and dog, avid bicyclist, pastery lover, ex-Sprockette, indie rock scenesterrr, last show was the Thermals, morning person, arty sort of and...yea. happy hour is also my good friend. let me know if you like cheap drinks too. or something else. woo!

IPRC Fondue Party & Paper Art Show

Thursday • April 5th • 6 – 9pm
Independent Publishing Resource Center
917 SW Oak St #218

Benefit Art Show and Open House featuring fondue of many types - you bet there will be vegan fondue!

Fondue can mean a lot of different things. The basic idea is something bread like dipped into something warm and melty. To me that means vegan french toast squares dipped into a chocolate maple sauce. Don't have a fondue set? No problem! Do you have a crock pot? Rice cooker? Fill it up and bring it in.

Or just come by and eat some fondue ($2 - 5 suggested donation), hang out, and learn more about the IPRC.

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Yet another post looking for a restaurant

Again, I come to my dear Damnportlanders.  I will soon be celebrating something great with my sweetheart, and I want to really celebrate.  And that means a great restaurant.  I'm thinking fondue, because I love fondue.  I know about The Melting Pot, and I've been to on in another state, and it was pretty darn good.  However, when it comes right down to it, it's a chain.  In my experience, chain restaurants are rarely as good as non-chain restaurants.  So Damnportlanders, is there a really fabulous fondue restaurant in PDX?  Preferably in SE or downtown, but it doesn't absolutely have to be.  We're willing to spend some time on the bus for some really, truly spectacular fondue.

Hey Portland!

So I'm going to be in your town for 1 full week, April 11-April 16, to decide whether I want to move there.

What should I absolutely do while I'm in town? What neighborhoods should I see? Why do you love/hate Portland and your neighborhood in particular? How do you feel about the cost of living?

About me: Husband and I are 25, have lived in central Indiana, downtown Chicago, and rural southern Kentucky. Neither of us want to live in the 'burbs. We would rather bike/walk than drive, and want to live within walking distance of grocery stores, bars, theaters, etc. Would also love to have a small fenced yard for gardening and the cat. We're not really into any "scene", be it hipster, punk, or whatever, but get along with most types. No kids, no plans for kids.

Crossposted to a few Portland communities...sorry if I'm spamming your friends page.

Hotel / Motel Search

I've been researching and am stopping here in my last ditch efforts. I need a hotel that would allow about 6 people into one room. Or could hold 6 people. It's for a bachlorette party in a few weeks. Does anyone know of a hotel in the downtown area that has 2 Queen beds and a pull out couch in one room?

Thanks for any information!

tv and movie sites

I am looking for websites that contain entire movies and shows in embedded players (essentially no downloading necessary). (specifically The Office) Bittorrent is too slow for me right now.

http://tubezoom.com/ (click on Movies or TV Shows)

Anyone have any links to share?
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Extra large grill

Ok all knowing DPers, it's time to put you to the test...

I need your help finding one of those pull behind your truck grill businesses. You know, they pull up with their supersized grill and charbroil your selected goodies so that you and your 150 closes can have a finger lickin' good time?

Any ideas? I can't seem to find anyone who does this....

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My boyfriend doesn't have access to posting on LJ from work, so i'm asking for him, and I presume it's for a coworker of his. Anyway... We need information on where to have a "memorable yet contemporary evening for a conservative "older" couple...Portland style". In the same vein as the boat dinner thing, but any other ideas? Thanks!
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Yo, radioheads!

No, not Radiohead. I'm talking to anyone out there with any ideas regarding AM radios that don't sound like WWII-vintage Soviet geiger counters with low batteries.

I listen to baseball on the radio when I can, and that means AM, and that means I am wearing THIS ridiculous item, a set of "AM headphones" circa 1987:

I don't like this. They look stupid and sound really freakin' bad.

I'd love to figure out whether someone makes a little AM radio that sounds decent, stays tuned without wandering into high-powered Tijuana stations after dark, and maybe just comes with a little set of earbuds rather than my current "hey look, I'm a dumb-ass" setup.

Anyone? Anyone?

Bonus points if they're vegan. heh.

Oh, and go Mariners.

Pillow Fight

I know all you damn Portlanders get all giddy around Pioneer Square Pillow Fight time but now there's something new on the horizon.

A friend of mine is planning the first All Girl Competitive Pillow Fight.. If you're a girl and you're interested in pillow fighting in a bracket style competition comment here and I'll be happy to give you the planners phone number. I'd hate to post it here in the open and have her get a slew of phone calls from un interested folks.

It's coming soon, in the next few weeks, so let me know.
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Odd question, but does anyone know of a bank that has Colombian pesos available for purchase? Alternatively, do you have Colombian pesos for sale? I need about 225 Colombian pesos before I leave for Seattle early Saturday morning...I know it's worth about $0.10 USD, but it's kind of a joke for someone :)

hey puddin'.

Dear DP, please share your favorite butterscotch pudding recipes with me. Vegan recipes get bonus points. I'll let you know which one I go with, and shower the winner with praise. Maybe I'll let you lick the spoon.