March 14th, 2007


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Where would someone go if they needed something soldered? (I mean a piece of jewelry, not a computer chip).

Or, does anyone out there have a portable soldering iron they are happy with and can recommend? I've been wanting to buy one but there are too many to choose from and I don't know which ones are crappy.

OR...does someone want to solder this ring for me? Will pay of course...
little blue dog


Hey peeps, I'm looking for somewhere to play racquetball on a semi-regular basis ... and sadly, I'm not a student anymore, so I have to shell out cash to do this.

I'm thinking about checking out the Lloyd Athletic Club. Is anyone here a member?

Alternatively, is anyone here a racquetball player? Can you tell me where you play, besides at school facilities?

Burnside Bridge:

Just so you know, there's an Evel Knieval, aka a Kojak with a Kodak, aka a motorcycle cop, going nuts with the ticket writing on the east end of the of the Burnside Bridge, chasing Westbound.

Keep yer eyes peeled. He's nailed FIVE In the last 20 minutes!!!! A couple of them have been on bicycles, too.
Oct 2010

Dansko question

I see Portlanders wearing Dansko's all of the time, so I thought I might get some decent input here. I am looking to get a pair of Dansko's for the first time, and I am wondering about being able to wear them without socks...

This is the pair that I am thinking of purchasing

Does anyone have experience with these shoes in particular, or other Dansko's that might be good to slip on and wear without socks as the weather warms up?