March 18th, 2007

road to morrocco

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So much for St. Patrick's Day. The plan was to drive down to Kells, enjoy the Irish music, then drive home. What follows is a semi-pictorial on how the day REALLY went.

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So if it weren't for that horse, I would never have spent that year at college.

How was YOUR St. Patrick's Day?

Does anybody know a good bar???

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Hey all... I'm trying to find a home for my Beer Tap Handle Collection. Ideally I'd like to keep ownership of it, but it would be awesome if there was a bar owner who thinks it would look good on their walls. I'd even come to visit my handles on occasion and have a beer with them. Does anybody know of a business that might want to display some three hundread handles on their walls?


I have a lot of primer and paint left from a project that I just finished.  Does anyone need about 2/3 gallon of primer (it's pink for red paint) and Behr  Frosted Pomegranate paint?  It's, as you can guess, a bright fruity red.  One note: the paint is for kitchen and bath, deep base.  I used it on wooden kitchen chairs and it worked nicely.

If you would like it and are able to pick it up in SE Portland, let me know. 
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So many parks, so hard to decide!

What's your favorite park outside Portland limits (w/in ~30 mins driving)?

We're looking for someplace a little secluded, with room to run around, not so much trails and touristy stuffs. Looking online, Champoeg looks enticing, but it's hard to tell. Any local favorites?

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Portland, you have a lot of Volvos. My beloved wagon needs some help and I was curious if any of you know of a reliable volvo mechanic in PDX other than Jim Fisher Volvo? Even outside of Portland, in the Beaverton-Tigard area maybe?

Thank you!!
little blue dog

to the X-hole who Y'ed my Z

If it's ok with everyone, I'll forego the traditional rant and just skip to asking for recommendations for a good repair shop in/near NoPo to take my little Nissan pickup, which has just recently been relieved of a sliding rear window (but which still has everything else, oddly), in order to get aforementioned sliding rear window replaced.

Also, since I was -- coincidentally -- fixin' to sell the little guy, bonus points for recommendations for a good detail shop to clean out the inside and make his outside shiny.

Thanks peeps. Happy Sunday.
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neat place in oregon?

If you were to take someone from another state to any restaurant in Portland or the surrounding area, where would it be?

I'm looking for somewhere unique, whether it be the building that it's in, or just really great food.

Any ideas?

Downtown bookstores?

So, I have an assignment due tomorrow, but I don't even own the damn book yet. I've called Powells, they don't have it, I called Borders, no cigar. I know I'm probably shit out of luck, but what are some other downtown books stores that I might be able to try? Thanks.

new Bike...

So I moved back in December to a new apartment ~ 3 miles form my work.
I have (*edit*)been driving to and from work every day.
now last year i got my self a Prius to drive around which is wonderful for long drives.
but the 3 mile drive is not worth driving..
so I'm in the market for a new bike...
I'm looking to speed less then $150.

I'm a tall guy ~ 6'4"
so my DP what would you say i look at getting?

I don't mind used if it is in good shape.

I only have had one bike, was a (*edit*)Mountain bike when I was 11, (wish i still had it)

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