April 2nd, 2007

Homes for Rent

Hey pals, I need some guidance please...

I'm in the market for renting a house, but I need a good website I can poke around on.

Unfortunately, I'm not anywhere near Portland, so exploring on foot is not an option.

Or maybe you've been on foot and spotted some sweet rentals?

Please, help a native Portlandian return home!
but nobody beats vincent price.

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We just moved to the Portland area and were wondering about food delivery options. Where we come from, pizza was pretty much the only thing you could get delivered to your door, so I'm hoping there are more options here.

In particular, I'm curious if there are any 24 hour delivery places here. Searching Google and the DP history has turned up nothing so far.

Anyone have any awesome leads?


what's your favorite order of magnitude? I'm a fan of frequency.

portland-related due to how in fact portland is full of orders of magnitude.
baby monkey

pastries and shopping!

on a mission of mercy the other day, my honey and i headed to diprima dolci on north killingsworth.  you want a real cannoli?  go there.  do not get it to go  - you must eat it right away.  we also had a spot of lunch (the sausage roll - omfg!!) and grabbed some bread for dinner.  feeling fat and happy, we headed out to the car, when i spotted "tickled pink" right next door.  resale maternity and baby clothes (and a few toys and stuff).  since my daughter is pregnant with my second grandson, i had to run in.  picked up a ton of stuff for under $40.  

so, know a pregnant woman or a kid?  get them a present, and stop for a cannoli or a sfogliatelle (or even zeppoli  on the last saturday of the month), and when the weather gets warm they have wine and music nights in the garden.  i can attest to the perfection of that.
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Curious - prefab?

Do any of you have experience with prefab homes? Perhaps you had one built, or know someone who did?

I'm trying to get a rough, rough idea for local companies who do prefab building and true cost estimates. It's hard to get an idea from websites as sometimes the price estimate includes things like plumbing, but sometimes it does not.

Anyone? I'd love to pick your brain. =)
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I'm looking for used camera equipment places. Specifically, I'm looking for some bellows for my Nikon F-mount.

Stores I know of:

Citizen's Camera
Pro Photo
Blue Moon
Advance Camera
Camera Works
Knights Camera

Any other good used shops out there?

Animal Shelters in Beaverton area

I was thinking that I would like to try to volunteer my time at an animal shelter at least a few days a week. I would like to try to find one near the beaverton area since this is the closest to where I live. Does anyone know of a few good ones that take volunteers? My puppy died a few weeks ago of kidney faliure from cancer and I really miss being around animals but am not yet ready to get another puppy. I figured the best way would be to help animals by enjoying being around them and volunteering my time somewhere it is really needed.


Last minute hangups.

My friend and I have been planning to go to this show for over a month now, and even though he asked for the day off his boss is making him work. The long and short of it is I have an extra ticket to Isis on Wednesday, 9PM, and all my friends are working. Just my luck that I'm the only one who gets out at 3.

I guess I'm looking for someone who would like to go to that show, and who is into the band...although I'm not real hot on doing something like this with a complete stranger. I have to work the next day so it wouldn't be some all night binge of insanity or anything.

I didn't even really have a plan of what I wanted to say in this post, maybe it's all about catharsis or something.

Anyway. I hope you all are having a good day.

all new! kittenmouse radio!

Kittenmouse radio is back in its old timeslot at 9 pm, starting tonight, so if you have an early bedtime, now is your chance to listen to it again (it was in the 11-midnight Monday slot for the last couple months). Same day (Monday), same place, of course (1450 am, and kpsu.org, if you aren't actually physically *in* Portland).

Some examples of what we play on the show are...Jim O'Rourke, Belle and Sebastian, David Bowie, The Wipers, Opeth, Agalloch, Mirah, Joanna Newsom, Deerhoof, Jarvis Cocker, Joy Division, Hella, Unrest, Antony and the Johnsons, Camera Obscura, The Minders...I could go on, but I don't want to you to fall asleep before the show actually starts. Any requests?


I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my post about the puppy I saved and how I was looking for a vet.
I decided to go with Aloha Cat and Dog Clinic. They were amazing, really helpful, and decently priced. The puppy (whose name is Onyx) is happy and healthy. He was covered in fleas when I got him but the vet gave him some medicine and he's all better now.

Thank you everyone!

Anyone in North PDX need a parttime childcare job?

I am posting this to my caregiver group too, but just in case... someone contacted me desperate for a decent sitter and the time/location does not mix with my schedule right now. The job is watching a 10 month old from 130-430ish, 2-4 days a week, might turn into more hours down the road... some light housekeeping and occasional meal prep appreciated, right now it is to cover a gap in schedules between the mom and dad being home. Pays $8+ hr (willing to negotiate), this is under the table.... if anyone is interested email me or leave a message and your email on my journal. Mom needs someone stable who can flex the days to be covered and who is reliable.... references from people you have done childcare for before would be helpful but not required

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Last night, our sweet little indoor kitty got outside.
He is black, but his coat sometimes looks a little red in the sun. His paws and little kitty nipples are white, with a white streak on his chest. He's about a year and half, but on the small side and walks close to the ground. He has a kitty shape id tag with his info and ours on it.
We are worried sick about him and need him to come home.
We live in se around 20th and hawthorn
If anybody has any information as to his whereabouts, it would be great if you could contact me.
Thank you so much for your help, I know there are a lot of kitty people in this group.

edit: kitty kitty was found! he was stuck between a board in the back yard. Thank you for everyones help!

Job Poll! For Science!

Not really. Actually, it's just for my own moribund psycho-science. What I want to know is, who here has a freakin' awesome job? Something out of the mainstream, something that just fits? And, importantly, how did you get it? A lot of schooling? Luck? Sleeping around? Inheritence? Because I just got screwed over for a pretty cool gig I was gonna do, and now I'm in search, but I am looking for something that doesn't make me want to kill myself 3 to 9 months in.
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Quick question

Does the Clinton St Brewery still give you a huge ass thing of free beer on your birthday? Is it the bar attached to the theater or the other bar next to it?

I know the rogue gives out free beer.

It's too late for Todai.
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Beer, Mcmenamins style

Dearest friends, how does one ship Beer?

I know about those websites where ordering micro-brews is a pleasure! But I have a hankering for a nice Hammerhead or Ruby ale. Unfortunately I am about 3200 miles away from the nearest Mcmenamins right now!

So, I know that shipping booze must be legal (in some respect) because you can do it legitimately online. But can anyone ship beer to anyone? Say, could I commission one of you fine Portlanders to ship me several pints of Ruby, Hammerhead, and Terminator if I pay for materials, shipping, handling + a generous tip?
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Just have to say, I heart rivercity bikes! They made a modification to my bike that everyone told me was impossible, in less than a day, for $5.

*sorry if this sounds like an advertisement, but, you know... I'm a happy kid. :)  So, yeah. Don't flame me. You may now go back to asking about tattoos.*
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Hey DP.

There was a post awhile back about a kitty up for adoption and I never got a reply but I really would like a kitty. ;_;

You see, I moved from Florida but couldn't afford to bring my cat along. He'll be on his way up here around the end of April, beginning of May, though. However he's used to having other animals to play with. He rough housed with my two dogs and my former roommate's kitten and he gets lonely easily because I have to work. I love him to death but really want to find him a companion.

So, in short, I'm prowling for kittens. I prefer any between 8 months to a year so they can adjust to growing up around another cat. Anything younger is fine, too. If they're clipped and fixed and all that jazz, that's great. I liked the idea of a $25 adoption fee but if you have any to give away, too, that works.

We can come pick it up or have it brought to us, whichever is easier. (We're across the street from PSU.)

So... kitties?
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thank you to everybody for the late-night dining help. i'm continually amazed at how nice portlanders can be.

(now would be the cue for the snarky comments.)

oh, btw, whoever it was that posted a few days ago about fluxx, my wife (fiercerose) and i would definitely be down for that, job/school permitting.

hitches, roof racks and civics...

I want to put a receiver hitch on my civic. Is there any specific model type I need to be looking for on craigslist? Officially civics aren't supposed to have hitches, but I'm not hauling anything major...I just want to put on a bike rack and still get into the trunk...

while I'm at it, does anyone have a thule 400xt and lb50 bars that they're wanting to sell? I need a roof rack too!

(for a basket, not bikes in case you were wondering)

I want to have a Sport Utility Civic (ha)