March 16th, 2007


Beach Time

So some friends of mine and I are heading to the beach tomorrow and I come to you for a good suggestion of which one is a good one.
The more rural the better. I don't want to have to go off road four wheeling to get there, but I would like to get away from strip malls and hotels if possible.
Some place with some shells and maybe some driftwood would be nice.

It's Bridezilla!!

Actually it's The Brides of March!!

TONIGHT- Friday March 16, 2007- 6:00 PM- Pioneer Courthouse Square

Put on your fanciest white dress and join hopeful brides everywhere as you are married to Portland landmarks by a priest. Reception to follow at a nearby bar. Rinse and repeat until you can't walk.

Here's the Golden Rule, Portlanders:

Brides, brides and only brides. Any non-brides (except for the designated priest) will be beaten. (not really, but we may ride you out of town on a rail.)

Brought to you by the Portland Cacophony Society.

I would like to say that ...

To day is a beautiful day…
I’m setting at work, I have my window open and all the trees are blooming around me.
There is a deep blue sky, and we are having a potluck at lunch time to help raise money for our charities. The air is full for the smell of spring time, and corn beef, and fresh cut Grass.

This is going to be a good day…
Get out side if you can…
Have a good weekend DP!!
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Decadent 80's Tonight @ Noir ( No Cover )


Decadent 80's II 3/16/07

Remember the Decadence of the 80's underground party and club scene. We're
bringing it back.

We will be dusting off our old music and bringing you the best from the 80's
underground party and club scene.

As usual expect to hear a wide range of music genres from that decade.
Not just New Wave but Post Punk, Electro and much, much more.
Decadent 80's is really a great insight in to the origins of much of our music today.

With djs: Susie Cue, Horrid and dj NoN

 Decadent 80's myspace

*No Cover All Night

9pm till 3am 
21 and Up please.
Noir 203 SE Grand, on the Corner of Ash and Grand.
Underground in the historic Shanghai Tunnels

Decadent Events

  • l00p


So, I'm in the market for housing rental.

For the curious, this is about as much fun as being in the market for new kidneys.

If anyone is aware of any openings meeting the following criteria, I'll gladly spring for dinner upon moving into said space. ;)

  • East of the river, west of 39th, north of Powell, south of Broadway.
  • Two bedroom, ~$1100 / month cap.
  • Dog and cat friendly, preferably without absurd and obnoxious breed restrictions (we don't have a cat or dog yet, but we're planning on both and dislike puntables).

That's really it. Anyone aware of anything, before I wear out the refresh button on craigslist? ;)
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looking for direction again
Where oh where might I be able to buy a box/case (like 24-48 maybe, not hundreds) of jars of baby food (the meat only kind, not like beef lasagna dinner)?  Alternately, recommendations of where to go to buy multiple individual jars for the cheap - so far best price I've found is $0.74/2.5 oz jar.  How do parents feed their babies these days?!

Edit: fwiw, this is for kitties, just for a few days per order of vet, until their tummies stop being upset.  I'm a little *wince* *squee* when it comes to touching meat and I only have a "wand" blender.  I guess I could try to borrow a neighbor's food processor...

Sunny gorgeous weather- time for a beach trip

Alright- The sudden sunny weather has left me jonesin for a trip to the beach. Of course most of the hotel rooms in the beach town of my choice (SEASIDE) are booked or WAY spendy. Does anyone have any good "secret" hotel finds that are reasonably priced. I'm not a wild partier, just want a nice place to relax before finals...

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My boyfriend invited me to his cousin's wedding and I need a dress to wear!

So, girls... what are some of your favorite stores in portland that have great dresses? I like vintage stuff, or stuff that looks vintage, but it doesn't have to be. It does need to be a spring dress. Where would you go? I don't know much about the little boutiques in portland because I'm usually too cheap to shop there.

And now, a word from Al Gore:

"I know from personal experience that the only thing that will make Washington really take notice and do something to solve the climate crisis is the prospect of millions of committed citizens taking action. It's time to join together and make that happen.

Sign the postcard to your representative demanding real action on global warming below and I’ll personally deliver it to Washington in March. I’ll keep you up to date on how things are going by email."

Help Al help our planet, please.

Portland related 'cuz Portland's on Earf.
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