March 28th, 2007

Xmas Socks

Tasty Sandwiches!

Just wanted to share a soon to be new favorite restaurant with all you DPers.

Best Baguette is a 2 month old Asian/French sandwich place on the corner of 82nd and SE Powell. If you've ever had those Vietnamese sandwiches that you can find at an Asian grocery store, then you'll know the exact thing they serve there. Lots of options, vegetarian and meat. Also fresh baked breads, desserts, boba tea, dim sum, egg rolls, salad rolls, etc.

Today was our first visit there. Not only was it tasty, but cheap too! We bought 4 sandwiches and a boba tea for a whopping total of $13.55 (We should have spent a bit more, because at $15, you get a free baguette sandwich). Anyway, check it out if you want to, I liked it and I'm a picky girl!
Xmas Socks

Oh No!

While driving to work today, I passed a Burgerville. What did I see there? Signs that say that the fresh strawberry shortcakes are back. Those are the death to my willpower. I am usually so-so regarding strawberry shortcakes, but those freakin' things are too delicious. Who can pass up a fresh biscuit topped with strawberries and ice cream? Damn you Burgerville!

favor por favor

my bestest pal and i went to the PRICE IS RIGHT at the end of february. it was the greatest thing evarrrrr. anyhow, neither of us were picked to "COME ON DOWN," but the man sitting next to us and a girl in front of us were. hopefully, we will be in some shots of the audience.

the thing is, my friend is currently out of the country. she cannot watch the episode which airs TOMORROW. so i ask of you,


i will pay you for your services (perhaps the cost of the DVD plus $5 or cupcakes... i do work at Saint Cupcake)

thank ye very kindly!

ps. we already have people TAPING it for us, but i would really love a good, high quality dvd copy to make copies of. i know that you can get tapes put onto dvd; i'm just trying to cut out a step.

p.p.s. yesterday was my birthday... and my friend will be returning from her overseas trip on her birthday and we will watch it and have a drinking game with our PRICE IS RIGHT SHOTGLASSES. is this more incentive?
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Taxi troubles?

Has anyone noticed that Radio Cab is hard to get ahold of lately? I have been getting endless busy signals and been put in the call queue for a long time every time I've called in the last few months. It seemed like a year ago you could get a Radio Cab at most any hour quite easily. Have they cut back on staff? Has my phone number been blacklisted? Is there a way to find out?
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The Lazy Panhandler

Dear Panhandler:

I know panhandling is a tough job, but asking me for $4 instead of $1 or a quarter won't work. Especially when you're an able-bodied 20something.

You either are 1.) too lazy to panhandle many people for smaller amounts of money or 2.) are so desperate for a hit RIGHT NOW that you can't bother with collecting the money bit by bit. In either case, you aren't getting anything. I'd rather give it to handicapped people who ask for it, like the amputee (John) who has his wheelchair in front of the Bankruptcy Court.
Patchouli Oil

Free Ice Cream is Good!

Yesterday while walking down Yamhill, I passed Ben and Jerry's. I just happened to look up in the window and see a sign for Free Scoop Day on April 17th. You guys be sure to mark your calendars because free ice cream is awesome!
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help me out... phone in your comments...

The Paintchip Philosophy Hour
I'm starting an mp3 podcast... where you can be the star! Check out the website via the image link above, and call in your comments to 503-715-8770. Comments can be about anything and everything... The first episode's main topic is CONFESSIONS. Tell me about a favorite prank you pulled, or an embarrassing moment! Heck, tell it anonymously or make up a fictional one - I don't care! More topics are available on the site, so check it out and call in by Friday at noon. The show launches on Sunday... don't miss it!
-s h
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Mediterranean/Arab food markets?

I have a friend who recently moved to Oregon that is originally from Egypt and is looking for a place to buy Mediterranean/Arab/Egyptian foods. We've tapped out any sources in the Salem area (where we actually live) and are hoping that maybe a drive to Portland would be worth our while. Does anyone know of any place that sells these kinds of foods? All we have been able to find locally are Asian, Russian, and other ethnically-flavored markets that aren't really what he's looking for.