March 23rd, 2007


Anyone know how to get rid of yard dirt?

I need to dig up part of my yard and put in gravel - how do I get rid of the dirt? It's not going to be a massive pile, just a couple of inches I shovel up, probably a couple of wheelbarrows worth.

Waste Management won't take dirt in yard waste containers, and I don't want to push a wheelbarrow all the way up the hill to dump it next to the train tracks in the middle of the night. I could put it on eBay and advertise it as dirt on Paris Hilton (I'll stick a photo of her in the pile see...) I guess...
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(no subject)

I fully realize the person this letter is to most likely isn't on Livejournal, much less this specific community, but I feel the need to get this out, and this just seems like the place to do it.

Dear Mail carrier,

You're an idiot.  Yes, I realize my package had a wrong zip code on it.  It was off by one digit.  97204 and 97205 are both in your route.  There is no SW 10th & Taylor in the 97204 zip code.  So what did you do?  Just leave my package on a street corner somewhere and call it delivered?  It doesn't take a genius to figure out that wherever you left it was not the address on the package!

You suck.

Dear asshole,

Remember last Tuesday?  The 20th?  The day your mail carrier delivered a package to you by mistake even though it wasn't addressed to you?  Yeah, that package contained my birthday present from my girlfriend.  The present I've been wanting for months and months, that we couldn't really afford, but she made it happen anyway, because she loves me. 

So, you got a package that you weren't expecting, because it wasn't yours.  And apparently, you figured instead of marking it "wrong address" and giving it back to the mail carrier the next day, you'd just open it up and see what was inside.  And you saw that it was a pretty cool little handheld computer, so you figured it should be *your* birthday instead.  So now you have my birthday present, and I don't.  And instead of getting my present that I was incredibly excited for, I get to deal with filing an insurance claim with the post office for my birthday.

I hope my handheld PC is defective and electrocutes you, shithead.

No love,

(no subject)

Just a shot in the dark before I check Craigslist and other other resources, but does anyone go to MHCC and either have the textbooks for Micro for sale or know the ISBN #'s?

The bookstore refuses to give this info out over the phone and the website doesn't list the ISBN or edition # and I can't make it out there til next week sometime.

Thanks in advance.

Help Needed on Portland Bridge Documentary

Reposting this for a friend not on Lj:

"Stories anecdotes & thoughts on Portland's bridges NEEDED for doc film. We need community member's stories, anecdotes, experiences,and thoughts about the Portland bridges for a short documentary focused on the technological, economic, and cultural significance of the bridges connecting the two hemispheres of Portland- one of the most progressive cities in the U.S.

This is a workshop project under a strict timeline- it must be completed by April 10th! Don't wait, please reply promptly. A quick email is fine; you don't even need to put your name! If that is all you can contribute, thank you. If you are available for filming/recording (perhaps 20 minutes of your time), that would be fantastic.

ANYTHING involving the Portland bridges helps, don't be shy.


PS- I wrote up a couple prompt questions in case people were hesitant or suffered from brain farts:

Which is your favorite bridge; why?
Adjectives you would use to describe __________ bridge
Best/favorite time to cross ______________ bridge memories/experiences involving a bridge/bridges in some way significance of bridges: culturally, politically, technologically, economically, and just in everyday use
Anecdotes about portland bridges
Why are they still a big deal?
How/why do they define Portland?
Any symbolism of a bridge/bridges?
How do they affect your life?"

E-mail responses to Laura: lmviolet (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks Dpers!

banjo repair

Can anyone recommend a good banjo repair person in Portland? So far, the only recommendations I've had were from people working in stores that sell (and sometimes repair) musical instruments, and it's tough to know if the recommendations are objective or if they're recommending someone just because they're pals.
Mr Yuk

People who chew bubble gum . . .

. . . are disgusting!!!

I say that because I stopped at the bubbler at the corner of 3rd and Burnside to take a drink. I look down inside the bubbler and what do I see? A huge fucking piece of toxic green bubble gum! The bubblers ARE NOT repositories for your disgusting chewed up piece of bubble gum. Neither is the sidewalk. Nothing pisses me off more than having to stop, sit, and dig that revolting shit out of the sole of my boot for 30 minutes.

Here's a few suggestions on what you can do with your bubble gum:

Leave the shit on the store shelves!
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Oct 2010

Hornings Hideout hearing...

Here is an update that just got emailed to me about the Hornings Hideout hearing...

Hey everyone, an update from yesterday! The meeting went well, with the County recommending approval for concerts and camping to the hearings officer. There were a few neighbors there that submitted paperwork against us, but what they submitted was old, out of date complaints that the county already knew about. But because they did submit it they extended the time line a couple weeks and kept the public comment period open till next week. We figured that this would happen, it's a formality, for I talked to county this morning and they don't see themselves changing their position. So it all looks very good! For those who wrote a letter to the county, thank you so very much!!!! Since the record is still open there is time for those who would like to send something to the county, and you can via email. The planner's name is Robert Fraley, and his email address is I'll keep everyone updated with the results as they come in, but again, it looks very good!! Thanks! Bob Horning
Xmas Socks

A Portland Institution

I've lived in the area all my life. For years I'd heard about the deliciousness of Stanich's burgers. While working today, I had time for lunch in between my appointments. I was driving around NE, near Freemont and the 60th Avenue area when I was trying to find something to eat. There weren't many options that I could immediately see. Then lo and behold! Stanich's up ahead. I had never eaten there before and thought it a perfect time to try it. I ordered a cheeseburger and fries and Squirt to drink.

To be honest, I wasn't too impressed. Although what I get is pretty plain, so that could have something to do with it. Maybe it's the Stanich burger itself that's so tasty. (It has cheese, a fried egg, onions, lettuce, tomato, etc). It was still good, but not my favorite.*

Anyway, my point? What have you heard so much hype about and then were just kinda disappointed? Specifically the Portland area. Food, clothing stores, other places to visit... etc.

*I think one of the best hamburgers I've had lately is over in John's Landing at the Buffalo Gap. Mmmm....

Spot Security...

I have to say, they are on the ball. I JUST got my landline installed 6 days ago and they are already calling me to tell me I won a home security system! They've called me twice so far, asking for me by name. Amazing, since I haven't given my number out to anyone. And I'm sure I'm not listed in any telephone publications. This leads me to wonder if Comcast was awesome enough to enter my name and phone number on my behalf! How thoughtful of them!


Have any of you ever fasted for non religious reasons? I'm thinking about going on a several day fast... maybe 3 or 4 days. But I've never done it, and I've been looking things up on the internet and some places suggest still drinking juice, others think it's fine to just have water... Some suggest starting a couple days before and working towards a full fast... So it's all a bit confusing. Anyone actually done it and have input? Thanks.

(no subject)

Anyone know where one can get a pair of 6E width men's athletic shoes in this town?
I have already tried jay's wide shoes, and new balance has a feature on all of theirs that hurts my feet now, so I can't wear them anymore.
Pokemon // Green so seexxyy

Have an obviously lusty icon while I'm at it.

God, you guys must be getting sick of the tattoo questions. I'm only asking about one place, though. I just want some opinions on it.

Sea Tramp? Anyone been? (If I totally just overlooked a posting about this, I guess you can just refer me to the link. =_=!)

Edit: Added tags for the future of the world.
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cat grooming

one of the long-haired cats in my house has ratted herself up beyond belief.   her owner would like to take her to a groomer, of the local and not too chastising variety.  

where do damn portlanders get their kitties shaved?


Holy crapzor! I'm writing this while connected to the Metri-Fi network. I didn't think the bloody thing worked. I can see it from my apartment at 40% connection strength on average, but it had never allowed me to really connect before. Once or twice it almost did but failed to gain an IP address.

I kind of feel special now. I'm going to go press my luck and buy a lottery ticket!

trip ideas

me and my best friend and our husbands want to get away on vacation from may 5-7th. we can spend $200/ a night. we are thinking either the coast or sunriver. any ideas??????
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Is there some kind of search engine out there that I can put in different kinds of liquor I have on hand and can tell me what I can do with it?
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Cooking and Pants

I come to you damnportlanders for help:

Part I.    I am a 21 yr old with minimal cooking skills, and I just invited my parents over for dinner for my mom's birthday on Monday. I really want to show them that I can pull together a great meal, but I need some suggestions.

So far I want to serve apple glazed pork chops as the main dish. But I don't know what will go well with them. I was thinking of maybe some kind of rice and a veggie? 

Also what kind of wine should I get? I really don't want to spend more than $15 on the wine. I think my parents prefer white wine over red.

Part II.    I need pants for a job interview on Monday but my legs are too long for normal long sizes. I usually shop for my pants online but I need pants by Monday. I either need to buy pants that are longer than 34'' inseam or perhaps a store that will alter them? I live in Tanasbourne but I'm willing to travel far and wide to get long enough pants.