March 24th, 2007

The deal, yo.

I know all about Craigslist. I know all about the other websites. I don't need website direction. I need word of mouth.

I am a single mother of a young toddler looking for a space to call our own. I'm looking to be close to a MAX or bus line (within walking distance). Definitely in a SW or NW location. I'm a very independent person and would love to be in my own 1 bedroom or, if necessary, studio. I work full time and my daughter is already enrolled in daycare. We're home very little during the week and I try to stay busy with her during the weekend.

I'm not looking to abide by someone else's house rules and I raise my child myself. We definitely need a place seperate from other occupants should there be any. Ideally I would like to spend $425-$450 and as high as $500-525 total (excluding or including electricity). And since I am raising a child, the less expensive is the better.

If you have the place or know where I can find it, let me know.

If you have an actual location, I'll take the website info. But like I said, I already know about Craigslist. I know about, and forrent, and all of those.

Thank you.
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Ever been to Bagby hotsprings?

All I had ever heard was that there were always troublesome people and that your car would be vandalized or whatever. My wife and I went yesterday, and it was actually a lot of fun. Great way to end a week of finals.

Come see my art!!! and others too.

If you are into art openings and stuff you should check out this event.

I am featured in a show at The Generator Group in NW Portland. Here is the info.

Opening Reception, April 5th 2007 from 6pm-10pm, with DJ Joelschool
Artwork may be viewed at Generator Group from 11am-5pm, Mon-Fri

Generator Group
2340 NW Thurman St. Suite 202 and 302
Portland, OR 97210

Ralph Bentley (great guy, incredible sculptor)
Lauren Black
Jeremy Okai Davis (ME)
Krislyn Dillard
Tamara English
Dennis Herron
Heather McLaughlin
Carolina Medina-Dupaix
Blake Stellyes
Julianna Weir (really awesome artist)

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Nail Salons?

Hello oh wise and wondrous DP oracle.
Perhaps you can lead me to a nifty nail salon where I can walk-in and get a set of nails done today? Where do you go for your nail needs? perhaps it is a punk/queer friendly kinda place and I will like it as well. Any ideas?
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Seeking Day Lounges, Indoor Chillin' Spots....

Alright, so, besides libaries, does anyone know of any places in town where they'd be okay with people just hanging out all day, or for a large part of the day if need be? Preferrably someplace with WiFi...but I'm just looking for places where you don't technically have to be a customer to use their chairs.

Something like a lounge, or a hotel lobby...


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Web Hosting

Hey everyone,

So in addition to everything else I do at my job (some of you may have seen my resume question a while back), I'm now apparently in charge of building the web site. So my question to you is, what have you guys found to be the best (and hopefully cheap) web hosters?

In order to answer that, I imagine you need to know what we're looking for...

All we really need is a domain and the ability to build the site the way that we want. I'm using Microsoft Publisher to do a lot of it, and it's very basic. No e-commerce, no fancy stuff, just clean, simple, informational. I don't want to commit the business to a shitty host and find that out down the line! Any help is greatly appreciated : )
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Common Grounds

Does anybody know why hot tubs and saunas are no longer offered at Common Grounds? I went just a month ago and all was fine. We called to make reservations today and the recorded message says that they no longer offer this service. I've gone off and on for many years and am very curious as to what went wrong?
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Poi: Hot Stuff!
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Going for Broke

Okay... you're about the best source I have for finding stuff in town, so let's give it a whirl. Latin. Not dance, not ...America, that old language that nobody is born speaking anymore. I spent two years learning it and now I'm trying to pick it back up again, but having other people in the same boat (or interested as well) would really help. I've tried PSU and there's not a classics club as far as I can see and there's nothing on Meetup... Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? Pointing fingers and giggles? ^-^ I'll take them all!
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Notary Services

I need to get a handful of documents notarized. Does anyone know of someone / somewhere that doesn't charge on a per document basis or charges less than $20-30 per document? This could easily add up very quickly.

I would prefer to find a place in the SE or other close-in locations. But, I'm driving out to Beaverton & Aloha tomorrow, so anywhere in that area or on the way there would be fine as well.

Thanks in advance!

Car stereo purchase and installation

I need to buy a car stereo. I have newer car (2005) and I know next-to-nothing about any of this kinda stuff. I remember reading on craigslist years ago about cars getting f*cked up by bad installers. I don't remember the particulars. It has the factory installed AM/FM radio w/cassette (SHUT UP! it was cheaper like that) But I have tired of listening to 80's and 90's pop tapes I find @ Milennium.

So save this chick from singing Jessie's Girl on my next long drive. What to do?
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