April 1st, 2007

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Bonsai, Bamboo, Asian Gardens

Last weekend we went to Portland nursery on SE Division and looked around at some of their different plants. Among many other things I looked at their bonsai. I'm not too fond of their selection, but it got me thinking again that I would like to have one or two bonsai in memory of my father who recently passed away. I remember him spending a lot of time on this hobby when I was a young child. I have been wanting to make a memory garden for him here since his grave is about nine hundred miles away.

So, does anyone have any good recommendations on where to find some excellent examples of bonsai at perhaps not entirely outrageous prices (e.g. hundred of dollars).

I'd also like to get some new bamboo, small tabletop varieties, something interesting preferably. We left ours when we moved to Portland last fall. So, I could use recommendations on where to find it other than say.... "just go to chinatown." Though ultimately I may end up doing just that.

-- If you know of someplace that has a good selection of things for building an Asian garden with Chinese and Japanese influences or other resources (such as web-sites or people to talk to) please pass it along.

To recap, here's what I'm looking for...

-- a place to buy interesting bonsai
-- a place to buy potted bamboo
-- a place to buy other things to build a small Asian-inspired garden

Thank you!

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Hey, a long time ago I posted a question about how difficult it would be to get an apartment in the Nob Hill/NW Portland area. I just wanted to brag let you guys know (even though you don't care and most of you don't know who I am) that my boyfriend and I are moving to a really cute 1-bedroom near NW 19th and Johnson today. I moved to Portland about a year and a half ago and had some pretty sucky times at first, but everything seems to be turning out awesome. I've lived in the Mississippi area, Woodstock, and Hollywood, and I'm finally moving to the area I've wanted to live since I first set foot in the City in Dec 2004.

So yea, dreams come true and stuff :)

ps: Google has a couple good April Fool's jokes going around :)
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hey, i'm moving to portland soon from DC and would like an apartment directly downtown or as close as possible for my price range, which is 500-700/mo. i'm looking for studio or 1br. i've gone on apartments.com but i have little idea about which neighborhoods are good or bad. anyone lived anywhere they would absolutely not live again, or have any recommendations on where are good areas to start looking?

also, i'm visiting for a week in mid-april to apartment hunt. any good hostels or low-cost hotels in town that you'd recommend? orbitz isn't really an authority i trust.

Craft store question

Where's the best place to get DMC embroidery floss?

Obviously, Fabric Depot is the best when they have their 30% off everything deal. However, I live way on the other side of town (Multnomah Village) and they don't have their special on.

So give me more ideas!
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Google isn't my friend today.

I want to know: how many people in the metro area are originally from other states or have lived in other states for extended periods of time.

Any idea where I can find this sort of info?
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a dumb question......

So, I was going to bake a batch of cookie bars for a friend's birthday tomorrow at work...

But when I went to put it in what I thought was going to be a pre-heated oven, I discovered our oven was suddenly not working!

So, do you think I can cook it in the microwave? Anybody ever tried this or have some advice?

I'm probably going to try it anyways, I don't have anything to lose at this point except a batch of cookie bars.

Ok, so I took the advice I got here, and some I got from googling microwave recipes, and just stuck it in the microwave. I put it in on low for 12 minutes, and then it was kinda gooey looking still, so I put it in for another 4 minutes on high. It still is a little gooey in the middle, but I was afraid it was going to get nasty on the outside. I tried one and it's actually not too bad... but I'm not going to take them to work.

I'll stop by a bakery for cupcakes or something.

Thanks, everyone!!


Is there a cyber cafe downtown that I don't have to go through a baracade of crackheads to get to?

Don't get me wrong, Backspace is awesome, but I can't get over there without being asked 9 times if I want to buy some crack...

St. Johns to Downtown, Leif Erickson Trail

I have, since the age of 18, planned to walk from downtown to the Saint Johns Bridge on the Leif Erickson trail.
Today, I did so, only in reverse. I wasn't planning on doing it. I have never crossed the Saint Johns Bridge before, and so I went to do that, and then I discovered that there was a path into the park, and then about three hours later, I am on Thurman Street shivering, and sore, but feeling pretty good.
Its hard to describe what a walk through Forest Park is like. Everyone should do at least a part of the trails. Of course, most of you probably have. But 9 miles of trail gives you a whole different sense of things.

thrift stores.

what's your favorite thrift store here in portland?

i am looking for something that's not Goodwill...the type of place to sell like a 1989 VHS tv taping of Red Dawn from HBO.

are there some hidden treasures left in portland or have all the hipsters gotten them?