March 13th, 2007

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Late Night Haunts

So, what the hell is there to do in this town after 10 pm besides Dennys and hitting some random bar?

Periodically I get squirrelly late at night or get these wicked bouts of insomnia turning my sleep schedule on end. So, it would be good to know where I can go and grab a bite to eat, find something to do or just hang out as the evening wears on.

Best as I can tell there isn't a whole lot around here. But, perhaps I am just not quite familiar enough with this town just yet.

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leather button puncher clamper thingie

my leather pants have a broken fly button. rather than go somewhere and have someone do the alteration for me, i'd like to pick up a button clamper thingie and do it myself (having the tool will be helpful when i get into leatherworking later), but where the heck do i get one? looking for a reputable leatherworking/sewing accessory shop, pref. downtown/SE. thankee, DP.
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Laptop Recommendations

I would like to get a laptop next month. I have never had one before.

I will likely be using it primarily for handling all my photography projects, so something that can facilitate getting these projects done is what I really need.
Other than that, I would be using it for standard stuff like school work and excessive internet usage (I work from home).


Something under $1500 is pretty much mandatory. Less expensive is of course ideal.

Something on the indestructable side would be nice, since I'm an idiot and I break everything.

I'm not interested in something tiny. I actually hate using laptops because they're so small and I hate not having a mouse, so something of decent size would also be nice.

My sister has a killer Alienware laptop which I like a lot. So I'm looking at those. Opinions?


Thank you for your responses. It's seems an overwhelming majority for the Macs.
I have basically zero experience with Macs.
I will be keeping my PC at home, so I will need to be able to transfer stuff between applications on the two of them as needed.

How serious a problem is this for me to worry about?

And please speak slowly, because Mac stuff is a foreign language to me, and truth be told I'm kind of a spastic idiot regardless.
Thank you in advance!
Yo Gabb Gabba


Im going to be venturing from Lloyd Center to Downtown on the Max Line in search of food with a co-worker here in about an hour. Any recommendations?? Also open to driving- share with me your favorite places to get lunch!
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Best iPod sales?

My sweetheart wanted nothing more than a 4G iPod Nano for her birthday. So that's what she's getting. And she's waited very patiently for it, since I didn't get paid until a week after her birthday. I got paid today, and she'll be so excited if I can have her iPod waiting for her when she gets home tonight. So, Damnportlanders, anyone know of a good sale going on this week? Someplace downtown or SE? They're in Fred Meyer's ad this week at $199, but I'm pretty sure that's regular price, and they're not actually on sale. Anyone know of a store with really amazing iPod prices? She wants the blue one.

LADIES ... a little help please!

Hi Ladies,

I am conducting a survey for a class project and I am hoping you can help! I am attempting to form a general idea as to why women get tattoos, where they get them and for what reason they place them where they do.

There are ust four really easy and straight forward questions and you're done! THANK YOU!

1. Why Do You Think Women Get Tattoos?

- It's trendy
- It's sexy
- To Attract a guy
- For a personal reason
- Other
- I don't know

2. Do You Have A Tattoo?
- Yes
- No

3. If you have a tattoo, Where is the tattoo?
- Neck
- Arms
- Legs
- Shoulder
- Back
- Chest

4. Why did you choose this location for your tattoo?

You're all wonderful. :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday

Xmas Socks

Know what sucks?

I deleted the content of my post pretty much as soon as I saw that the referral link was a problem. My intent wasn't to spam anyone. Rather than let that it be a case where someone was mature enough to let me know that I shouldn't have done it, people had to complain to the other website. It's my fault that even though I read the TOS, I didn't think people would think it was spam. I get it. I tried to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. But instead my account on the other site was immediately disabled and I no longer even am able to claim my prize that I had already won this morning. Personally I don't see what anyone would gain by complaining to the other wesbite rather than to me or even a DP mod directly. Obviously I already edited that post and apologized. Lesson learned, but it still sucks.

Lockpicks in Oregon

So, from what I'm reading...

  SECTION 2.  { + (1) No person shall act or offer to act as a
locksmith or apprentice locksmith unless that person is licensed
or registered under section 5 of this Act.
  (2) No person shall own or possess locksmith tools,
safe-opening tools or any book of key codes unless that person is
licensed or registered under section 5 of this Act. + }

Yet it doesn't specify the consequences, as the document only states that...

  SECTION 14.  { + (1) A person commits a Class A misdemeanor if
the person knowingly falsifies the fingerprints, photographs or
other data pertinent to an application for a license or
registration or pocket card under the provisions of section 4 of
this Act.
  (2) A person commits a Class A misdemeanor if the person
knowingly practices as a locksmith or apprentice locksmith
without a license or registration issued under section 5 of this
Act. + }
So, what is it? Can anyone own a lockpick in Oregon, as long as they don't use it or attempt to operate as a locksmith? Or is it a crime simply to own a lockpick? It's unclear as of now what kind of crime possession would be, if it were one (which it sounds like it is), or what the punishment is.

I was thinking of picking up a lockpick to pursue the hobby, but I don't particularly want to either have to pay a fine or pay a fee to constantly renew a lockpicking license I'd have no use for.

Anyone know the ruling on possession of lockpicks in Oregon?
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measuring up

(please excuse this post as a break from your regularly scheduled YouTube posts)

I need to get my 'official' measurements done for a formal dress, like a bridesmaids dress, but I will not to go to a bridal salon after some horrific past experiences. Where should I go? (I'd prefer close-in eastside locations but anywhere close-in is okay).

And is this something that any tailor/alteration shop will do? How much do they charge? Do I need an appointment?

My sister is on my case about this for her wedding (which I'm in) and I need to get this done like yesterday to order the fugly bridesmaids dress. Thanks for your help!
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SOLV - Women in Science Day

SOLV - Women in Science Day

Who: Girls ages 12 to 18

What the event is about: Girls will team up with women working in the environmental science field to plant native trees as part of a river restoration project along the Clackamas River in Gladstone and explore what it's like to work in environmental career areas. Girls will have the opportunity to ask questions about careers in science and learn from a variety of women working in exciting science industries.

About 40 girls will participate to learn more about careers in science. Listed below are some of the topics that the girls may want to discuss with mentors:
-Find out about at least once career related to plants. Interview a person in that career.
- Trace the contributions of someone working with environmental quality issues. Find out how she became interested in environmental concerns and how she pursued her interests.
- Learn about careers related to the environment. Find out the educational requirements and nature of work in the environmental field.
- Get information about three women who have successful careers. Interview them to find out about their secrets of success.

When: March 17, 2007, 9:00 am - 1:30 pm

Where: Goat Island Restoration Site ( 225 Edgewater Rd, Gladstone, OR)

What to bring: Yourself (and appropriate clothing for the weather and planting)! SOLV provides gloves and tools for the planting. SOLV will also provide lunch.

Please contact Quintin Bauer at SOLV to register. (503) 844-9571 or
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Need childcare?

Hello again Portlanders...

Anyone looking for childcare?

I am currently living in NE with my partner. We have been running a small daycare for about 6 months. We started in SE, which is where I pick up the kids I take care of now, but have recently moved to NE.

I am searching for more children to hangout with during the day. North or South on the east side is fine because I drive to SE 2-3 times a day... (yeah it's getting expensive.) Preferably full time, but part time will work too. I have a very very flexible schedule and I am very open minded. I can do parent's nights out too... or drop ins if needed.

We currently have 1 full time and 2 part time kids. We are hoping to fill in spaces before spring break so hurry fast!

I can do pick ups and an occasional drop off.

Please shoot me an email if you are looking for daycare on the EAST side...
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