March 25th, 2007



oh wise people of portland...

i'm about to move downtown (in fact, i'm just about 75% done packing, and i move tomorrow!) - because it rocks, and as you may remember my last post about a month ago... i have no car, because i wrecked it. and the bus commute from tigard to the pearl just plain sucks. even though, generally, i'm pretty happy with tri-met transit. anyways, i digress. i would like to find a used bike, so that on nice days, i can bike to/from work, or anywhere my soon to be healthy heart desires. the thing is, i haven't owned a bike since i was about 10 or 11 years old, so i don't even know how to go about finding a decent used bike, that will be used mainly for road riding. or, the basic laws for riding a bike on the street. or anything!!

also, the area i'm moving to is (i think) in the area which gets free wi-fi. my other question is, how can i find out for sure? is there a link someone can point me to?

and one final question, does anyone have a queen size bedframe just laying around that i can take off of their hands? i can get it tomorrow!

any help will be appreciated!!

thanks a million.
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High-resolution, large-format images & printing 'em?

Hi all. I'm trying to locate high-resolution landscape images. Specifically I want a desert background for my bearded dragon's new habitat (3'w X 2'h). If you have any suggestions for awesome digital images that'd be great.

Once I locate these pics, where would be a good place to get these large formats printed? Have a great Sunday!
Rainy Day

Moving help needed! :)

Two strong men to help me move three or four larger pieces of furniture Thursday (March 29th) morning (or Wednesday night if absolutely necessary). Several small boxes also would need moving, but I would only use your help for 90 minutes tops. Pay is $50 for your work.

NE Portland/Parkrose Area

I could probably get by with just one guy - altho it will probably take a bit longer as you'll be lifting stuff with a girl on the other end. ;)

Long-distance car transport?

I'm sure there are some of you who have moved here from far away and might have some ideas:

Could anyone recommend a reliable long-distance transportation company for shipping a car? I'm trying to get one from the East Coast to my door here in Portland and it seems every company I found on google has a horrible BBB report to go along with their name.

If you do know a company - about how much did it run you?

I'm trying to find out if this is a good idea or not. (Also, yes I know I could find someone on craigslist to drive it out here, but the owner of the car (um my Dad) is not cool with that at all.)

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Needing some laptop stuffs...STAT!

So my laptop, a hand-me-down Compaq presario, cannot handle Adobe Creative Suite. It has nowhere near enough RAM and barely enough hard disk space. Thing is, being without Photoshop is's like...okay, it's too horrible to contemplate. So the question is, where in town can I get relatively cheap RAM for a laptop and an external hard drive? I can't really go above $150 for both...any suggestions?
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(no subject)

Anyone else seriously stoked about Blonde Redhead's show here next month? Yeah sure, a Portland stop isn't all that rare for them, but its Blonde Redhead!
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Hipsters! Another great debate

So, in my last post to this community, I asked about what the most overrated Portland experience was. I got many answers, and many of those answers mentioned various Portland experiences that were seen as too hipster.

This decade now reaching its waning years, we should perhaps figure out what is going on. I only started hearing "hipster" around 2002, which seems like yesterday, practically. And since then, "hipster" has become the primary sub-culture for the young (and those who are still clinging to their youth), even though I don't really know what it means.


1. What does "hipster" refer to? Is it a bad thing?
2. Are many of the people you know hipsters?
3. Are you yourself a hipster? Why? or Why not?

I have to admit that while I wouldn't consider myself a hipster, many people could. I live in a studio apartment in Portland with lots of books and have several unusual hobbies/interests (Chinese, Linux, collecting postcards). I do occasionally reference obscure bits of information. And I also tend to be slightly condescending when I say "I don't see movies" or "I don't own a television". Yet I wouldn't consider myself a hipster, even though I might have tendencies.