March 21st, 2007

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Found: iPod mini

I found an iPod mini this morning at a westside MAX station. If you lost one, please describe it's color, what generation it is, some songs are on it, the accessory with it and what MAX station I found it at. I won't have access to email/comments until tonight, so call my cell at 971-226-7890. Pass this on if you know someone who lost their iPod today.

Also, is there someplace beyond here and Craigslist L&F that I should post this to? I'm probably going to make a couple little posters and put them up at the MAX station I found the iPod at if I don't find it's owner via these methods.
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(no subject)

So, for some odd reason my boyfriend is convinced that his life will not be complete until he eats an ostrich egg omelette... Who am I to question that? Anyway his birthday is coming up and I was wondering if there are any weird restaurants in or around PDX that serve such a thing?

Also, I know that people farm these birds for meat and such but my google search for a local ostrich farm was fruitless. Does anyone know of a place like that around here? In a pinch I might be able to trick him into eating an emu egg. Is it possible to find such a thing in Portland?
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little dog - lab pup

Happy Equinox!

First1 day of Spring today, DP!

Go balance eggs! Or maybe just find someone to smooch! Or balance an egg on someone, and then smooch ... or just go all-out pagan and frolic nekkid in the sun. Whatev.

For the next 6 months, the days will be longer than the nights!

Happy Equinox2!

= = = = =

1 - or second. Or maybe even third.

2 - depending on your time zone, paradigm, faith, or google-fu, Equinox could actually have been yesterday. Does it matter, people? It's SPRING!
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Postering service?

Anyone know if there are any locals who offer the service of putting up posters around town to advertise an event? I would look it up on the internets tubes but I don't know what keywords! Thanks in advance doublepenetrators!

doctor help

It's not that I'm too lazy to google, its just that it's nice to hear personal anecdotes on doctors, even if from strangers on the internet. Anyway.

I think I have chrondromalacia patellae, and I need a trimet acessable  doctor to confirm/treat this.  I have awful knee pain on one leg and it would be swell (no pun intended) to find a doctor that can help me with this.  I can pay, but have no insurance, so sliding scale would be awesome.

I also need a female gyno to take a gander at my nether regions.  I could go to planned parenthood or outside in but I would rather see a doctor (sense of humor necessary) I could build more of a relationship with.  Someone who will stay and cuddle after spelunking my cavern.

Thanks in advance.

Snark in advance : omg halp guyz I need sum 1 to look at my womanhole/knee and i trust the intertubes for medical referrals.
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safe pet shopping

so i want to adopt a baby ferret. and i really really really really dont want to go to some pet store chain.

is there a place (store/shop) thats fair to their animals they're selling?

or should i just look for a breeder?

Thanks DP

recommendations for wrist issues

just wondering if any of you out there have any suggestions. I over-strained my wrists and I would love to know if any of you have tried any wrist braces or know where to get one. Basically the kind to help correct your typing/bad habits to let the wrists heal and prevent it from happening again.

Also if you know of other tips to help me in the meantime, that would rock too. (i've been icing them at night, but should I be heating them? I've had the problem off and on for a few weeks, but it's getting worse)


looking for art and landscapers

1. I'm looking for websites that have a calendar of events for art sales and such. Not auctions/fundraisers with art, not random handfuls of art in a coffee shop kind of thing, but events that have masses of paintings, prints, or photography for sale. I found urbanartnetwork, but the calendar appeared empty. Happenings similar in art maybe to Last Thursday but more concentrated and inside...

2. Any recommendations for landscapers? I'd prefer a small business, one that focuses on native species, and isn't pushy about what they THINK I need versus what I actually want. Also must be willing to talk to the plant-ignorant in a non-condescending way. :)

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(no subject)

Portlanders, your prayers have been answered:

Ace Hotel Photobooth
located in front lobby of Ace Hotel
1022 SW Stark

This photobooth is a new arrival to Portland with the recent opening of the Seattle-based Ace Hotel. Since the one at Red Light fell into disrepair and Newberry's closed down, it's the last unicorn of photobooths. Totally perfect. Classic black & white photostrips with super high contrast; not to mention it resides in a hotel lobby which translates to 24-hour access!

Oct 2010

Lost dog in Aloha

Posting this for someone else:

"Please help me I left my dogs at home and they got out of the house
and I found one - she was hit by a car but I haven't found my other
baby Ozzy. He has a blue dog bone tag on his collar. It gives a # but
the number is turned off right now. The # on it says 503-933-5678 but
it is turned off. The # that you can call is 503-352-9408. He is a
boxer mix black and white he has a little thin strip between his eyes
and a white chest. He is just a puppy and he was injured before. He
got hit by a car in cali before I got him and he has a pin holding his
leg together. He is my baby and I miss him and I want him home, He was
last seen on Johnson and 195th. Please help me thanks alot kimmy"


Not of the tattoo kind, nor of the printer cartridge kind. The kind that comes out of cephalopods. (That's octopi for those of you keeping track.) I have been tasked with finding and purchasing octopus ink. I have one week and Google isn't doin' it for me. Anywhere in Portland that may sell this? Thanks!
leafy camo

need a place?


anyone looking for month-to-month housing beginning in april? we have a nice room and private bathroom available in the laurelhurst hood for $435 a month ...

it's a great space for creative types ... there's a shared craft room (3 roommates total), a big kitchen with dishwasher, w/d in the basement, and plenty of space for gardening (or lounging in the sun on the deck for that matter).

prefer ladies who like to drink red wine and don't mind if the new episode of south park is on sometimes...


jellystudio @ gmail
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