March 26th, 2007


A public survey poll said they were required to ask if I "indentified" as a male or female...

I was impressed with how progressive some things are getting. A public survey called me up today, and since I blew them off twice when I was on the other line, I figured why not give them five minutes.

She said she was required to ask if I identified as male or female. I've never come across that before and was rather surprised and impressed.

5k info?

I'm looking for a race calander that will show 5k, 10k and the like scheduled out. Anyone know if there is such a thing up? The ones I found on google were alright, but maybe i'm not sure of the race i'm looking for and that's making it harder. I'm looking specifically for info on the 5k that is in the beginning of June, held at night, and people dress up for it?
fashion design

natural air fresheners

My house smells like dog.

Ok, so I know that plants of all kinds help for sure....but what do you do to keep your house smelling good when you have a dog besides keeping it clean and getting plants to detoxify the air?

I would prefer it to be natural....

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Heyy DP,

Well I am moving to Portland on Friday morning from Alaska and I am very excited, but I have a few questions I would like to ask. I'll be living on SW Montgomery (PSU) so you can base your answers around that but I don't mind going all over cause I figure I will get to know Portland better that way...

-Good place to take a CHEAP yoga class a few times a week? Big emphasis on the cheapness. If you go to PSU, do they offer any free classes at the gym?
-Best place to do grocery shopping
-Does anyone in this community know of any after school programs in the community that may possibly be looking for anyone? This one is cruciaaaaal.

Thanks, I have more but it's late and I can't think...