March 20th, 2007


Craigslist Rideshare..

I posted on craigslist looking for a ride up to Seattle, and I've found one, it seems like it would be fine, but I've never done this before. What sort of precautions should I, a young female college student, take to make sure it's safe? Has anyone done this before?
Shane *Drool*

What's that song?

It's techno/trance/dance/pop-esc


"And I say, yeah, yeah, yeah [yeah, yeah yeah]
Whoa [whoa]
Yeah, yeah, yeah [yeah yeah yeah]
Whoa [whoa, whoa, oh oh]

Played almost everytime in techno/trance dance clubs... e.g. The Escape Nightclub

It's stuck in my head, and I can't seem to find anything except a "yeah" song by Yolanda Adams, and another "yeah" song by Usher... neither of which are remotely close to what I am looking for.


Women's Football Leagues?

I am a woman and I love football. It occurred to me the other day that there may be an opportunity for me to play football somewhere and this made me happy.

Sadly, however, Google tells me that, aside from the Shockwave (Since I haven't actually played football, I think it would be presumptuous to jump right into professional women's football), the only option for me is coed FLAG football... and I'd much rather plow over people with brute force than be grabbing at flags.

Is there something I'm missing? Is there some secret league I don't know about that will allow a football novice to jump on the field at age 28, completely out of shape, and plow over people every once in awhile?

Fave Commercials

My favorite commercial right now is the Jack in the Box one with the chick accusing her husband of dipping. Simply because of his final emphatic "NOOO!!!". What commercial are you guys loving right now?
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Massage and gym information

Ok, I know that the "where can I get a good massage" question is WAY overused here, but it's been a little while since I saw one.

Where can I get a good one for about $60.00 per hour or less? No acupuncture or flim-flam voodoo crap, just rub my muscles. Physical therapy leanings is good, though.

Also, where is there a GOOD gym that has a reasonably-priced visitor fee? I'm only going to be around for four days and I don't trust hotel "fitness centers" to have a good elliptical machine and Nautilus/Lifestyler equipment.

I'll be mostly in NE and downtown, but I have good transportation.
I have a half-week to myself for nothing more than personal time stuck in downtown Portland. Trying to make the most of it without resorting to my regular schedule and regular neighborhoods.
Wish there was a meetup or something to keep me occupied, but I'll have fun one way or another.

(no subject)

I require GOOD QUALITY SIFTED HENNA any one know where to get it locally? or am i destined for internet purchase?

and powdered Khol. not eyeliner with khol in it, but like...a little bag with just a bunch of powdered khol. i'm sick of the burning and the gross feeling i get from normal eyeliner. i wish to try something more naturale.

thanks you guys :D

funn stuff to do?!?

so...this is going to be a pathetic request...i realize that.

but...a friend of mine is coming to visit me in april...and he just recently stopped drinking. last time he came...all we did was drink because that is all our friends do...

i am going to stop drinking too...but april is soon and any suggestions on other things to do would be much appreciated.

i know...its sad...i have lived here for a year and a half...but all i have learned to drink.

(oh...and i dont think he wants to smoke either)...

thank you!

(no subject)

I was told once that there is a gun shop in Portland or the vicinity, that has a shooting range available to test shoot firearms before you buy. Anybody know about this? Otherwise, any other target shooters have recommendations. Not looking to join a gun club, but looking to do some target practice with some relatives who are visiting from out of state next week. Thanks.


I have a gas furnace, it's the only thing connected to the gas. The furnace and thermostat are ancient. My gas bill in the summer is about $30/month... for nuthin. I don't want to/can't solve the problem right now. I rent and I might not even be living here next fall.

So can I turn off the gas? If so, is it too early still?

T-mobile is on my LIST

I am beyond livid so I thought I'd share this with all of you dp out there.

I moved to BFE in Albany around September where I have absolutely no cell phone service. Standing on a rock in the middle of a field with my left leg on my head and my other one up my ass...NO service. That's fine the boyfriend has cingular so I lived. Talking to T-mobile's customer service I was trying to troubleshoot the service to no avail and they said I can cancel without the cancellation fees. Cool, get Cingular so I can have a phone in case of emergencies and home alone.

While I know a lot of people work in call centers here this is no attack on the people, almost all of them have been great, patient, helpful, etc I've had difficulties getting my proof of my name on the lease to them. My mom worked for T-mobile for a short while as a coming out of retirement thing and I understand why they don't allow outside e-mail but after trying to fax my lease info THREE times since January and nobody has apparently received it there has to be another option.

Absolutely nobody can give me answer and all the while my account is about to go to collections (which a kind rep helped prevent that so far) but I am SICK of it. T-mobile customer care has been great up until now. The communication is lacking, a couple reps haven't followed up on my account and I'm the one that is getting screwed. Why can't some supervisor get an outside email of my stinking scan of the lease so I can get this OVERWITH.

Overall, I was happy with them up until now. Unfortunately if anyone asks from now on I am extremely jaded by this experience and just wanted to share my frustrations since that is about all I can do at this point.
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always positive

My tonsils have grown back in, and they're swollen. My family is off vising New York. My baby is sound asleep. And I left my baby daddy last week. So for fuck sake, I'm bored out of my mind and just want to be online but the interweb is so quiet.

Wake up!

Really. Wake up. I left this open for comments. For old boyfriends coming forth to claim "I told you so!" or "How is the little monster doing?" or "Swollen tonsils, ouch. That happened to my homegirl a while back and it sucked."

Lame. You disappoint me.