March 27th, 2007



Can anyone recommend a good vet near the Beaverton/SW Portland area?

I'm getting/rescuing a puppy that I do not think is fixed or had shots of any kind.
I would like to take it to a vet first thing.

It would be ideal if they were moderately priced. I don't have a ton of money at the moment if it does need to be fixed and have shots.

About how much does the surgery cost?

Thanks for any info that will help me out.

Do you know the muffin man?

I want to go to a bakery tomorrow. I know I could do city search or google to find out what bakeries are out there, but I want to know.. What is your absolute most favourite bakery in the portland area?

I'm looking for a place that is so beyond good that it will make me dizzy with deliciousness. But I'll settle for just plain delicious.

Any ideas?
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I admit openly that there are at least forty-three of you that I desire. You have been on my mind for a while now. I wonder if you know who you are. I'm pretty sure you know who I am.

Hints for clarification:
I am male.
You are females.
I am NOT. GAY.
Nor am I cosmicjohn, but I sure wish I was.
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Since I'm forever in here asking for recommendations, I thought I'd come back with a referral based on the good experience I just had.

Last week I had a fairly major landscape project done by Barclay's Gardens and was incredibly pleased with their service. Specifically:

  • The owner came out the day I called to discuss my needs and look over my yard.

  • He promised me an estimate and sketches within a week - they arrived by mail in two days.

  • His price was competive.

  • He supervised his crew.

  • They were very clean and didn't leave messes behind, even mid-project.

  • They were flexible and accommodated some mid-project change orders.

  • The whole project took just three days.

  • I felt the owner really took the time to understand what I was trying to accomplish and worked as an advisor, not just a salesperson.

  • We stayed well within my stated budget.

  • The finished yard is gorgeous.

I definitely recommend these folks if you've got the need for a landscaper.

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where to buy large quantities of fruit?

Does anyone know if there is somewhere locally to buy large quantities of fruit, at lower than grocery store prices? We recently got a juicer and it is awesome, but it's starting to get a bit expensive.

When I lived in LA, we used to buy big 25lbs bags of oranges at the farmers market for about $5. Of course, I don't expect to find oranges at that price here, but it seems like apples should be a possibility. Unfortunately, it's another month until the farmers markets start here. I'm thinking driving directly to the farms might be an option, but I'd want to know for sure that I can get a good deal before doing that.

So, anyone know a good, cheap fruit source? I need to keep my juice fix coming.


Where in Portland can you find a large selection of anime? Now that Tower has closed, I've been having trouble finding any. I'd rather not go to Suncoast at the mall. They are ridiculously overpriced.
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Bark dust spreaders

On the heels of abrichar's post on her gardening exploits and recommendations, had anyone had any good experiences with someone coming and just spreading bark dust? I have some large areas that I'd like covered and also an area that I'd like them to not cover up the plants. I'd also like to avoid having to order it myself so someone who would take care of that would be preferable.

There are a bunch of Craigslist posts in the services section, but I'd prefer a recommendation.

Thanks a bunch.

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I'm getting ready for the Portland Educator's job fair next Tuesday. Getting my resume in shape and getting ready to go out and sink some money in some decent interview clothes. Would appreciate any input regarding how to get the best out of this whole experience. Not begging the obvious, here, really. Just thought it would be good to get some outside input and advice in case there are things I have not thought of myself, especially from anyone who has attended this particular deal in the past.
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Hip Hop Dance Classes

Looking for good hip hop dance classes for a beginner - affordable and closer to north portland = better :D I prefer a place that specializes in hip hop/street dance/etc., but if you can recommend a good instructor/place, either way would rock. Divine Funk (er, not Divine Fuck) is looking mighty appealing.

While I'm at it, any sort of (active) hip hop dance clubs at colleges around here or whatever that are noob-friendly? Thanks.

By the way, the place where Wax used to be on Interstate is a new cafe/bar/something, what is it?
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I need hot pink hair dye! I already checked good ol' Hot Topic in the Lloyd Center and they have nothing. I dunno where any nifty boutiques and shit are that would have it, and I know this has been brought up before, but PLZ this has gotta happen! Thanks!
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I hope there aren't any homo-affectionate people here that edit Wikipedia.

Just so you know, you're not welcome.

Oh, and guess who's still famous, baby? That's right! Me! I'm in the LJ search map! Soon, I'll have more and more power and control than you can imagine. Soon you won't be able to go a single day without seeing a post from me. Soon, you won't be able to turn on Fox 12 and not see my face as one of their most wanted the most beautiful famous people alive.

BELIEVE! Just ... don't edit Wikipedia, ok? Thanks.

-Definitely not cosmicjohn-

air hockey & shared housing

looking for a place to get some air hockey action. bonus: billiards table, food and beer at same place. i have seen shuffleboard and real darts here and there, but now crave the air hockey - know a place, DPers?

OH i might be looking for a housemate at the beginning of august. it's in deep SE (80th and Fosterish). i'm a laid back, employed, mid-30's guy with a loving yet picky cat (picky as in no other pets or kids, probably). for more deets email my LJ addy.
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Hey people,

Portland Draws:
PDX Illustrators and Comic Creators
City Hall First Thursday 1221 SW 4th
April 5th 5-7pm
Get familiar with your City Hall and enjoy the work of these Portland illustrators and comic artists!

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belly dancing classes

best place to learn tribal belly dance in portland?


anyone know about any historically based middle eastern dance centers?

i don't want anything based soley on being more "sexified". I'm looking to really dance for the sake of dancing, not for impressing my man or anything like that. Probably run by women, maybe with some plus sized members in the mix. i don't want to be the only one with a real belly :(


EDIT: I was thinking either Euphoria or Gypsy Caravan, so thanks for your help so far. If anyone has any other reviews or studios please post, but again thanks!

arm pain

So have any of you had this? and if so, what did you do about it? if not, what does it sound like?

I have a pain in my left arm. I do not use my left arm for much. In fact, I've just been playing EQ. It started prolly an hour or hour and a half ago. it worsens when i straighten my arm. no pain below the elbow. it mostly hurts on the inside of my elbow and the upper part of my arm. It's kind of a sharp pain with some throbbyness. please help. it hurts a lot.
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Meetup Webcam

Quote of the night: "Please dont menstruate in my fitting room" or "It stands for 'Operation Kill Anal Cheese'" or "I'm always concerned when strange nosises come from my crotch"

Now updating every 5 seconds.

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Does anyone know where to buy a 6-pack of Kronenberg 1667 in Portland? I saw an empty pack in the parking lot of the Burlingame Fred Meyer but a comprehensive search of local stores resulted in nothing. Belmont Station says they get it sometimes, but they don't currently have it.
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Sno-Park pass?

Where do I get one? I don't want to get another $30 ticket in the Meadows parking lot!

And, yeah, feel free to show me yer google links. I can handle it!

ETA: I'm in NE Portland, Grant Park area. I not only have transportation, but my car is equipped with a flux capacitor so temporal limitations are not an issue.