March 19th, 2007


Cat food recalled

The IAMs cat food that I bought last week at the Johnson Creek Fred Meyers in SE is on the recall list. Check your product codes or call Fred Meyers and they are checking by their bar codes. This only pertains to canned/packet wet food.
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Pillow Fight this Saturday

A recent myspace bulletin:

Saturday Mar 24, 2007
at 2:00 PM

Saturday Market - by the fountain.

6 easy Rules
First Rule of Pillow Fight Club is.... "Don't talk about Pillow Fight Club"!
Second rule: Don't be in the location until the exact minute.
Third Rule: Hide your pillows.
Fourth Rule: Rush in screaming PILLOW FIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!
Fifth Rule: After about 15 minutes of excruciating Fun, leave.
Sixth Rule: DO NOT hit bystanders/camera people.

Keep Portland Weird's
Pillow Fight Club

Saturday Market @ Skidmore Fountain

Here's the plan:

Go to Saturday Market as you are probably going to do anyway. Bring a pillow concealed by these popular methods:

~ in a book bag
~ one of those huge mom purses
~ fake pregnant belly
~ badonky donk butt
~ stylish cape
~ in a stroller with no baby
~ as a saddle for your dog

Then around 1:50 make your way towards the Skidmore Fountain. Wait until you hear a whistle blow @ 2:00 and proceed to yell PILLOW FIGHT and make tons of new friends by beating them senseless with a pillow. Repeat for 15 minutes and then resume your lovely Saturday.

Come and bring your friends and family - the more people the better!

Help! Need links!

Hello! I work for a company that creates web surveys for tech companies. We don't do the flashing banners or anything like that, we pay CEOs and IT Department heads lots of money for their feedback.

Anyways, we know that some people have programs to automate survey taking. They usually put in false information in hopes of making a quick buck pretending to be someone else. Add a hundred fake email addresses and the ability to fill out surveys quickly, at 25-50 bucks a pop, that's quick easy money. Unfortunately for them, we've been pretty good at catching them. (and now require a real address to send compensation to. Harder to get 100 fake PO boxes.)

My boss recently told me to go find some of these tools so we can see exactly how they work, and if we can use them in testing for survey flaws by putting a bunch of cases through quickly, etc.

I've looked on Google briefly and couldn't find anything, does anyone happen to know other places I should look or happen to know of any particular programs yourself? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Just joking.

But at least where I'm at the rain mixed with cherry blossom petals looks like snow. It is very magical.

I love this time of year!

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Not one minute ago I was standing at the doorway of my house looking out across the yard, eating some chili...and this woman driving a red SUV down my street slowed down and took a picture.  Of my house, my car in the driveway, I'm not sure exactly what she photographed, but it was clearly my property.  Weird.
Why? I'm not seriously freaking out, but is there a reasonable normal explanation for this?  Has anything like that happened to you?  I just don't know what to make of the (brief) encounter.


I cannot find a way to pay my Multnomah taxes online. Is this no longer an options or did I miss something? Someone please help me I want to get my taxes over with.


EDIT** Thank you for your quick responses. Apparently ITAX no longer exists and I didn't know.

heating pad?

i am drawing a blank - where the heck do i get a small to mid-size heating pad? i tried both fred myers stores on my commute home (39th & 82nd) and saw electric blankets (queen-sized is TOO big), but that is not what i am looking for. thanks, DP.
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"Cherry" maybe visiting my hood

This may have been mentioned somewhere previously, but since I just saw it in production on my way home...

Untraceable is being filmed as I write this around NE 18th Ave between Prescott & Skidmore:

A ton of trailers in the area. You can still drive through Prescott but they've got cops and flaggers slowing people down. They might be using the area around the water tower park, but I didn't bother getting close because the security looked pretty tight and I was in a hurry to get home and out of the rain.
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dental help

hi my boyfriend broke one of his back molars on some meat today (hidden bone) and i need to find out if anyone knows a good cheap dentist. we do not have a ton of money and no health insurance. im thinking he might need a crown as the way it is broke, it seems the root is not exposed as it doesnt hurt him at all as far as intense pain, its just achy in his words...if anyone knows of anyone any help is very very much appreciated! thanks in advance:)

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Does anyone else get dirty looks for no reason when they go to Stumptown on Belmont?
Just wondering if it is a weird custom or if they just assume I am bad news. (which I am most certainly not!)


Does anyone know where can I get pretty cheap plussize swimwear ASAP?  Lane Bryant's suits are like $100, which is way more than I can afford.  Are swimsuits even on the shelves yet?  Thanks!
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Power Out in Apartment - Ideas?

Hey so all you electricians out there...

So in my apartment tonight, I umm had my kitchen light on and was going to remove my plastic light switch plate to clean off all the paint that I had got on it about six months ago. So anyways, I unscrewed the four screws. The only two lights that I had one were the hall light near the door, and one was the kitchen light... yes, one of the switches I was working on - I know I made a mistake.

Anyways, that light switch turns on the lights for the ceiling fan for the dining room, and the kitchen. Because the lighting is so poor in my apartment, I couldn't really see the switch plate to work on it, and had misplaced my flashlight, which explains why I had the kitchen lights on.

The problem: The switch plate wasn't really coming off - the paint it seemed had stucked it to the wall. I took my metal scrapper [rubber handle] and went around it. The left corner was propped away from the wall, so I slowly took the blade and went along the left side of the plate. Halfway down I apparently came into contact with something 'cuz the power went out from the kitchen, and firey sparks shot out from the light switch.

The metal of the scrapper was chared and in fact the tip was burnt off/gone. The circuit breaker box was all on - no tripped or off circuits. I reset all four switches on the breaker [it's in the kitchen], but once again, the only working light was the hall light.

My actual question: WHY? Should my entire power except for one hall light near the door have gone out? It doesn't seem that that would be legal under a building code.

I called my apartment's [after hours *EMERGENCY*] phone number, but they claimed that they could not get to me until 8AM tomorrow. Fuckers. *WHAT IS THE POINT OF CALLING???*

Oh, and thanks. Sorry if this too long to be w/o a cut.