March 15th, 2007

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Hi everyone! I hope this question hasn't been asked a million times since I haven't watched this community in a while but:
I am planning on getting my first tattoo very soon and looking for the absolute best artist and shop in town. I have done a bunch of research but I would really like some personal opinions & experiences. Thank you so much!

cell phone nonsense

okay folks - i know it's been asked before (a million times over), but i trust random people who don't work for cell phone companies much more than sales people aiming for a bigger bonus.

SO - my husband and i are in the market to upgrade our cellphones. not totally looking for a huge amount of the extras - we don't text, surf the web, etc. - while a spiffy camera and the mp3 playing capabilities are nice, they aren't necessary. we have those gadgets already.

so far, we're kinda leaning towards a samsung sync (not the best call quality?), a samsung d807(seems like the call volume is low, even when turned up all the way, though), or a motorola razr v3xx(totally not sure about this one). we have cingular service, if that makes much difference.

out of those, which is likely to be the most reliable? are there any others we should look at?

fill me with knowledge, oh wise ones. please? :)

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My birthday is coming up in just over a week, and while I was downtown yesterday I noticed that the Todai Seafood Buffet is advertising a free dinner on your birthday. Has anyone tried it? Do they have any kind of strange restrictions? Is the restaurant any good? Having spent the first 30 years of my life in a landlocked state, I'm wary of a seafood buffet. I'm envisioning Chuck-A-Rama with fish.

I had been planning on Ethiopian for my birthday dinner, but I'm rethinking that if I can eat free.
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I want to organize a luncheon potluck/banner making get together at overlook park before the protest on Sunday, and then walk downtown to the south park blocks as a group. Would anyone else be interested in attending? I don't want to plan something and have no one show.

land line phone service?

Ok, so I had a phone with Comcast before almost two years ago. I called today to sign back up...and now the only do VoiP.

I don't think I'm so keen on this. Can anyone recommend why I would want Voip service instead of a traditional landline? Vancouver, who can recommend (besides Qwest) a good landline provider?

Selling my Stuff!

Hey all. I'm really short on money this month, so in order to pay my rent I'm selling my bike. It's a really nice Trek 7000 Multitrack with road tires. And in great condition. Here's the CL ad:

Also selling my flute:

And a question: If I can't sell my flute on CL, are there any music stores (preferably in SE or SW close in) that will give me a fairly good price for it?
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we picked up some glass from a local bar with the knowledge that we could take it somewhere and they would buy it from us. the people that we took it from said a charity used to come and take it, but due to hours changing, they couldnt make it anymore. we are trying to save money to go to sasquatch and are doing everything we can to get to that... including driving out to 160th and stark to pick up some bottles. they are all non-deposit bottles, like frm vodka and the like. does anyone know where we can take these that will give us money for them? i had heard the name columbia recycling, and i did a little research, but i think they want to be hard to find. now i just want to empty all this glass from the back of my truck.

thanks for any help!

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

I was completely surprised and happy last evening when, while attending a music show, a damnportlander came up to me and told me how much he appreciated reading these Thankful Thursdays. That was completely out of the blue, and was a nice thing to hear....

1. The Buckman Art Show & Sell event this Friday and Saturday, at the Buckman Elementary School in SE Portland. The event is a fund-raiser for the magnet arts school, and features food and drinks from Navarre and Il Piatto, espresso from Floyd's Coffee Shop, and plenty of art and music (including performance by Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney fame). I may be biased here, since I happen to live right next to the Buckman school, but I'd like to support my neighborhood school.

2. The delectable and sensual drinking chocolate at Cacao. I've never had drinking chocolate ever in my life, and experiencing this for the very first time was just beyond words. I still quiver inside whenever I think about that liquid goodness. Plus, the staff at Cacao were extremely friendly, attentive, informative, and customer-focused. The selection of exotic chocolates were also exquisitely amazing.

3. Great musical performances this week at the Doug Fir Lounge. The St. Patrick's Day performance with The Prids, Wet Confetti, and LKN sounds appealing. The free show last evening, with Empty Room, Written In Ashes, and Titans of Oblivion, was impressive! The new Empty Room EP, Space Monkey, is very catchy and addictive.

4. Discovering the alluring ambience and delicious sushi at Masu East on SE 28th.

5. Experiencing the joys of showing around the new Portland residents the unique and quirky areas of Southeast Portland (especially SE Hawthorne) last weekend (they really enjoyed the rousing and filling lunch at Zell's Cafe).
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Meetup is TOMORROW!

Yes, as bellybalt posted, meetup is tomorrow! And if you want to bitch about meetup spam, bitch to him, 'cause he knows I do these posts and he knows (roughly) WHEN I do them, no matter what he says. ;)

Anywho. Meetup is tomorrow, at McMenamins Tavern & Pool on NW 23rd, starting at 7pm. So come hang out! Meetup FAQ is here.

Be there or be...somewhere else! ._.

(PS I will bring some kind of treat, probably St. Patrick's Day-related, so don't worry if you can't afford to eat out.)

(PPS Just to reiterate: MEETUP IS TOMORROW. Tomorrow is FRIDAY. That means Meetup is NOT on Saturday. If you go on Saturday, most of us will probably NOT be there. Just FYI.)
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[BST] Escape to Portland...where trees and imagination are evergreen! :o

It looks like New York Times' Friday paper will feature a kid-centric, travel article on our fair city, titled "In Portland, Ore., Where Trees and Imagination Are Evergreen".....I wonder if this means that Portland will be run amok with tourist families with wee little ones in tow? :o

In addition to the usual suspects (the Zoo, OMSI, Powell's City of Books, and the Portland Art Museum), the writer gives props to south Waterfront Park, Mother's Bistro and Bar, and The Hotel Monaco (I had no idea that they were not only kid-friendly, but dog-friendly as well!). Sometimes it's refreshing to read articles and guides about Portland that are written by out-of-city reviewers.
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