March 31st, 2007

Relavent or not?

I believe in the past there have been a couple (rare) posts about finding vegetarian dog food. I was going over the Whole Dog Journal top dry dog foods for 2007 and found one. Petguard Organic based out of Florida is a vegetarian food and has a high rating.

Whole Dog Journal accepts no advertising so they give the brutally honest truth of the products being tested...good or bad. I also want to note that from what I see, none of their foods are manufactured by the company doing recalls. I could be wrong.

I posted the rest of the list on my journal so if anyone is interested check it out.


Oh my goodness. I cannot believe that this question hasn't been asked lately, because now I need to know! So, I will be tiresome and ask.

WHERE is the best place in Portland to get a GOOD HAIRCUT without spending a lot of money?

Thankye kindly, O fashionable DamnPortlanders.
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Power outage...

Anyone know WTF happened in SE to knock out the power for the last 5ish hours? I just got mine back a few minutes ago and got woken back up by my subwoofer getting power back (kathumpthump).
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Anyone who lives in NE for more than about ten minutes has seen the flood of BILLY GRIPPO promotional materials.. signs, bus benches, tattoos on the foreheads of infants, etc. Even though I know in my HEAD that he's a realtor, my heart wants to think that he's the World's Most Famous Circus Performer. "Step right up, folks... watch Billy Grippo bend an iron bar with his teeth!"

I hereby submit Billy Grippo's name as one of the coolest in Portland. What other faux-celebs are out there with cool names? Anyone?

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Looking for recs for non-religious support groups for families of alcholics.  I don't think I can do al-anon with all the 12-step references to letting God fix everything.  Multi-faith and encouragement to appeal to one's own faith is fine, it just can't hinge on any One Truth.

I've set up a screened-comment post  here, in a dummy user account, and I think you can post anonymously too there if you prefer.


eta:  oh, and if you have reason to believe that al-anon would work for someone atheistic and/or pagan, feel free to give me thoughts on that too.  thanks.
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For anyone interested in being a supporter to help encourage Senator Smith to stop funding that helps the war in Iraq continue: 


(I know not everyone agrees with trying to defund the war and some may even want to give more money to the war- I am not trying to argue about it in this post, just wanted to give information for those who might want to contribute their time and energy for the cause if they agree with it).

anyone want a kitty?

Dozens Of Cats Will Die Unless Adopted This Week

ST. HELENS, Ore. - A no-kill animal shelter is asking for your help to prevent the deaths of more cats.

catA deadly and highly contagious virus has swept through the cat population at the Columbia Humane Society, killing more than 80 cats.

Cats who catch feline infectious peritonitis from other cats feel its debilitating effects only when they're under stress. The longer the felines sit in cages, the worse they get.

"It attacks their body from the inside and out. It just starts from their intestinal walls, their stomach, and just kills them from the inside out slowly," shelter manager Kimberly Frye told KOIN News 6.

Vets say once the cats are taken home, they'll be fine.

Super art post extravagant

I want to draw on my PC, like Natalie Dee type art.. I need some kinda drawing pad with stylus thing. I'm really clueless. Anyone have a recommendation? I want a cheap drawing pad that either comes with software, or works OK with MS Paint. I'm too cheap to buy Photoshop.
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(no subject)

I'm trying to convince my fiance that living in Vancouver/Portland is in our best interest (as opposed to the Seattle area...yuck!). In order to do so, I need to be able to tell him about all the cool computer programming/software engineering opportunities in the area. This is where you guys come in! Anybody know of any? =)


Is it true there is a staircase leading to nowhere underneath the Burnside Bridge in Chinatown? My dad told me the history of some business owner setting one of them on fire to rid the area of the homeless vandalizing his building, and the city leaving the other one up because it's technically a historical monument or something... details?

I've also heard all of the Shang-Hai tunnels are centralized underneath the Skidmore fountain, and that the Fire Department is using them for cables? Maybe direct me to a Fun Trivia page of Portland or something, I was just interested in hearing more.
Push Button For POPSICLES

Starbucks baristas, I really, really need your help.

I need my shift covered tomorrow, Sunday, April 1st. It is from 7:00AM until 1:15PM. It is at the NE 15th & NE Fremont Starbucks.

This is NOT an April Fools joke. Although, I'd like to think that my being scheduled this day is one.

I requested this date off in a letter months ago, as I was going out of town with my best friend and she is still here tomorrow and I need to take her to the airport. I went out of town before April was even in the request file, so that's why I wrote the note.

In that time, my store has switched managers and somewhere in there things got confused. I understand that this is 50% my own fault. Nonetheless, I was not supposed to be scheduled tomorrow and I am and I cannot be there.

If you can cover this shift, please call me: 971.678.7317.

If you are debating whether or not you want to cover this shift, call me anyway so we can work something out.

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Anyone have unlimited car title search access?

I have some things happening with the used car I bought and the results of a title search would be interesting to me even though it is after the fact, but I do not want to pay $19.99 for the history on one car when unlimited is $24.99. Does anyone have a 30 day unlimited carfax access or an unlimited 60 day autocheck account through DMV.ORG, or would anyone like to go in on one with me? If you have one of these already I would be willing to pay you up to $10 to run my vin for me.

yes, I know I should have done this before buying.... better late than never.